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yajaira74 05-29-2013 10:27 PM

Rozo Family 1st Dream Cruise
We just got back this Sunday from our 3-day Bahamas Dream Cruise and I'm still not sure if it was a dream (pun intended). Thank goodness I took a lot of pictures to prove to me it really happened. :rotfl:

Hopefully you took a peek at my pre-trip report and know how much this trip meant to all of us :goodvibes

It was short but totally amazing and magical :wizard: Worth every penny:dance3:

Our cast of characters:
DD21 Celebrating her 21st birthday on the Disney Dream May 23rd Embarkation day! and college graduation!
DD15 Celebrating her Confirmation and finishing her 1st year of HS!
DD9 Celebrating passing her 1st year of state testing!
DH Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating
Me Cervical Cancer Survivor 1 year Cancer Free got the call the day before departing - Definitely worth Celebrating

It's also our yearly family reunion :grouphug: (DD21 live in in Massachusetts)

Before going on our 1st cruise I did a lot of lurking on the DIS Boards and got a lot of great tips. This is my way of giving back and hopefully it will help others.:disrocks:

yajaira74 05-29-2013 11:10 PM

We were packed and ready by Wednesday night. We live about 3-hours from the Port but needed to drop of our dog Nubi at Grandma's who lives an hour from the Port. This required us to be up at 5am and on the road by 6am. Even with 3 girls sharing 1 bathroom this went off with out a hitch:
We had 3 carry-on's and 3 check-in bags.
Carry on (1) drink-cups & 6 pack of water (2) Drinks: Champage, Wine, Vodka, 12-pack of beer (3) Change of clothes for Dinner

The Princesses were up and ready for a quick Dunken Donuts stop and off we went

We drove by several buses on our way to Grandma's and could sense the sadness of the many people who just got off the cruise. It just made us more excited.
once we dropped off the grand-doggy it was time to head towards The Radisson to drop off the car and grab their shuttle to the port

We used I paid a week before $6.99 a day which was much less than the port at $15 a day I later read that some who have paid months in advance paid only $3.99 a day :eek: what a deal.

It was very convenient. We parked across the street from The Radisson where I went into the office and presented my receipt and was given a parking pass for the front of the car. She also gave me a return ticket to give to the driver when we came back on Sunday.
While I was inside DH was unloading the luggage. Once he was done parking the car the shuttle pulled right up the driver loaded our luggage on the shuttle and we were on our way. The whole process took about 15 minutes.

5 minutes later we had arrived at the port! :hyper: The shuttle made 1 stop at Carnival and then it was our turn :cool1:
I was sitting right up front and the driver was nice enough to stay at the stop sign long enough for me to take a picture:

I'm pretty sure we skipped off the shuttle :cloud9: not before DH placed $6 in the tip jar ($1 a bag)
The driver took our luggage out and explained to us where to meet the shuttle for the return trip (section #4) at which point the Disney porters came to take our luggage and explain to us to have our ID's out and proceed to the terminal :woohoo:
DH tipped him $6 too

Rx774 05-30-2013 11:35 AM

Congrats on your trip.
You have a great looking family.
I take it you had a wonderful time.
More please.

yajaira74 05-30-2013 08:57 PM

Terminal Excitement
We showed our IDs at the gate and proceeded to the terminal where they x-rayed our carry-ons and we walked through the metal detectors. (just like the airport but on a smaller scale) No pictures allowed
There were 2 lines and it was very quick. Up the escalator we went and we stepped into the terminal.

Everything was going according to plan! I had an 11:30 PAT

We stepped up to counter where they checked our paperwork, took our pictures, gave us our KTTW card and our boarding card. Checked the card and we still have late dining (I'd keep my fingers crossed and hope to be able to change it with the Maitre'd)

We were given boarding #10 which was great since I had heard someone say that they were boarding #35

We were approaching to take a picture in front of the model ship when a CM asked us if we would start the line for Minnie...YES!!! We'd more than love to.

It was now time to wait for our number to be called. The line for Kids clubs was 100 people deep. I quickly remembered reading on DIS that it is easier to register/check-in at the club during open hours. We took the time to pull out our homemade KTTW card holders to hang from our lanyards and quickly use the restroom. Oh yeah lets not forget to give DH the nausea meds. One drop behind each ear and he was ready to set sail!

They announced the 1st Family of the Day and promptly at 12:00 started boarding

15 minutes later we hear "now boarding 1-10" Hey that's us! Through the ears we go

As we wait in line on the gangway to take the boarding picture. Welcome flags

On the gangway it was time for the 1st picture. You hand the photographer your KTTW card and they snap quite a few.

The time had finally come we were about to step on the ship. We wait patiently at the entrance while they ask our family name

"Welcome the Rozo Family" and that's when the tears started. I somehow made it through the line and through my blubbering asked the CM...
"Which way to the aquaduck?"

Cheryl726 05-30-2013 09:18 PM

Looks like a great start, interested to read more! I just love the terminal and the welcome you get!

bbn1122 05-30-2013 09:49 PM

Thank you for sharing....what a beautiful family. 3 daughters....I have 3 sons, 19, 15 and 13.

I am looking forward to your whole report. We will be on the Dream 3 night for the 2nd time next August. When went the first time in 2011 we had to deal with the remnants of Hurricane Irene, so it was a little disappointing , no CC..


Luv2Diz 05-30-2013 11:11 PM

Fun TR so far.....looking forward to more!

Arthur92 05-31-2013 11:14 AM

can't wait for more of The Dream. my crew boards in August... :cool1:

wiigirl 05-31-2013 11:19 AM

Can't wait to hear more. :thumbsup2

Rx774 05-31-2013 02:00 PM

These never get old to me, its hard to explain it, but i can read TR's all day long, and can see pictures of the ship, all day long, and don't feel like its spoiling it for myself.
More please...

Madzac 05-31-2013 02:58 PM

Following too! You have a beautiful family!

yajaira74 05-31-2013 07:10 PM

Aquaduck, Cabanas & Our Room
"Awww" said the CM when she saw my face and then directed us to the elevators - Deck 11
Thanks to DIS (I'll be typing this a lot!) I knew to go straight to the Aquaduck to catch the shortest line. We wore our bathing suits under our clothes for easy presto-chango. We picked up a couple of towels and put our carry-ons on a chair closest to the entrance to the Aquaduck. The sign read 15 minutes but it was more like 5 minutes!Score! the deck is hot but if you step where others left a nice foot puddle your tootsies will be OK. If you have sensitive feet you are allowed water shoes. Unfortunately, I was too excited for pictures and they wouldn't let DD21 neither videotape nor take pictures so...
What a blast!!! Do NOT miss riding the Aquaduck if you can help it!

Cabanas is nestled right behind the Aquaduck. Time to get some yummys! DH has been looking forward to the Stone Crab Legs since we booked this cruise. Time to Manga! (My personal favorite was the lamb chop)

Look how tiny the CCL ship looks next to our Dream and there are still 2 more floors above us :cool2:

Well its about 1:15 and I need to stop by Guest Services to sign-up for the Mixology class, drop off 2 pieces (picture frame and sash) for signatures and send DH to the maitre'd to change our dinner to main seating AND we want to make the ship tour at 2:00

We definitely had some pixie dust on the early dinning. DH said they changed with no pause :woohoo: The Sash not so much. FYI - if you want to have a piece signed make sure it is Disney or blank, otherwise they will not sign it. Luckily DD21 had a Mickey shirt (blank on the back) they accepted and delivered to us signed on the last night..Phew

Time to check out our room and drop off our carry-ons :)
We had Stateroom 6126 port side family deluxe with verandah

This room fit the 5 of us perfectly

And we totally loved the verandah (FYI unlock the door and slide it in towards the left) (also watch your step coming out of the bathrooms)

Thank you to everyone on DisDesign who designed all these wonderful magnets we used to decorate our door

Hate to leave such a comfy bed and awesome room but time to tour the Dream :yay:

yajaira74 05-31-2013 08:49 PM

Ship Tour, Muster Drill and Sail Away Party
The ship tour met in front of the Walt Disney Theater her is where we met are 1 of our favorite CM's Briana. She gave us a great tour that got us acquainted with the ship and really helped us get around. It took about an hour
Our Captain

WD Theater
Check out the ceiling. It is the astrological signs done in Disney Characters. Very Cool!

Shutters shelves

The District

687 Sports Bar



They also showed us the 3 MDR.

Now it was time to check-in DD9 into Oceaneer Club. Unlike the huge line at the terminal at their was only one family ahead of us. Here is the ID tag DD9 had to wear. she had self-checkin and out privileges

Time to play in the kids area :goodvibes


Pixie Hollow

Monsters Lab

Time to check-out Vibe - Teen Club

DD15 was not sure she wanted to hang at Vibe. On the last night she cried as she said goodbye to all the friends she made and her counselors. :grouphug:

4:30 hit and it was time to head towards are Muster Station. We headed back to our room just to be sure where we were suppose to be. Oh that what that big G is on our KTTW Card. G is our muster station. Thank goodness for all those that showed us the way.
This was serious business. We stood as a family in hieght order and squished together until all familes were accounted for :crowded:
This was truly the only time I could tell that we were on this boat with 3,000 other people
It was kind of like a fire drill. loud alarms and all. but 15 minutes later it was done and we were free to go to the Sail Away Party.
We rode the elevator to Deck 11 and climbed the stairs to Deck 12 so we could watch the Sail Away Party above at DD21 request. As the shortest on of the family she wanted to make sure she had a great unobstructed view. But 1st lets stop for a nice cocktail to enjoy the show.
As we got comfortable guess who passed by to give us streamers...One of our favorite CM's Briana!
This is where the CM's introduce themselves and of course the characters :banana:

Do NOT miss the Sail Away Party! It was really fun and exciting! PS DH who said this was a way to distract everyone from the movement of the boat was really excited to excitedly start yelling "We're moving" yup the Disney magic turned him into an excited kid. It was great to see! :lovestruc

What?! Its already 5pm...Time to get ready for dinner. I had request Royal Palace for DD21 Birthday Dinner and couldn't wait for her to be treated like the Princess that she is :love:

kittychatalot 06-01-2013 09:02 AM

great report!
I am learning so much!

biged9973 06-01-2013 10:50 AM

Congratulations on being 1 year cancer free. My wife is 3 years cancer free, also cervical cancer. There is nothing like going thru treatment etc to give you perspective on the important things in life.

You guys look like you had an amazing time and I'm looking forward to more!!

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