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twinsouvenirs 06-22-2013 06:32 PM

Anyone bought DVC from a Bankrupcy Sale?
I just found 230 at OKW for $8910k on ebay and was wondering if anyone has ever tried a purchase like that? Obviously high likelihood of ROFR.

Daisyduck49 06-23-2013 08:25 AM

We are in a similar situation. Curious to see what others have heard.

DreamChasers 06-23-2013 08:46 AM

I purchased an Animal Kingdom resale that was through a bankruptcy trustee. I bankruptcy trustee didnít know anything about DVC and I donít know if member services would allow them to do anything, since they were not the owners, so it made it difficult when I asked them to bank points. I went through for the purchase and when I bought they were very positive and told me what I wanted to hear, but in the end they were not very helpful. That said I got a great deal on the contract and I would do it again in a second.

As for the ROFR I had two things going for me. The first one was that DVC still is actively selling Animal kingdom and they probably didnít want to buy back points and have to hold onto them for an undetermined amount of time. The second was the new guy wasnít in yet and ROFR wasnít being invoked nearly as often. Still I wish you luck.

My biggest concern in your situation is ebay. I have heard that people have paid for memberships on ebay and never received anything. I have never rented or bought DVC on ebay, so it may just be rumors I have heard, but I would want a little more security. I hope others will post with ebay experiences.

goneviral 06-23-2013 06:51 PM

I had that item on my watchlist and also monitored a similar one for Hilton Head. In googling around, I found several comments that ROFR was less of an issue than expected. I have noticed a few ultra-cheap listings have been mentioned in the purchase monitoring threads on this board. The reason why I stayed out of both auctions is that the people handling the listing do not have a good idea about the points situation. They can only go by what they are told by the previous owner and Disney. It seemed like a messy situation on the Hilton Head one and the Old Key West listing has so much in maintenance fees that I no longer consider it a good buy given the risk involved.

twinsouvenirs 06-23-2013 06:56 PM

I agree. Plus OKW is not on my target list (GCF, BWV, and SSR). It looked like a lot of issues.

But heck, I'll keep an eye out for others.

pmaurer74 06-24-2013 12:03 PM

When I asked about it a few months ago I was told to go nowhere near it since it was not a guaranteed EBAY item. There was another one up today but for too many points than I need.

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