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belle8706 08-24-2013 01:04 PM

Split stay and Magic Bands
Hello just signed up today! My husband and I are doing a split stay in october. We are staying at POP Oct 24-27 then staying at BLT Oct 27- Nov 4th on my uncle's DVC points. We haven't gotten any tickets yet for the parks. We plan on getting 10 day park hoppers. We were picked last night for magic bands for POP. I talked to a cm who verified with someone that i can link my tickets to my magic band for the full stay of my split stay. I am worried though because I am afraid that if we link our tickets to the room only POP reservation with MB that we won't be able to use them when it comes time for our BLT stay on DVC points. What do you all think? Am I worrying too much? This will be our first stay at Disney!:confused3 :confused3

belle8706 08-24-2013 01:29 PM

I am wondering if it would just be easier to keep tickets separate from MB....

mom2ryandy 08-30-2013 11:28 AM

I had the same concern for our past trip.

We are passholders. They were activated and used for our vacation last December.
We planned a POP/Boardwalk stay for this past August and a week before arriving we got the MAgic Band invite since they were being tested at POP.
Upon check in everything went smoothly. The bands were active at the airport at the Magical Express check-in actually.

I thought once we switched to Boardwalk we would no longer be able to use the Magic band and have to go back to the paper annual passes since Boardwalk wasn't participating in the test at the time. When we checked in to Boardwalk, the front desk staff noticed we were using the bands, asked if we had any problems with them and were able to transfer them to our stay at Boardwalk. We used them for our door, park charges and park admission.

If your park tickets are attached to your bands for the length of your stay, I would imagine the BLT front desk could work some magic and you could continue to use them.
Hope you can! :)

sweetdana 08-30-2013 11:32 AM

Odd question I have a split stay and got 2 requests for mb do I only fill out customizing for 1 or do I need to do both?

AcidRecruit 09-05-2013 07:53 PM

Good news! You are able to link your theme park tickets to the MB without it interfering with any of your resort reservations.

Think about your resort stays and your theme park tickets as seperate entities. You can have one without the having the other. The MB is simply a portal that connects you the user to those entities. So, as long as you have a resort reservation the MB will provide a viable portal for you to connect to it. The same goes for theme park tickets, regardless of whether or not you are checked in to the same resort or no resort at all.

Additionally, even ater departing a MB test location you can use the MB at any resort on property even if the CMs there dont know it yet!!!

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