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maddiebee 07-11-2013 12:26 PM

Breakfast Dessert?
My BF and I will be on the DDP in August. You get a dessert with each TS, correct? How does this work for breakfast TSs?

kaybird 07-11-2013 12:33 PM

Dessert is not included with breakfast.

maddiebee 07-11-2013 03:16 PM


Originally Posted by kaybird (Post 48930259)
Dessert is not included with breakfast.

So is it kind of a waste to do a breakfast TS? We have a ADR for breakfast at CRT?

PictureJumpr 07-11-2013 03:25 PM

Most (definitely not all, but most) TS breakfasts are some variety of all-you-can-eat/buffet.

They definitely do not include dessert, in the traditional cake-pie-creme brulee sense, but they do include fresh fruit, sweet rolls, pastries, and other "sort of like dessert" things.

As for being a waste of a TS credit, most of these are character buffets or other similarly-higher-priced things, and so no - I would not necessarily call them a waste. Breakfasts are lower in cash price than lunches and dinners, of course, but still in the $20+ range for adults.

CRT being a double-credit meal, on the other hand, is wasteful in general, breakfast or otherwise, if you are looking to maximize the cash value of what you spend your credits on. The cash price at CRT, especially for breakfast, does not generally exceed the cash price of two separate dinners elsewhere.

sharonabe 07-11-2013 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by maddiebee (Post 48932185)
So is it kind of a waste to do a breakfast TS? We have a ADR for breakfast at CRT?

If I had free dining, I'd probably use the TS credits for CRT.

If paying for dining, I wouldn't. It looks like you're headed to the World mid August, so if your CRT ADR is after 8/16, the price for breakfast is right at $53. The "value" of your TS credits is roughly $35 per credit, so at CRT, you're only "spending $26.50 per credit and therefore "losing" almost $20 per person. That $53 may look/sound like a lot, but when you put it up against what you pay for DDP, it's not so bad.

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