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gaelicgoddess 07-12-2013 05:38 PM

Hi from a fellow fan of the Mouse
I'm coming out of lurkdom to say hi. I've been browsing these boards for years, but am finally taking the time to post. I'm a lifelong fanatic of all things Disney and Walt Disney World. I have been to WDW about 10-12 times, the first time being when I was 4 years old....and the last time being 7 years ago with my husband and 2 boys who were 3 and 15 months at the time. We are finally planning a trip back to see the Mouse. It's been far too long since I was able to plan a trip, so hopefully I can pick everyone's brains for some tips, tricks, and ideas. We are planning on going March 15th-21st in 2014. I have tons of questions about going back to WDW....this time with a 10 (boy), 8 (boy), and 4 (girl) year old. Actually the 8 and 4 year old will be having a birthday on our trip, so I'm super excited about fun things to do for that. Can't wait to chat about all things Disney!

gaelicgoddess 07-12-2013 06:45 PM

and I'm just testing out my new siggy...

Pooh2 07-13-2013 08:15 AM

Welcome! Your kids are such a fun Disney age! Enjoy your trip!

magicaldisney 07-13-2013 09:40 AM


gaelicgoddess 07-13-2013 04:53 PM


aggiemomx3 07-14-2013 09:02 AM

I'm new too!! I have a trip planned in October and know that this board has good information!

DisGirlAllie 07-17-2013 04:01 PM

Welcome to the DIS and have a great trip, gaelicgoddess! :welcome:

theharcos 07-18-2013 03:55 PM

Hi, glad you are on here. I, too, love talking about Disney and I think I drive everyone at work crazy talking about going. I am heading that way at the end of Aug and am so looking forward to it. It's not my choice of time of year but it's the only time I could go, due to work :sad2: I bet you will have such a fantastic time with your kids. I loved seeing the parks through their eyes! It made everything seem even more magical. I am taking my 19 y/o d with me and it has been a long time since she has been. She is sooooo excited about going and we are looking forward to the 2 of us running around the parks together. My mom is helping to foot the bill and she is coming too but she has decided not to go into the parks. She has been down to Disney several times in the last few years and she said she is looking forward to staying at the resort and just taking it easy. She is bringing several books and some wine and is planning on taking it very easy! lol She chose POFQ to stay at because it's one of her favorite places and she can hop the boat to Downtown Disney. All in all, it's going to be a wonderful time. I bet your kids are very excited about going. I know it will be a great time for all of you. :banana:

dawgfan 07-18-2013 09:28 PM

Seems like you have been enough to give a pointer or two.

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