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Suzanne74 06-13-2013 06:13 PM

Which would you choose BC or AoA suite with rental car?
Staying in a 1 bdrm villa at SSR for 1wk. We are staying 3 extra nights after and I am still so undecided. Initially wanted to do BC/YC for the last 3 days but with an 11yr old and almost turning 4yr old (who still naps) I am now leaning towards AoA suite. My 11yr old thinks it looks "awesome" as she loves all those movies and I feel like SAB might be too much for the 4yr old. Thinking that should be our next resort in 1-2yrs. My husband is debating renting a car with the money we save (about $320)


Suzanne74 06-13-2013 06:14 PM

Also we have stayed at Pop and loved it. We aren't deluxe snobs all the time :)

kpm76 06-13-2013 08:34 PM

If I am basing the decision on what I want, it would be BC. But my kids (6 and 2) and absolutely love the theming of AoA and can't wait to stay there. Since you are going to be at SSR for a good amount of time, I would probably go with AoA.

I stayed at YC in May with my mom and DD6 and DD loved SB. It is very large though and I do think it can be overwhelming for little ones. She's a swimmer and is confident in the water, but I still follow her around and it's not relaxing because SB is so big.

glocon 06-13-2013 09:06 PM

Though I love the BC I think you should do AoA. After being in a one bedroom villa at SSR, going to a one room option at BC will be rather difficult (vs a family suite at AoA). AoA sounds like your best bet. There will be more room in a family suite and you can save BC for when both kids are older. SAB is HUGE and the interests of a 4 yr old and an 11 yr old will vary widely (just guessing that you don't want to let your 11 yr old wander around by herself).

Either way, you will be at WDW, so you will have a blast.

Suzanne74 06-14-2013 12:20 PM

That is what I keep thinking. The 4yr old makes me nervous at SAB. I trust the almost 12yr old

pamkat1820 06-14-2013 12:34 PM

We toyed with the thoughts of staying at AOA but the price was so close to the price of a deluxe that we went with the YC. I wanted the extras you get at a deluxe resort.

More room is nice but our Family likes the perks more.

stargazertechie 06-14-2013 12:36 PM

The pool at AOA looks fantastic. We were at POP on our last trip and we've decided even though we think the building exteriors at AOA are ugly (I'm not a fan of the sketch look- to me it looks like they just ran out of time to paint the buildings :lmao:) the look of the pool area makes up for it in our minds.

That's So Raven 06-14-2013 12:44 PM

I'm in something like the same predicament as you are. I changed my dates a little so I ended up booking a AoA suite for a few nights because I thought that my 2 year old niece would enjoy all of the colorful things and the pool there before I drag her to the Polynesian for 8 nights.

SpaceMtMan 06-14-2013 12:48 PM

Id say AoA, you don't necessarily need a rental car, you can use the Bus system and use the 320$ for souvenirs or just save it. We haven't rented a car in years and enjoy the bus system, not sure about your family. have fun!

Babsy 06-14-2013 01:07 PM

BC for us
I wondered about the same thing - an Epcot resort room or AoA suite. We decided on 2 connecting rooms at the Dolphin. (The Dolphin will guarantee connecting rooms - unlike Disney) I wanted to have a balcony to sit on during naptime. It doesn't look like AoA has balconies or even exterior corridors. I just don't like sitting around inside for a couple of hours every day. I decided to bring a couple of good books to read on the balcony.

Just our decision, thoiugh. I can see many pluses to AoA. The theming looks awesome!


DisneyFansInNYC 06-14-2013 08:35 PM

Like other people said I would stay at BC but my kids would love the themes of AoA. The only issue tht I heard is that several friends have tried to pick the theme and when they got there, they didn't get them. So as long as you don't care which theme then go with AoA.

kmb584 06-14-2013 09:39 PM

It's a tough decision to make because the price of the AoA suite is more than a room at a mod and close to that of a deluxe. However, I would choose the AoA suite without a second thought.

BC is a fantastic resort and within walking distance of both Epcot and HS but is more, I guess I'd say refined, than AoA. SAB is a massive hit with children and adults but since you're weary about your 4-year-old taking advantage of it, it isn't a factor in the decision making process.

Your kids will LOVE AoA, you'll love AoA. The Big Blue Pool is awesome as is the splash area for the littler ones. Not to mention that there's something magical seeing a resort centered around wildly popular movies. I think the transition will be easier as well. You'll be coming from a 1 bedroom villa at SSR. That villa is almost twice the size of a standard room at BC. The AoA suite is comparable in size to the villa. Going from a lot of room to not a lot of room may be tricky.

ZehnJahren 06-14-2013 10:35 PM

For only $320, I'd take the deluxe. You are paying for proximity to the parks,which makes ALL the difference! AoA may have fantastic theming, but you're still a distance from the parks - there's NOTHING like rolling out of bed and strolling to DHS or Epcot.

I'd probably try to go BC over YC for kids!

mdinme 06-14-2013 10:56 PM

Tough decision. For us, we will not vacation wo a rental car. Like to have a full cooler with us, change of clothes since we do TL and BB a lot and we like to load up on groceries. Plus BC is what the kids pic when we give them the choice.

For your gang though it sounds like aoa is a better call, you need the bigger space. Have a great time.

WisconsinDad 06-14-2013 11:36 PM

This is a tough call. We were originally booked in an AoA suite for this August and switched to CR-GW because with the RO discount the price wasn't much different. We chose because of convenience to MK. Having a suite with two bathrooms would be nice though.

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