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jen5400 06-13-2013 09:10 PM

Disney in July?
Hello I am wondering if anyone out there can give me ideas on crowd levels and the ability to enjoy the Disney experience the week after July 4th. We are coming to Orlando from July 4th through the 12th and are doing Universal. We have never been to Disney ( my boyfriend, daughter (13) and myself). Any advice or thoughts on going to Disney this busy time of year, I do not want our first experience to be a bad one.

Aliceacc 06-14-2013 05:46 AM

HI and welcome!

I can't speak to that particular week in July; we tend to do the last week of July/ first week of August.

But Disney in summertime is amazing!!!!

Yes, as everyone will tell you, it's hot and humid... no surprise there. But the parks are open for EVER each day. Our plan, and the plan of lots of other summertime visitors, is to be at the parks half an hour before they open (AKA "rope drop".) We go in with a plan, knowing which rides we want to hit right away. I'm our "fastpass runner"-- I take each of our tickets and go alone to our first Fastpass attraction. I get each of us a Fastpass, then meet the rest of the family at an agreed upon place. (For example, with a 13 year old, you might want to have someone get FPs for Space Mountain, then meet the rest of the group at Big Thunder Mountain. Do Big Thunder and Splash Mountain, then use that Space Mountain FP. Within less than an hour, you will have knocked off three of the BIG rides that will have huge lines later in the day. Yes, it's a bit more running around for me, but it pays off big time.)

By around 1 pm, the parks are packed and it's VERY hot and humid. At that point we head back to the resort for an afternoon in the pool. By getting to the parks at rope drop, we've already seen a lot of the heavy hitters, and tempers are always short if we overstay our welcome-- the heat and the lines simply make it not as much fun. A few hours of swimming solves that. Then we have dinner, and spend the evenings in the parks, enjoying a slower pace.

A few other summertime hints: Invest in one or two Mistymate misters . They're a Godsend in the summer!!!!

And go to either or and have water, park munchies and breakfast foods delivered to your resort. The water is key; it's exhorbitant in the parks.

Have fun planning!!!

jen5400 06-14-2013 06:05 AM

Thanks so much!!! Yes I don't mind the heat that is why I go to Florida in July. The only problem is we are staying at Universal so to leave and go back to the resort would not be as easy as if we were staying at a Disney resort. Having a plan definately seems to be the key here.

momto3gr8boys 06-14-2013 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by jen5400 (Post 48679387)
Thanks so much!!! Yes I don't mind the heat that is why I go to Florida in July. The only problem is we are staying at Universal so to leave and go back to the resort would not be as easy as if we were staying at a Disney resort. Having a plan definately seems to be the key here.

I have been the week after 4th of July (we arrived July 6th for a week one year). I typically go at the end of August though. The above advice is great and having been both times, the breaks will be even more important the week you are going as it will be very crowded.

Have you been to Universal? How many US days are you planning vs. Disney days? I know it's late in your planning, but what we've done in the past is to stay at US for two nights to be close to those parks, utilize the FOTL passes and gain EE for WWOHP. Then we move to Disney. US takes us two or three days, tops. But you could stay at Disney for weeks and not see it all. If possible, perhaps you could reconsider staying at both places.

If that's not an option, plan which parks you would like to see and check for the crow calendar. You will not be able to take advantage of EMH, so avoid those parks. If you are not planning on going back for a break, I would either sleep in a bit, swim/hang out at your resort and head to a Disney park later in the day and stay until closing, or plan on being there at opening and schedule a long break for lunch. To go from opening to close multiple day in that heat with high crowd levels will be exhausting.

Let us know how many/which parks you want to see and we can give you more advice.

Turbanator 06-14-2013 11:34 AM

Welcome to Dis Boards jen5400 :thumbsup2

jen5400 06-14-2013 12:48 PM

Thanks everyone!! Staying at Disney too is not an option. I was thinking Magic Kingdom since this would be our first experience and what about leaving there and heading to one of the water parks? Thinking about taking two days to just do the Magic Kingdom. We have been to Universal twice before and love it. The express pass at Universal spoiled us. What park would you recommend? We would only do one or two if we go. And take two days for each to allow for an enjoyable experience and not feel so rushed.

Southern Bell 06-16-2013 10:05 PM

For me personally I would want to see Magic Kingdom if I were just going to see one park. I think of that as being the main one to see.

I don't know what days you are planning but July 4th is very crowded at Magic Kingdom. We went there 2011 because we wanted to see the fireworks at MK on July 4th , despite the large crowds! LOL! In 2007 we were at Epcot over July 4th and Epcot can handle the crowds alot better! MK wasn't to bad in the morning but by afternoon it was rediculous. I felt like a sardine in some areas of the park! LOL!

We had reservations for Crystal Palace(thank goodness) and then afterwards we took a spot on mainstreet and waited for the fireworks, which were great, and we loved it, but we didn't get to ride or do much that day like we had been doing! LOL!

The day after July 4th was a great time to go to MK! Crowd level was down! This year that day will be on Friday so I don't know if the same will be true or not!

The whole key to summer is to drink plenty of water! But don't rely on the free water in the park! Some will agree and some will disagree, but the water in MK is nasty! I can't drink it and I think it is Sulphur water(like rotten eggs)! LOL! I have tried taking those packages of tea or koolaid, and its still nasty! Cherry or grape sulphur water is not good either! LOL!

I don't even like the smell of it in my clothes! LOL! I don't plan on doing any laundry at the resorts! LOL!

So... I take my bottled water (trouble is keeping it cold if you don't have a fridge with freezer) or I just buy something in the parks to drink!

I read where someone took a cup filled with ice from the resort( sounds like a good idea) and someone had a cup with filter and they said that worked pretty good!( I don't know)

I'm thinking ask for a cup of ice at the parks! I don't know if there is a charge or not for just ice! But I am going to ask this time!

BigAlsGal 06-16-2013 10:14 PM

Would I do it?-In a heartbeat.

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