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figment_jii 10-24-2013 03:59 PM

Figment Goes to the Movies (the Great Movie Ride Tables in Wonderland Event)
Figment Goes to the Movies (The Great Movie Ride Tables in Wonderland Event)
Figment was very lucky and happened to be visiting Walt Disney World in March when Tables in Wonderland had their Great Movie Ride dinner event at Disney's Hollywood Studio. Figment and his family arrived at DHS before the park closed and did a few rides before heading over to the courtyard of the Majestic Graumann's Chinese Theater (the building that houses the Great Movie Ride). The event started at 8:00 pm, but check-in began a little before that time. Each guest was given a wrist-band when they checked-in. Slowly, as the time grew closer to 8:00 pm, more and more guests began to arrive.

A few minutes after 8:00 pm, a fellow stepped out from the theater and welcomed everyone to the dinner. He was Monte Metro, the director and our "host" for the evening. He was in the process of drumming up support for a movie called "Happy Endings" that he was making. After some basic information, we were all lead into the theater. We walked by some of the display pieces from the queue as we headed for the main loading area (where the ride trams usually load/unload guests). Instead, this time, we used the stairs at the end of the dock to step out onto the "track" and head into ride. There actually isn't a track! The sequences were up and running and it was fun to see them from a ground level perspective.

Monte encouraged everyone to keep moving towards Gangster Alley! This is where the appetizers and drinks were served. Figment thought it was pretty cool because there were servers with platters of glowing martini glasses waiting! Figment doesn't drink, so he head to the bar to get a soda. Luckily, they had more glowing glasses there for non-alcoholic drinkers as well! And even better...Figment got to keep his glowing glasses!

When you're on the ride, the cars keep moving so it's hard to take in all the detail in each scene. At the dinner, guests could look around and really get to see the small things in each scene. Figment finally found the hidden Mickey in the window!

Servers with platters of appetizers moved through the crowd, but in truth, they were mostly towards the front of the room and kind of hard to find. Figment realized this and did ultimately manage to try all three appetizers, but it seemed kind of disorganized. If you didn't know that the appetizers were being circulated on trays near the front of the room, you would have missed out completely. Plus it was kind of hit or miss whether you found a server with a tray or not. Figment has a feeling that some folks missed out on the appetizers. So if you go, be sure to be closer to the gangster car than by the bar! The appetizers were the Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Stuffed Foccacia Cement Shoes (top), Gangster Charred Beef with Smokey Apple Pear Glaze (middle), and the Peppered Shotgun Stool Pigeon with Lavender Aioli (bottom). All three were very tasty.

Next time...the entrees and the Wild West!

Mikka 10-24-2013 04:55 PM

Ooo, this looks like fun. Wish I had gotten to that! I would have loved walking around the Great Movie Ride...

(And getting cool cocktails in funky glowy glasses. Do you have any idea what cocktails they were serving?)

figment_jii 10-25-2013 04:16 PM

Continuing with Figment Goes to the Movies...

After a bit, the doors were open and guests were encouraged to head into the Wild West! This is where dinner was served. Early, each party was asked to find their name cards, which indicated which table they were seated at. The table names were all based on Westerns. Figment was seated at the Calamity Jane table. After most everyone was seated, Monte introduced his good friend "Ma". She was in charge of dinner and the her "sons" provided the music.

Figment found his table (Calamity Jane) and meet his table mates. At each place setting there was a menu outlining the courses.

The meal began with the bread service. It was western sage rosemary bread. Very soft and yummy. Figment liked the Mickey faces in the butter pats. They were very cute. The salad was pretty to look at, but there were no Mickey cucumbers. He didn't see any on anyone's plate, so maybe the cucumbers were having problems. Still, the salad was tasty and refreshing. Then the entree was served. Everything was served on a single plate, which made the plate kind of crowded, but it was still very tasty. The pork was moist and flavorful. The scallops were tender and yummy (Figment loves scallops!). One of Figment's family got a plate without any scallops (boo hoo), but when it was pointed out, a plate of scallops were brought out (yay)! As the meal progressed, wine was served (Figment had a tiny tasting, but he's still not a wine drinker). Ma also made her way around the tables to chat with everyone. She was quite a character (funny, friendly).

If you like turkey legs..."Ma" had the biggest one Figment had ever seen!

Next time...walking into Aliens, Indy Jones, and Oz!


Originally Posted by Mikka (Post 49915988)
(And getting cool cocktails in funky glowy glasses. Do you have any idea what cocktails they were serving?)

Sadly, I don't know what they were. I think there were something on the sweet side.

momof2disprincesses 10-25-2013 04:58 PM

What an amazing experience! :goodvibes

Thanks for sharing.

vettegirl 10-25-2013 05:28 PM


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wiigirl 10-25-2013 05:30 PM

Really cute pics! :goodvibes

Nohal 10-25-2013 06:50 PM

Looks really cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your dinner.

figment_jii 10-29-2013 04:21 PM

Continuing with Figment Goes to the Movies...

After dinner concluded guests were told that dessert would be in Oz. Everyone was allowed to move at their own pace through the Aliens, Indy Jones, Tarzan, and Casablanca sequences. It's amazing the amount of detail in each room. Figment isn't a huge Alien fan (too scary!), so he didn't linger long. They had the sequence "on", so there were random bursts of dry ice and the alien leaning out from the walls and ceiling. Figment much prefers cute, friendly aliens (think Stitch and Skippy) to the less friendly one from the movie. Walking through the sequence did give Figment and his family a chance to look at all of the detail...things that generally overlooked when on the ride.

Then it was onto the Indiana Jones sequence. This one has so much to look at and see! Figment was determined to find the hidden R2D2 and Mickey in the treasure room. He found both of them. :)

There were snakes everywhere in the sequence (along with other creepy crawlies). Being on the ground level (opposed to up on the tram) gave some pretty cool angles. He also found some random, but interesting, details throughout the rooms. Like the cat mummy and the replica of the Gayer-Anderson Cat.

Figment took lots of pictures in the Indy Jones sequence to see what the other hieroglyphs look like, but he didn't see any other Mickeys. After Indy Jones, Figment walked through Tarzan and Casablanca sequences on the way to Oz. Oz is where the desserts were and Figment loves dessert!

Next time...the desserts!

Joanna71985 11-07-2013 05:02 PM

There is a second Hidden Mickey in the Raiders scene (it's on the opposite side of the other one)

figment_jii 11-11-2013 05:56 PM

Finishing up Figment Goes to the was time for desserts!

In the center of the area was the dessert buffet. There were lots of different kinds of desserts, each with a Wizard of Oz theme (well, actually, Oz the Great and Powerful theme). The buffet was very popular, but the plates were re-filled frequently.

Figment loves dessert, so he took one of everything! There were six different desserts to sample. Luckily, Figment had his family with him, so they could fit everything onto the plates and carry it for him. Figment liked the apple spice cake, the popcorn, and the red velvet cupcake the best. The red velvet surprised him because he's not normally a fan, but the chocolate frosting (with gold pearls) was yummy!

Dorthy's Kansas Dirt Cheesecake

Auntie Em's Apple Spice Cake

Munchkin Green Tea Cones with Mandarin

Glinda Yellow Brick Road Sweet and Salty Popcorn, Pretzels, White Chocolate, and Edible Gold

Evanora Green Pistachio Cupcake with Cannoli Butter Cream

Theodora Red Velvet Cupcake

During dessert, Glinda appeared and mingled with the guests. As dessert ended, the Wicked Witch appeared (as she does in the ride) and Glinda "banished" her.

As with the other sequences, being on foot and at your own pace (for the most part) allowed guests a chance to look at all of the details in the room.

From there it was time for the evening to end. Monte Metro announced it was time screen his movie, "Happy Endings." Figment walked past Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow on their way to the Emerald City and headed into the screening room. It turned out that "Happy Endings" was the movie that normally ends the ride.

From there we walked back to the tram loading area and headed out of the Great Movie Ride.

We walked along Hollywood Boulevard towards the front of the park. It was very quiet and empty (the event guests were the only guests left in the park). Outside the main gate, they had buses waiting to take resort guests back to their hotel, so Figment boarded the bus and headed back to the Boardwalk Villas.

Overall, Figment had a really good time at the Tables in Wonderland Great Movie Ride dinner event. It was fun to walk through the ride and look at everything in detail. The food was yummy and filling. Figment would happily go again if he was ever in Walt Disney World when they do another one!

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