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nardoneje 10-08-2013 10:02 PM

Hello! New here.
First off, hello! I've been obsessing over this board for days now so I figured I should join.
I caught DH playing on the computer a few days ago looking at Disney Vacations and in a rash decision, we decided today to book our first ever Disney trip as a family! Not only that, but it will be over Christmas!! What could be more magical?
One snag though, DH gave me the go ahead to book the trip tonight, but the website doesn't want to process my payment. I've been trying for 3 hours now to no avail. Unfortunately it's too late to call my bank to see if there's an issue with my card (maybe it's too big of a charge?). I also figure it's probably too late to call Disney as well, plus I have no idea where to call - can't seem to find an 800 number.
So I guess I just wanted to say hi!

Pooh2 10-09-2013 05:53 AM

Welcome! Have fun with your trip planning!

magicaldisney 10-09-2013 07:18 AM

:welcome: What dates are you looking at for your vacation?

nardoneje 10-09-2013 08:28 AM

December 23 - 31st.

Well, found problem #1 - the daily spending limit wasn't high enough on my card. Got that sorted out, but the website still isn't processing it. Grr. Time to bite the bullet and call.

magicaldisney 10-09-2013 09:09 AM

Just a word of wisdom....please do a good amount of research for this trip. You could be very disappointed without it. This time of year will be absolutely crazy busy and without a good plan, you could walk away with a bad taste in your mouth. This is late in the game for planning, rooms and ADRs could be hard to find. Start asking questions here on the boards. Everyone here is so knowledgeable and ready to help make this a wonderful first trip. It sounds like maybe you have been to WDW before but just not as a family, so maybe you don't need any advice, but thought I'd throw it out there just in case.

nardoneje 10-09-2013 10:22 AM

I do realize that. There are only 2 ADR's that I can not get, but those are hard for any time of the year so..
Thanks for the advice. I have been reading lots and lots of threads this past week. Of course, once I found the abbreviation list it was MUCH easier!

hokiesweetie 10-09-2013 04:44 PM

Hi, I am also new to DIS, loving it so far, but also feeling a little lost with all of these abbreviations. Where did you find the list? I searched "dIS abbreviation list" and a bunch of treads came up but nothing obvious that would be a list.

hokiesweetie 10-10-2013 11:09 PM

Nm found it!!

nardoneje 10-11-2013 05:49 PM

Glad you found it!

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