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Lolobean1976 05-28-2013 12:08 PM

Waffle sandwiches
Are the waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow covered as a counter service meal on the DDP?

I didn't think they were but a friend is disagreeing with me.

Thanks ☺

TDC Nala 05-28-2013 02:14 PM

I was there on Friday, and they were not at that time. CMs were still turning away people who wanted to buy one using a CS credit.

aubriee 05-29-2013 05:18 AM

We were down there May 10th-20th and saw them refusing people too. Other things on the menu were marked as snacks on the DDP, but there was no DDP emblem at all next to the waffle sandwiches and we heard the CMs telling people the waffle sandwiches were not on the DDP at all, for either CS or snacks (yeah one lady was arguing that she was sure they were a snack credit and had the CM check with someone else. When still told no, she got huffy and stalked off, saying well she knew they used to be:rolleyes1).

Lolobean1976 05-29-2013 11:46 AM

Thanks for the replies, I am fine with paying OOP for it. They are so delicious!!

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