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PrincessForLife 08-24-2013 07:26 PM

A Fantasy of a Honeymoon....With Some Park Magic! *COMPLETED 10/31*
Hi everyone!

It's been about a week since coming back from the ultimate Disney honeymoon with my now DH, Kevin. Even though we spent a week in the Parks and then did a 7-night Fantasy cruise, I'm going to do the whole trip report in the DCL part of the trip reports. I'm actually going to do most of the trip report on the cruise. Trips to the Parks are fun and I've been going my whole life. It's more fun to do a report on something newer to me, like cruising. :sail:
My DH and I at Animal Kingdom on our first day at the Parks before renting a boat....but more on that later....

I'm going to start this adventure with some unique experiences we had in the Parks before I get to the actual cruise. I'll start with the cast.... Me (Jackie) and my DH (Kevin). We were married on August 3 in the Chicago suburbs and had a beautiful wedding. We left for Disney the next day for 6 nights in the Parks.
I would have had a better picture but our photos haven't come in yet...

As I mentioned in the PTR, we decided to go an extra night than originally planned and as a result, we got a major discount that wasn't available to us when I originally booked the trip. We made this trip extra special by staying in the Honeymoon Suite at the Grand Floridian with club level service and a perfect view of Cinderella's Castle and the fireworks. Here are some of the pictures from the hotel...

Overall, it was kinda fun to be treated like royalty but in the end we didn't feel 100% welcome in the Royal Palms Club. The staff was always nice but the other guests weren't very courteous. Every time we went down for a meal or snacks, we would get dirty looks from groups like we weren't as good as them with our trading pins and t-shirts verses their Ralph Lauren and boating shoes. (I think we are going to try the Contemporary Club Level next time).
View from the Concierge Lounge
And some of the dessert offerings....

It was nice to have all the beverages and snacks at our disposal. Breakfast every morning was a really nice start to our days, but our favorite part was coming back from the parks, grabbing a plate of late night desserts and beers, and going to our balcony to watch Wishes. We saw Wishes a total of 5 nights out of the six!
Everything was soooooo good!!

This trip to the Parks was very different because we took our time instead of turning into the walking wounded by the end of the week. One unique experience we did was taking advantage of the marina discount and renting a pontoon boat! We only had the boat for about an hour which came out to $76, and really, an hour is all you need. We were able to take it all the way around the Seven Seas Lagoon AND Bay lake.....with some time to stop and take some close up pictures of the monorail!
Did I mention that Kevin is obsessed with the monorail. His dream is for us to retire here so he can drive the monorail....

It was also a beautiful day which made for a very relaxing afternoon. If you and your family are taking a long Disney vacation or simply want to try something new, I highly recommend the marina rentals!

Dailymeel 08-24-2013 07:29 PM

WOW!!! This sounds so magical!!! I was at Disney World last year, I visited the Grand Floridian and pretended I lived there.

PrincessForLife 08-24-2013 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Dailymeel (Post 49379018)
WOW!!! This sounds so magical!!! I was at Disney World last year, I visited the Grand Floridian and pretended I lived there.

We did that too last year when we went in December. We just sat in the lobby for a couple hours and it just felt like home! It has been my dream FOREVER to stay there and we are so happy we finally did! If you get a chance, try out the Grand Floridian. It's definitely an experience!!

jedijill 08-24-2013 09:42 PM


The boat rental seems like a lot of fun!

Can't wait to hear more.

Jill in CO

Cheryl726 08-24-2013 09:42 PM

Congratulations on your wedding! Enjoying your TR so far and looking forward to reading more! Looks like my friend is on the same cruise as you in April!

PrincessForLife 08-25-2013 03:05 PM

Pin Trading and Great Shopping
Something new that I tried on this trip was pin trading. I never wanted to do it in the past because it was expensive and guests who did it seemed to be crazy. However, since Vinylmation isn't really doing anything for me anymore, I decided to take up a new Disney hobby. I also found a way to make pin trading more affordable! The secret is the Disney Movie Club. Since I am a VIP member, meaning I buy more movies than the minimum contracted, I get a free trading pin with every featured title purchase.
One of my awesome Movie Club pins!! :thumbsup2

Now, if you buy the featured title every month, plus the bonus feature titles that come out every 3 months, that's 16 free pins a year! I know that most people have a good Disney movie collection and don't need to buy the new ones every month, but my DH and I are building our Disney Blu-Ray collection and it's really paying off for us. Plus, if you enter in the rewards numbers on the Disney Movie Rewards site, you can build up points to get a Lion King 3-pin set for free!! I had so many points that I got 2 sets of free pins! In total, I came to the Parks with 10 free pins. And since I bought a Princess Pin Trading starter set, I had 5 more pins! And 15 pins is plenty to start with.
I took my pins EVERYWHERE!! :rotfl:

In the beginning, I was very nervous and hesitant about doing the whole pin trading thing. I started in Animal Kingdom on our first full day in the parks. At first I looked at cast member after cast member who had all these pins and I didn't go up to anyone. Kevin finally got me to go up to this really sweet cast member at a store and pin trade for the first time. She was just as thrilled as I was after I explained that it was my first pin trading ever! She even said that it made her day. So sweet!
My first pin trade!! :banana:

After that, I was hooked. I was pretty much stalking every cast member in Animal Kingdom and every other park following that. I did however have to buy 1 set of extra pins and some extra backings. I was trying to pace myself but I was having so much fun interacting with the cast members that I wanted to trade with EVERYONE!! In the end, I did limit myself to about 4-5 pins per day, and I got some pretty cool ones too!! But first, a side note.... I do not do pin trading to get the biggest or most elaborate or rarest. I do it for the fun of interacting with people as well as finding pins that I think are pretty or unusual. I also started a collection of Figment, my favorite park character. Here is the progression of pins from the 4 days in the Parks....
After Animal Kingdom
After Epcot plus the extra set of pins I bought.
After Hollywood Studios with my favorites removed for safe keeping
After Magic Kingdom with my favorites removed for safe keeping

I don't have a final picture of what my lanyard looks like because I was pin trading all the way up to the Disney store at MCO before our flight home left. I was able to get a dye-cut of the Minstrel from Robin Hood and a dye-cut of the friendship boat. (Supposedly the dye-cuts are more rare but I get them because they are interesting.) I also wanted to share a couple photos of the t-shirts and purse we picked up in the parks. Kevin isn't one to buy things but he found a t-shirt that was GENIUS!! And I also got a new Figment shirt since my current one is really really faded. I also bought one of those Harvey Seatbelt purses. I can't wait to start using it... :love:
My beautiful purse!! :cool1:
My obsession with Figment! :hug: ......and finally....
TADA!!!! :woohoo:

Besides my seatbelt purse, Kevin's t-shirt was the best purchase of the trip!!

qits 08-25-2013 08:51 PM

Congratulations! Great report can't wait to read more. Do you need boating experience to rent a boat?

Dailymeel 08-25-2013 09:12 PM

Pin trading looks fun! I have a few pins but I don't want to trade them! AHAHA... what is the one that looks like a mushroom? Where is it from?

PrincessForLife 08-25-2013 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by qits (Post 49387519)
Congratulations! Great report can't wait to read more. Do you need boating experience to rent a boat?

All you need to rent the boat is a valid driver's license...and sign their release form. For any of the boats, from the little single person ones to the large pontoons, they will give you as much instruction as you need. They were very helpful and triple checked that we were going to be ok. Since my mom has a pontoon at home, we were rather familiar with it, but it's so easy that anyone can do it! :cool1:

Originally Posted by Dailymeel (Post 49387701)
Pin trading looks fun! I have a few pins but I don't want to trade them! AHAHA... what is the one that looks like a mushroom? Where is it from?

I got my first trading pin from the Epcot Segway Tour and I agree, there are some I will never trade! lol The little mushroom guy is from Fantasia. He was a part of a group of mushrooms that did the "Russian Dance" from The Nutcracker Suite. :dance3:

Tinkerkell007 08-27-2013 03:02 PM

Hello! :wave2:
Just joining your trip report! Congrats to you both!

I looooove your DH's t-shirt! (The t-rex one) I couldn't stop laughing :thumbsup2

Looking forward to reading more!!

PrincessForLife 08-27-2013 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by Tinkerkell007 (Post 49403301)
Hello! :wave2:
Just joining your trip report! Congrats to you both!

I looooove your DH's t-shirt! (The t-rex one) I couldn't stop laughing :thumbsup2

Looking forward to reading more!!

Thanks for joining! That t-shirt is so epic that I wanted to buy him two for when the first one becomes not wearable from wearing it too much! If you want one, they are in the gift shop at the exit of Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom. They really have some great stuff this year!

wiigirl 08-27-2013 03:54 PM

Following along! :goodvibes

PrincessForLife 08-27-2013 05:17 PM

The MANorail, Tangled Bathrooms, and A Daytime Parade
Magic Kingdom is our favorite park and this has been the Park I've been REALLY excited to report on. Every time we go to the Magic Kingdom we are reminded about the magic that Disney holds. My DH and I shared our first kiss here, he proposed to me here, and now we spent our honeymoon here. I want to start this segment out with this BEAUITFUL picture of sunrise over the Kingdom!

This picture was taken at 6:30am from our room. We were up so early because we wanted to be there at rope drop. We also had a close encounter with the Iron Man 3 monorail which I dubbed, "The MANorail." Lol, shear genius, I know.... As soon as we entered the park we wanted to do a Photopass picture in front of the castle and low and behold, we ran into the park photographer, Alex, who helped Kevin with the proposal last year! He didn't remember us because he has done so many proposals but we just had to get a picture with him!!! We then quickly scattered to Tomorrowland to get FastPasses for Space Mountain and hop into line. It was so long that I jumped in line by Astro Orbiter and by the time Kevin got the fastpasses, I was up to the entrance and Kevin slipped into line. We did that twice and then went to the bathroom where we found Stitch wandering because no one wanted to take a picture with him!! He was so happy that we came over and talked to him and he was inquiring about why he wasn't on our shirts. (More on those later...)
Alex the Photographer!!

We then spent the rest of the morning going through New Fantasyland and Fantasyland. We were there last December about 10 days after New Fantasyland opened and since then, it has changed soooo much! There seems to be something new around every corner!! The Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride is really coming together. We then had to stop and get a LeFou's Brew. For those of you who haven't tried it yet, it's soooo good on a hot day! We didn't get the souvenir cups and that saved us over half the price. The slush is a mix of frozen apple juice and marshmallow syrup with a passion fruit foam toppings. And it's non-alcoholic for those of you wondering!
LeFou's Brew!!
The Mine Ride is really coming together!!

After that I wanted to explore the new Tangled-themed bathroom area behind Peter Pan. I have to say, I wish they made some kind of small ride or exhibit for the area because it looks way to cool to be just a bathroom area! The detail of the place is extraordinary!! The bathrooms even have Rapunzel's paint supplies in the shelves! The one thing we need to do next time is search for Pascal. I heard he is hiding in multiple spots around the area!

After we went around the park doing our usual routine of rides, it was time for the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade! We knew that we had to get a good spot for the parade because this would be the last time we would see it. Next summer Disney is introducing a new daytime parade with brand new floats. At 2:15 we set up camp at the bridge to Liberty Sqaure and waited. During that time it rained and stopped, and rained and stopped. It was actually quite amusing to watch people run for cover from rain, emerge from stores 5 mins later, and then run when it rains again. Just stay in the rain, it'll go away in a couple minutes! lol We had perfect place for the parade. Characters came up and interacted with us all the time. Lady Tremaine was the best because she read our shirts and sarcastically cried saying how sweet it was. Ariel then jumped for joy when she saw the shirts and heard we were just married. It was so cool!
Impending Parade Doom!!!

Ariel was reading our shirts!!!

Part 2 coming soon!!

PrincessForLife 08-28-2013 09:34 AM

T-Shirt Royalty and The Grey Stuff!!
Part 2 is finally here!!

In the last post I talked about our t-shirts that my DH and I wore on our day at the Magic Kingdom. To start, I saw a post on Pintrest of a couple wearing t-shirts that had all the names of Disney Princes on the guy's shirt and all the Disney Princesses on the girl's shirt. I really wanted a Mr. & Mrs. shirt set for the parks and these were perfect! Our shirts are little different from the original picture I saw because at the end of the list, I put our names as the next set of Disney royals to live happily ever after! I didn't want Kevin to know about them so I gave the instructions and order information to my mom who got them made by her house. I then packed them in my bag for the trip and gave my DH his shirt the morning after the wedding. He loved it too!!
My Shirt!
Kevin's Shirt!!

Now to pick up where I left off in the day.... After the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade we had a reservation for Be Our Guest for dinner. We were really excited to finally dine here because every other time we tried for lunch, there was a 3 hour line!! When you check in at the front gate, you get a buzzer and directed to pass the bridge to wait at the castle entrance. It's a cool concept but you and your party have to wait outside in the heat and sun until your table is ready, and boy is it hot! The mountain wall goes up so high that there's no chance of a breeze, but they did bring out water for everyone. Once your buzzer rings, you have to wait for a greeter to find you to go into the castle. We didn't request a special room so we got the Grand Ballroom. It was very pretty in there! The chandeliers were gigantic and were hung with crystals. The ceiling also had the cherubs from the movie but they were more realistic than cartoon and they were definitely a little creepy because of that. The windows of the ballroom looked out over the mountains of the castle and it was snowing in the windows!! A very nice touch! ::yes::

The food was just ok. I'm not one to criticize food because it's very difficult for me to find bad food but we had the baked French onion soup and it was VERY watered down. I had the pork chop and my DH had the seafood pastry and they weren't anything special and a little over priced. The dessert was the best part of the meal. The server brought around a cart filled with delicious cupcakes and cream puffs. My DH had a strawberry cupcake and I had a passion fruit cream puff. They were amazing! We also asked the server about the grey stuff since we were celebrating our marriage and the server said she had to check with Mrs. Potts. She then brought out a small plate with a dab of grey stuff big enough for a taste, which is all you need! It was a cookies and cream type mousse and it was amazing! Overall, the experience was ok, but it was fun to watch kids revel at the beauty of the place!
Giant Passion Fruit Cream Puff!
It was truly delicious!! :cool1:

After Be Our Guest we did a couple more rides and then made for our stake out spot for the Electric light parade and the fireworks. I'm not a big fan of the parade because Spectromagic is my favorite but it's fun to watch. We really stake out for Wishes. I didn't get picture of Wishes because we like to enjoy it, but I'll end this segment with a couple pretty pictures I got of the parade and the castle at twilight and after dark!!

Belle2007 08-29-2013 12:01 PM

Congrats on your wedding...

Your pictures look amazing and I love the Grey Stuff pictures! The beast's castle was beautiful. (we just got home from our anniversary trip last night and the beast's castle was my favorite area). Your prince/princess shirts were a great idea.

Cannot wait to hear about your fantasy cruise. That was one of our favorite ships.

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