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Petals & Pixie Dust 10-15-2013 06:14 AM

To DDP or Not--That is the question...
So, this is the first trip DH and I are taking with DS2. At first we decided NO DDP...DS is 2 we needed the flexibility and honestly they wouldn't charge us for him anyway and there is PLENTY to share. We booked BOG and Le Cellier b/c we wanted these 2 sit down meals--relatively early and could get DS down for bed at a decent hour...(who are we kidding--no one goes to bed at a decent hour at WDW--but a mom can dream right???) figured we would wing it otherwise. We have a ton of reward dollars from our DV which was going to cover food.

DH just spoke with a co-worker who was just at WDW and he spent $50 for 2 quick service meals. DH is now questioning...To do the dining plan or not do the dining plan...That is the question...And if we do a dining plan would it be best to do quick service and pay OOP for BOG and Le Cellier OR regular dining and have to pay OOP for meals that we don't have points for? (We don't do deluxe dining...we have always done regular dining and I swear I come back 5lbs heavier EVERY FREAKING TIME...Same goes for cruises...)

We are there for 5 nights...BOG and Le Cellier both take 2 points (please correct me if I'm wrong) So, there is 4 points/person. Leaving us with 1 point each and 2 nights unaccounted for for meals. :teacher:

Any help or insight greatly appreciated!


jennyjinx3 10-15-2013 06:20 AM

I am not sure how the co-worker could have spent $50 on just two quick service meals.....:confused3 was that two meals at two different times or a meal each for 2 people? Because our family of 5 is going to be eating at BOG for lunch which is a bit more pricey, and it is only going to be about $50.

In my opinion, co-workers are notorious for giving wrong information!:rotfl2:

Anyway, if it were me, I would not bother with the DP. We do not do it anymore and we love the freedom and flexibility we have without it. Good luck!

HopperFan 10-15-2013 10:11 AM

Be Our Guest should be 1 point. Based on all the info you give I would not get the dining plan, I see no value for you.

As far as that co-worker he could have spent that much if say he went to Morocco Tangerine Cafe, got 2 $15 Platters, 2 $3 Drinks, 2 Desserts and a side. I mean it's possible but not the norm. Most quick serve meals are around $10 and we usually get ice water and no dessert. Snacks come later ;)

I was just there doing the Quick Serve Dining Plan for 12 days and was very aware of prices so I could determine if the plan was worth the cost. I don't think the QSDP is worth the cost for return on dollar, it is only a convenience.

sharonabe 10-15-2013 10:22 AM

Agreed. Your DH's co-worker could only have spent $50 on 2QS meals at Wolfgang Puck Express or by adding on all kinds of extras and getting the very few $13-15 entrees around the parks. My family of 4 Disney adults can eat a QS meal for less than $50, so you should be fine.

Petals & Pixie Dust 10-19-2013 08:51 AM

Thanks everyone...
I whole heatedly agree...coworkers aren't always the best informers...
The other problem we have with the dining plan is that we ALWAYS have extra snack credits and bring home a ton ...not that I mind, but it's kind of a waste...

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