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TheLorax 08-13-2013 09:29 AM

Same CM's and servers
Has anyone ran into the same servers and assistant servers. We had some greats ones over the years and wish we had them on our next cruise.

lbgraves 08-13-2013 10:11 AM

Yes, we requested our previous server on our second cruise and saw our assistant in the atrium one night. Since then we keep in touch with a few of our favorites and always arrange to be assigned to them when we cruise and they will be onboard. Each cruise we have seen a previous server in our MDR. Sometimes they spotted us first and came over to say hello and see the kids.

DisKate 08-13-2013 10:34 AM

You can call DCL and request servers. You need first and last name and where they are from. Just keep in mind it is a request so they can't guarantee you'll get them!

jrabbit 08-13-2013 11:08 AM

We have had a couple of repeats over the years. Could have had our favorite server for a 4th time if we knew he was still on the ship! He was an assistant server on our first PC cruise, then server for the next two and he was in our rotation in the Med. After we disembarked we saw him in Barcelona for the last time. :sad::sad2::sad: Told him that we loved him, but that he really needed to go home and marry his girlfriend / fiancee (he had been talking about her for the last 3 years that we had him as a server). And he said that he was too old to keep working as a server on the ship - 'cause it is HARD Work! and long hours.

com_op_2000 08-13-2013 12:40 PM

Went on a family cruise one year with DD, DSiL, DGS (Teen), DW and me had Typhoon from Turkey as our server. 16 months later DW and I made a last minute reservation, went to PC for embarkation lunch, Typhoon saw us walking up to PC, and he came out of line from where the servers were escorting the cruisers to their tables. He served us lunch. We went to the table assignment change meeting, requested Typhoon as our server and it was granted. Typhoon had gone home twice and gotten married during those 16 months, yet he still recognized us.

kiford 08-13-2013 03:25 PM

Never had the same servers but have run into other CMs who recognized us and we recognized them (in Palos and Cove Café). Sometimes from several years ago they recognized us. One of the things I realized is that you need to keep the receipts from the tips so that you can remember their names. I wanted to see if it was possible that our servers from our 2010 Med cruise were on the 2013 Med cruise and request them but my memory doesn't last that long. One CM even remembered us from the Cove Café on the Magic when we were in the Cove Café of the Dream. Amazing memory - as soon as he spoke I recalled him but I see far fewer CMs than he sees guests.

This time I kept the receipt and will keep all future receipts with notes of which ones I'd like to have again.

Melcatfish 08-13-2013 06:14 PM

On our second DCL we had Evandro from Brazil also known as Rambo as our server. 3 years later he was randomly assigned as our server on the 5 night NYC-Canada cruise last summer. That was his last cruise in the MDR before moving to Palo but this summer we requested him for our Palo reservations and it was lovely to catch up - after our 2012 cruise with him he suggested we add him on Facebook so we have kept in touch. It was funny as we turned up at Palo for our dinner and he said how sorry he was to hear the girls were seasick on our excursion to Dubrovnik, it took me a minute to work out that he had seen it on my facebook page earlier that day!

Other staff beyond the dining servers we have also seen on multiple cruises. When we got on board for our 2010 Med cruise Grace (currently a manager in Shutters but then a photographer) was taking embarkation pictures - before I had handed over the key to the world card or said a word she said "I know you guys, you cruised last summer, it's Isabella right?" Well actually it's Isabelle but pretty darn close after a year and goodness knows how many passengers in between!


jrabbit 08-13-2013 06:39 PM

at the beginning of our WBPC in May we were climbing the stairs and we saw our room steward from our January cruise. He saw us and stopped and chatted, told us he was now up on deck 6. Then he told us our room number from that January cruise!! I keep saying how great these guys are!!

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