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veggiemama 08-29-2013 03:31 PM

First Time Cruising! February 2014 PTR
Hello and welcome to my newest PTR! :) I have started and not completed a PTR and TR from our WDW Christmas holiday's in 2011. There is some history of me/us there if you are curious and otherwise let's get on with some new introductions!!

This is the family, taken at our Christmas in Disney 2011 trip. Kids are older (and so am I!) and have changed a bit as you will see in newer pictures but this gives you a good idea of us!

My name is Laura - I'm the mom, the planner, the scheduler and the obsessive Disney Fanatic! :cool1: I love all things Disney and would easily go back again and again. I am a piano teacher. I teach private and group lessons which keeps me very busy.

Hubby is John - we have been married almost 21 years (wow!). He is and always has been my best friend and biggest confidante. We love to do things together and as our kids get older we are discovering new and fun things to do.

Daughter: Bethany. Bea is almost 16 (will be 16 in Sept) she is fun and slightly crazy :rotfl2: (in a good way!) she loves music and sings, writes and performs as much as she can.

Son: John Isaac - 14. Yes, he has the same name as his dad, in fact he is the 5th John in the family line. He just turned 14, is starting highschool, is a gamer, and still loves all things music. He plays piano, clarinet, tenor sax, guitar - and who knows what he will decide to play this year!

And that's us in a nutshell!

So, where are we going???

veggiemama 08-29-2013 03:48 PM

Where are we going you ask?
Here's the story.
From the previous post you will see that I love Disney. I love everything about it and have no issue with going over and over again. Family on the other hand is not as obsessed as me :) They like Disney but they go because I beg and plead. We can't go every year and DH and I figured once every 3 years would be good. So that means 2014! But before that happened hubby and kids decided that they would like to go somewhere else so they asked to go to Hawaii. Sure that's great and all but there's no Mickey there! But I went along and started researching and figuring things out. We were going to book a time share condo that my parents own and long story short, the condo never happened! (Yay for me!) So of course that got me back on the "Let's go to Disney" mantra. :laughing: BUT my kids said they want to go somewhere new and my dd Bea desperately wants to go on a cruise so I start researching that. (notice a pattern yet?!) Check out prices and flights and costs and all that fun stuff. Presented to DH and he says - too expensive. :eek: Oh dear, I figured that was it, no cruise for the family.

And then.... Quite suddenly, a whole bunch of things changed on the financial side and yesterday we spent the day looking at everything again and planning our year and, would you believe it, we have enough left over to actually go!! :cheer2:

So last night I pushed the little "book now" button and we are set!
When: February 3-7
Where: Bahamas 4-day cruise
Ship: Magic
Room: Stateroom with verandah

So now the questions start, with the biggest one being...... flights!!

wiigirl 08-29-2013 03:53 PM

Following along! :goodvibes

veggiemama 08-29-2013 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by wiigirl (Post 49423369)
Following along! :goodvibes

:wave2: Welcome!

veggiemama 08-29-2013 04:14 PM

So I forgot to mention....
We haven't told the kids yet! :rolleyes1

Not exactly sure when or how to tell them. Last time for 2011 I went all out:
DH took the kids out for lunch and when they arrived home they saw this on the door
And this trail on the floor
I think it is safe to say we surprised them!

I also made Mickey Cupcakes and gave them their passporter books and juts generally had fun talking about what was to come.

So now, how to surprise them this time?
They knew we were planning a winter holiday but then I let them it know it wasn't going to happen. We talked about cruises but we told them we just couldn't do it this year. So now that they no longer think we are doing a thing...... I need to think of something fun to surprise them with. They are a little old for scavenger hunts, presents and surprises......

veggiemama 08-29-2013 05:33 PM

Arg! Big long "get to know us post" deleted as I tried to post.....
And now I have no time to rewrite. Have to do it later.

veggiemama 08-30-2013 12:32 PM

I couldn't wait and I did not plan a thing :) BUT we did tell the kids last night. Son was very excited, daughter did the "I was pretty sure that's what we were going to do". Of course, you can't fool a 16 year old :laughing: I managed to find a Disney Cruise DVD that I ordered a year ago so we watched that together, talked about a few things and then the kids were off to do their own stuff again. :)

Yesterday I was posting a 'get to know us' and it got deleted so here goes try number 2!

Who are we and what do we look like today?? So far pictures have been from 3 years ago so here is an update on us.

John: hubby extrodinaire! He works hard, travels a lot, plays guitar, is part of a band. He loves computers and especially 'apple' products so we are an apple family ;) This picture is from a jazz concert that he surprised me with on my Birthday this past June.

Laura: mom and the person writing and planning this new trip. I work as a piano teacher and teach private and group lessons. I work 9 months of the year and work around the clock during that time so when June rolls around I crash! and it takes me a couple weeks to unwind. I love all things Disney and would go constantly if I could convince everyone else to come too! I also work for the Symphony in the city - I plan all activities for special kids concerts that they do 5 times a year. I find and plan all activities and find all volunteers, it is busy but I love it! Usually I am planning for 1200 kids. On my birthday this year I was working at the symphony all day. My DH surprised me with ticket to a jazz concert - great way to relax after a crazy day

Bethany: Daughter, 16
Bea as she likes to be called these days is almost 16 (will be 16 in Sept) She loves music and plays flute in band in school. She sings (takes lessons and competes) and writes music as well. She also writes stories, comics and dabbles in drawing. She also dances, in fact she dances 5 hours a week and on top of all that she is a Junior Mentor for our Church youth group and spent the summer working at summer camp as a Youth Counsellor. She is looking into becoming a music therapist once she is done school.

John: son, 14
we usually use his middle name to help keep the "John's" separate :) John is also a musician (shouldn't come as a big surprise!) He plays piano, clarinet, tenor sax and guitar. He plays in school band, jazz band and is looking into playing in a city youth chamber orchestra this year as well. He is also athletic (no idea where he gets that!!) He plays soccer, basketball and volleyball and also loves to skateboard and snowboard.

There you go. That's us in a nutshell.
Now back to planning a cruise! :goodvibes

veggiemama 08-30-2013 03:30 PM

My flights are booked!! yay!One more major anxiety thing off the list. Now the fun really starts :)
We decided to fly in on Saturday instead of Sunday. My son and I don't fly well so having an extra day to rest up will be great. On top of that the flight times were not great so we either had to fly out at 5:30am - which means getting up at 2am or fly out at 4pm and get to Orlando at 11:30pm - which means that it could be really late by the time we got to the hotel.

Now we will fly in on Saturday. We are doing the 4pm flight (it was the same time Sat or Sun) but since we have all day Sunday and the extra night in the hotel we will be nicely rested already before we sail. :goodvibes I think we will all enjoy a day at the beach and maybe even go to Kennedy space station. One of those places my dd would love to go.

Now we just need to book the hotel and then we are done!! Yay! Then I get to look at excursions and fun stuff.

momabaarjo 08-30-2013 10:15 PM

Laura...I am so excited for you and the family what a great trip you are planning and I can't wait to follow along with you. I had wanted to do a cruise Summer 2014 but Ab, Boo and I are going to Europe for a month in budget for a cruise. Hoping to pull one off for Ab's graduation in 2015!

veggiemama 09-02-2013 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by momabaarjo (Post 49435652)
Laura...I am so excited for you and the family what a great trip you are planning and I can't wait to follow along with you. I had wanted to do a cruise Summer 2014 but Ab, Boo and I are going to Europe for a month in budget for a cruise. Hoping to pull one off for Ab's graduation in 2015!

Hi Tammie!
Europe for a month - that's awesome! It was quite a debate for us, hard to decide if cruise was the right thing but I'm pretty certain it is the right choice now. :)
2015 is when Bethany is graduating too! hmmm maybe I need to a book a graduation cruise - though she (and I) is planning to go to Italy and Greece on a school trip that year also so don't know if a cruise would work in the budget- but wouldn't that be fun! LOL

veggiemama 09-02-2013 10:55 PM

What a busy weekend! Kids go back to school Thursday of this week and I start my teaching year next Monday so the rush is on to get it all done before the crazy school year begins. So glad I have a cruise to look forward to half way through the year. :)

This weekend we decided to go to North Dakota for some family time. Why ND? well it's only an hour to the border for us and the weekend deals are awesome! We got a nice hotel, swam in the pool, celebrated John I's 14th birthday at red lobster (first time the kids ate lobster) and did a whole bunch of shopping.
Red lobster was a lot of fun. I even managed to get a decent salad out of the deal. Vegan at a seafood place - I was a little concerned! LOL
My Handsome Boys!

Me and Bea

Birthday boy!
Not a surprise that my Bea found lots of great clothes for a great price but the shock was my son! All of a sudden he decided he liked clothes and picked out some awesome new pants, dress shirts and a great fedora. Apparently it was time for a new look. This is the boy who would always tell me - that's fine, it fits - even when the clothes were falling off him! :rotfl: I tried to not constantly tell him how good he looked, didn't want to embarrass him but boy he sure looks snazzy! I think all total we spend about $400 on clothes and fun kitchen stuff for me but it would have been way over $1000 any other time! :goodvibes

So, where are things at with Cruise life?...
Got the hotels booked! :cool1:
We decided to fly in Sat for our Monday cruise and then my DH came up with a great plan, why drive in the middle of the night to Port Canaveral - let's stay at the airport for a night! Yes! Love it!
So we are going to sleep one night in the hotel at the airport and then they will shuttle us to the hotel in Cocoa beach on Sunday. We will get the daylight to see as we drive and time to spend on the beach. I have to say I LOVE this plan and am really looking forward to the extra day of relax before we set sail. AND to top it off, I was looking at the things offered by the hotel and my son can take surfing lessons! :thumbsup2 That was one of those things on his bucket list of 'holiday' things to do. Going to leave that as a surprise for him.

So that means - flight are booked, hotel is booked, cruise is booked! :cheer2:
Now I just need to finish paying for the cruise and then I can start booking the excursions and fun stuff like that!

These next couple months are going to go by so fast! So much going on it is going to be hard to keep track of it all.

Oh and I just came up with an AWESOME idea! My mom, who is just as big of a Disney lover as me turns 70 next October. I'm going to take her to WDW! My dad is not not interested in going so it will just be my mom and me! (and Bethany if she can convince me that she should get to go too! ;) ) So I think I will just have to start planning a WDW trip soon too! :banana:

momabaarjo 09-03-2013 06:41 PM

LOL...I sure hope my teenage boy discovers clothes and style soon. Sounds like you had a great shopping trip! Boo is about 6 months younger...happy Birthday John! He sure has grown up these last couple of years!

I think it would be great for you to plan a trip with your mom to WDW!

Your trip is coming together, what a great feeling!

I had forgotten that Ab and Bethany were the same age! So not ready for 2015...sadly it will be here before we both know it!

veggiemama 09-04-2013 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by momabaarjo (Post 49467383)
LOL...I sure hope my teenage boy discovers clothes and style soon. Sounds like you had a great shopping trip! Boo is about 6 months younger...happy Birthday John! He sure has grown up these last couple of years!

I think it would be great for you to plan a trip with your mom to WDW!

Your trip is coming together, what a great feeling!

I had forgotten that Ab and Bethany were the same age! So not ready for 2015...sadly it will be here before we both know it!

Let me say - the shock of his discover was one of the highlights of the weekend for me and my DH :lmao:
I'm still in shock the Bea is in grade 11 this year. She is talking constantly about what she is going to do after school and it changes almost as often as when she was a little and someone would ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up! LOL
It is a little scary to think how quickly grad will come along. I know how fast each year goes. Makes me even happier that we are still able to go away as as a family. :) Not many more holiday's where it will be just the 4 of us.

I think I am just about as excited to plan a WDW trip for my mom and myself as I am planning the cruise! :goodvibes

veggiemama 09-04-2013 11:25 AM

Not a whole lot to say about cruise planning today so I'm sharing something else. :)

DH and I decided it was time to decorate our living space. We moved into our new house in October. When we moved in the basement was unfinished so we spend basically the entire school year last year getting the basement done. Because I teach at home I require a studio space so it was a crazy year of me bringing 7 keyboards up and downstairs so they could work during the day and I could teach at night! :upsidedow Plus trying to teach with all my supplies in boxes - it was nuts!
So we never managed to actually decorate our living space. We just threw some stuff on shelves and left it at that. This past weekend we started talking about what we wanted to do and this is what happened! ;)

Have I mentioned we are Disney Fanatics!! LOL
Hubby loves marvel so he is thrilled that Disney is adding Marvel to their Cruise and of course I love all characters....

living room mantel, shelves (sorry pics are a little blurry!)

This is a overhang that is above our couch, it divides our living room and kitchen

Now I am on the hunt for more Disney stuff!! :cool1:
I also have a number of lithographs from way back in the early 90's. Used to be when you pre ordered Disney movies you would get pictures from scenes in the movie. I probably have about 20 pictures. No, I am not going to put them all up but we are absolutely putting up some! Just need to find frames for them.

lawjiejul 09-05-2013 07:03 AM

following ur planning
Weare also going on our first Disney cruise March 2014 and I am still in the planning, as to where to stay night before, transportation etc :cool1: thanks for the posts and inputs :)

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