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whatname 06-08-2013 08:42 PM

booking at blt
We stayed at blt 3 years ago and loved it. We would like to go again in May 2014 and stay there again. Is this possible since it is dvc? Does it book quickly or are rooms reserved? How early can/would we need to book?

I'm not that familiar with this (only been once). We had no trouble booking the 1st time. Now, I'm looking at 6 months out, just to look, and they are booked. I have also looked in Sept. and Oct and all booked.

What's my best strategy?

Thanks for the help.

amypetecar 06-09-2013 10:21 PM

I would go through davids dvc rental if you arent a dvc member. Its cheaper to rent the points than pay cash rates through disney

rpcvpanama 06-10-2013 02:08 PM

Disney itself owns "points" at BLT so that they can offer those rooms to non-DVC members who pay cash for the rooms. The exact number of points are not really known. If you looked for this Oct/Nov, I am not surprised that you didn't find availability. That is a very popular time at Disney for DVC and non-DVC as it is F&W festival. The Epcot resorts and BLT are the most popular DVC resorts to stay at during F&W festival.

However, as PP mentioned, you will save a bunch of money if you rent points, either through a service like Davids or from DVC owners directly. If you are thinking of going that route, the 11 month window has just opened for May visits. Depending on what you want, booking earlier is always better when using points.

whatname 06-10-2013 09:42 PM

Thanks for the advice. I am considering renting points and have been trying to read and understand that. I don't know anyone with dvc. I'm just afraid of booking so far out. I don't know what I'm doing in a couple of weeks, let alone 11 months from now. With my luck, there will be some major recital or school event that week. I like the cancellation option, which I don't think I have with points?

I guess I better decide soon.

Thanks again!

spiceycat 06-10-2013 10:21 PM

first it is hard to get BLT thru David's.

that say in Sept, Oct or Nov - look for it. you might get it. More BLT members than ever have traded out this year. (that is another way that DIsney gets BLT) - when a member trades out to the Disney collection or cruise or adventure or concierge - then Disney needs to sell their points for the money. So instead of being on the DVC side - they show up in the WDW side.

so you might get lucky.

otherwise you need to find a DVC member who owns at BLT and who will rent it.

the problem with David's is he offers the members the same amount of cash per point no matter where they own.

member who want to rent their BLT points - know they can get more on their own than they can renting thru David.

now with the VGF being opened later this year - maybe next year (when you are going) this will be less of a problem.

whatname 06-11-2013 01:52 PM

Thanks for the extra info, spiceycat. I think I will wait a while and keep my fingers crossed. I just can't commit right now. Maybe I'll get lucky in the end.

Lil' Grumpy 06-14-2013 02:29 AM how do you know that blt owners are trading out during
this holiday season & why "more than ever"?

fyi ` i see posts like this time from time, and wonder how some are
getting their info., which i think is a good thing for owners.

this also caught my attention because we are blt owners, & we
originally booked 2 weeks during christmas/new year- an one bedroom
but traded out to spend christmas @ auluani . our reason for doing
this- was the wonder~full vacation we had auluani last june.

i keep seeing more & more seeking renting points...however, it isn't
part of the intended plan. "risky business" for both owners & renters,
where disney has a policy not to get involve except renters skipping
their charges or damages- & then- dvc only holding the owners to pay
up. however , i think when the "numbers" reach a certain level, dvc
will make changes- like- only limiting owners @ their resorts with
the option rent their resorts & closing the renters from moving to
different resorts @ 7 month- ( like ssr to akl ).

{ in fact, i don't understand why it isn't already a part of dvc management
goals based on their needs to take care of their owners...that they can
then use promote new sales. }

i agree with blt points are very popular. we brought 3 contacts for our
3 kids...but we have friends /families with other time sales, always
seeking to use our points. however, we didn't buy to rent. also because
there are still risks even "going" with the professionals, that we rather give
our points to our extended families or let them expired. to us, they cost
too much- to take such chances that could mess up our contacts.
i don't know , but i bet dvc knows....those renting the most- are those
that got their points the cheapest method possible , resales.

also i read some here- that when they purchased resales for primary
renting- also own rci where they turned around to "trade in" so they
can use their dvc points to rent. it seem likely that our dvc
management are so weak in their current responses, are founded in their
own conflict of interests. as an owner, i think it would be helpful
if dvc held elections for the key positions & where owners could
"see" their qualifications.

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