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DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 09:07 AM

Mickey for President! Med Cruise June 8-15, 2013
Embarkation: We arrived at the port at approximately 11:30. Check in was very quick. We had to wait about half an hour to get on but on the bright side there was no lineup for photos with captain Mickey. While waiting we also saw a kid that was running around lost. But later we saw him with the disney staff- thankfully! The terminal only has plastic folding chairs. They did have a liquor store in the terminal but we didn't check that out. After boarding we went directly to topsiders- short line up. We all enjoyed the shrimp. After lunch we went to the quiet cove pool and were the first ones in! Since the weather wasn't so hot, the pool was really warm! At about 2 we went to our stateroom. It was in good shape except for the toilet seat, which appeared stained or warn out and remained so for the duration of our cruise. On the comment card we suggested they replace the toilet seat for future cruisers. We got to our dismeet just as it was ending! Oops. We were fifteen minutes late and it was pretty much over. Anyways we ordered drinks for the bar and sat and drank them until the lifeboat drill. After the lifeboat drill, we went to the sail away party. We were on deck 10 and had a great view. We ordered the Bon voyage package so enjoyed the champagne on our verandah then headed to our first supper at Lumieres. We had requested our own table and the rotation and both our requesters were granted. We were at table 7, which was the same table as our 2009 cruise! Good location by the windows. We had great servers, Aditya and Wayan! They took care of us all week. We noticed that people were coming in very late to dinner all week! Like half an hour to an hour each night! We were a but surprised that it seemed it did not matter! Our dinner service was quick and done in less than an hour and a half each night. After dinner we went to the gift shop. The 20% vat tax was a bummer. It definitely limited the amount of souvenirs we bought onboard. There did not seem to be very much med specific merchandise. my daughter and I purchased the med pin. The show was let the magic begin, kind of an overview of the weeks entertainment.*

DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 09:36 AM

Day 2 Sea Day We had room service for breakfast. It was cool outside so we ate inside looking out our verandah .DD and DH went to the gym. I went for a manicure. We had lunch at topsiders.DH went to see movie Lincoln. He enjoyed it. DD and myself went to Mixology prearranged with our facebook group. It was fun we had 5 drinks and I liked 3. We had trivia questions and a few people got to make their own drinks. We all went to Cove cafe. The snacks are free and delicious. It was formal night and we had some photos done before dinner at Lumieres. DD got a picture with Minnie but it never appeared at Shutters!At least I had one with my own camera.We saw Twice Charmed and really liked it.

DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 09:54 AM

Day three Villefranche My DH refused to do any private tours except DCL.Today we did Eze,Nice and French Wine. We went to Topsiders for breakfast.It was great and we ate outside.We liked having a big breakfast in the morning before our tours.The tenders were awfully slow.It took forever to get off the boat.Once we were on land the bus had to navigate out of the port through the fortress. We went to Eze and the guide took us up to the top.The garden and view was extra so we did not go.We walked around Eze. We bought some bottled water.I liked the perfume store at the base. We realized they had free wifi by the washrooms and checked email.The washrooms were 50 cents but the toilet had no seat just a rim.Anyway that was the worst we saw so not too bad.Then we went to Nice. We walked along the promenade and then to wine cellar.We had three wines and a piece of cheese after each.They had different drinks for children. We thought It was really good. We went to the store and bought 2 bottles for the ship. We had some time in nice but not enough to have sit down lunch. We bought baquettes and ate by the sea.We were not interested in Antique market.We got bus back and it was after 2. The DCL summary had us back at 12:15!We decided we would get back on the boat although we were thinking that we would walk around.It was nice to relax .DD and I went in the pool.We had supper in Animators Palate. After supper DD and I delivered our FE gifts.I enjoyed our excursion but DH and DD were not impressed by Eze and would rather have just gone to Nice.

DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 10:18 AM

Day 4 La Spezia. We went to Topsiders. It was busy and took 30 minutes to get our food.(Only day we had a lineup) We were not in a rush. We took tour Pisa climb the tour. So I thought Pisa was 30 minutes away. With the slow tender and bus it was 2 hours! We got off and short walk to bus.I enjoyed the drive and we went by the place where the white marble is found. We got to Pisa. We were met by the peddlars right by the bus! We were told not to buy anything from them.I had seen them in Barcelona.We also saw them in Rome later by the colosseum. We went to the tower and half of us climbed right away.My daughter took a bag so the tour guide looked after hers and a lot of others for us! I was a bit worried I would find it hard but it was easy.The steps are not big and better shape than other towers I have been in the U.K.The view was beautiful at the top.We had time for washroom break while the other half of our group climbed the tower. We had a small tour. Then we had free time. We went for ice cream and pastries in a small store on the corner.We took the small train back to our bus .I enjoyed the view and seeing all the towns on the hills.Pisa does look a bit run down compared to everywhere we went on this trip.We went back on the boat and had snack at Goofy galley.We had a nice time in the pool. I went to the spa for a pedicure.We are three adults so we went to Palo for supper.I love the sea bass and chocolate souffle for dessert.We went to the show Remembering Walt Disney. I enjoyed our excursion .I really wanted to go to Florence but DD had already been there and thought it was too far away.Next time. I did physics in school and find it amazing to think Galileo was in the tower!

DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 10:47 AM

Day 5 Civitavecchia We went to topsiders for breakfast. We did Journey to Eternal Rome for adults.My DD and DH have been to the vatican before.I really wanted to see the colosseum and the train ride was a nice change from the bus.We took a bus to the train and arranged seats by tour guide. We got off in Rome at st peters station. We took bus to the colosseum. It is crowded in Rome no one got lost but you need to stick with them and meet on time. We went straight in colosseum and had a tour.It was already very crowded. We took pictures while the guide talked as she never really stopped. I was very happy to be there and was very impressed. after we walked under the arch and got bus to Trevi fountain. We took a few pictures and got in the shade.Then we walked to the pantheon .It was impressive The hole in the top and drainage holes to collect the water is interesting.The pantheon was not too crowded.Then we walked to Piazza Navona.We stopped there for lunch about an hour.We went to the restaurant they recommended as you dont really have time to check around.The Pizza was excellent but tok awhile.The guides must have preordered as they got their food way before us. After we really only had 5 minutes to take a couple of photos. We went back to the bus and to the Vatican. The pope has his audience wednesday morning and it is crowded.We went in the line for st peters basilica. The guide was very angry because people were skipping the line. She used her mickey sign to block people! Anyway we got in and saw Pieta statue by michelangelo.It was very crowded.I was afraid I would be separated from my own family.We made it around and went to gift shop for 15 minutes.Then we walked back to train station. We went back to the boat.We had supper in Lumieres and then wached the sunset on deck 9. I enjoyed our tour.We saw a lot but there is not really any free time. It was hot .I drank three bottled water on the tour.

DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 12:05 PM

Day6 Naples We did Capri,Sorrento and Pompeii for adults. We had breakfast at topsiders. We got off the boat and straight on to jetfoil boat for Capri. It was full with disney tours. We were first group off the boat and on to the funicular.Our guide figured we were all adults and went fast. We were the first group up and walked to the garden and viewpoint for faragliona rocks. We got nice pictures here.Then we had time to look around. We got ice cream .DD and I bought very nice gift pack with soap,candle and eau de toilette from Carthusia perfume store. Then we met and went down the funicular to look around and got jetfoil to Sorrento. We went in a shop for free limoncello tasting before we left capri.We took bus to the main street. They took us to a woodworking shop to see. We could use washrooms there which were very nice. I really cannot see many people buying things there as they are very big items. Then we had lunch at restaurant outside recommended by guide. I had pizza again. It was nice to sit down in the shade. We really didnt see much of Sorrento except the main street. We got bus and had scenic drive to Pompeii. We passed an accident in a tunnel and then the road was closed. The guide said some busses would take longer to get to Pompeii. At Pompeii we got a drink or gelato. The guide tried to stay in the shade. It got a bit windy and not so hot. I really enjoyed our walk around and thought it was all amazing. We saw two bodies in glass cases. It is so big that it did not seem too busy. Dh and myself enjoyed the guide commentary.We also saw some of the brothel pictures.Then the bus took us back to the boat .We really enjoyed this tour. My DH loved Capri and it was the highlight for him. I am glad because he refuses to help me with any planning. He says Mickey is getting all our money! I was happy to go to Pompeii. Today and Rome day we were late for dinner but our servers didnt mind.We were in Animators palate for dinner.DD had pictures with characters. We watched the sunset and our boat went by Capri. DD and I went to Pirate Party and Fireworks were great.

DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 12:15 PM

Day 7 Sea Day We went to Topsiders for breakfast and sat outside. The boat went between Sardinia and Corsica and we watched the view. I saw a whale in the distance this morning from our Verandah otherwise there was not much wildlife on view.We went to talk about Barcelona.The speaker was a historian Charles Richardson and he mostly talked about Catalonia. We had brunch at Palo at 12:30. We were the last table there .It was great as usual.We went in the pool and hot tub. We had supper in Parrot Cay.Menu was Captains Gala and I loved the Lobster Tail and Creme Brulee. We went to see Disney Dreams(3rd time) and Till we meet again in the lobby.

DisneyHelen 07-07-2013 12:21 PM

Day 8 debarkation. We had breakfast in Parrot Cay. We hung around for awhile then said good bye. We got off and found our luggage and got a taxi straight away. The people with larger groups had to wait for a larger taxi. We went to Hotel Arts and continued our stay in Barcelona. We had no problem at all They held our luggage and we went to the zoo until our rom was ready. We loved this cruise and will go back to Italy. We rebooked while on board an Alaska cruise for next June cruise number 4 back to our first boat the Disney Wonder.

cforsythe 07-12-2013 12:57 PM

Loved your update. We are going on this cruise on August 31. I can't wait!!

Deb in IA 07-12-2013 02:06 PM

Hi Helen!

We were on the cruise right after you (June 15 - 27, 12-night to Greece and Turkey).

Peter, the cruise director, mentioned how cool the weather was during your cruise - it was hot for us!

We also only did DCL tours - my DH is the same; he won't do anything on our own! We did a few of the same tours as you - the Pisa Climb the Tower and the Jumping Back to Eternal Rome. We enjoyed both of them also.

We did the Nice, Monaco, and Monte Carlo - Value Package tour in Villefranche - and we had problems with the tenders too! It took us almost an HOUR to get off the boat! I hope Disney is able to fix this problem soon, because it really messes up the tour times.

We didn't have Naples on our schedule, and I would have liked to see Pompeii - oh, well, maybe next time!

Your pictures are great - thanks for posting them!

We did the Alaska cruise last year - I think you will love it! :thumbsup2

Luv2Diz 07-23-2013 09:51 PM

Nice TR! I'm enjoying your photos.

DisneyHelen 07-24-2013 08:35 PM

Thank you for your comments. I think this Med cruise was one of my favourite holidays and i would highly recommend a European cruise.

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