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disneyteenager 05-26-2013 12:54 PM

Questions about split stays???!!!
How do split stays work? Do you book two separate vacations? Or not ? I'm just confused as to how they work. Are they worth it? And lastly what resorts do you stay at for your split stays.?

Lynne M 05-26-2013 02:01 PM

Yes, a split stay is two separate reservations. For instance, you book 6/1-6/4 at POR, and 6/4-6/7 at Poly.

Disney will transfer your luggage to the second resort. Just drop it at Bell Services your checkout day and tell them where it needs to go. Keep in mind that it can take several hours for the luggage to be moved, so you want to keep anything you can't be without with you. Or, you can take your luggage to the next resort in a cab, if you'd like.

karenklo 05-26-2013 03:07 PM

We are doing a split this July. First the POFQ, then the Poly CL. We are meeting my parents with my niece and nephew at POFQ for a few days. When they leave, we are heading over to the Poly! It is two separate reservations with different numbers. We are driving so we will just move our luggage ourselves! :thumbsup2

BringingUpDisney 05-26-2013 03:30 PM

location, location, location
For us the split stay is all about convenience and less time traveling. We also like to go back to the resort for the afternoon to nap and swim so that makes cutting travel time down even more important.

Next trip, we get in late at night on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so to save more than $400 we are sleeping at the Pop. Next morning we move to Poly for 5 nights, during which we will mostly be at MK and a little bit of Epcot. We wanted to be nearby for MVMCP.

Then we move to BC for 6 nights, where we will go to Epcot, with lots of meals in the WS, HS, and AK. Since we can walk boat to 2 out of 3 resorts, we will only bus to AK and possibly back to the MK for our last day. :cool1:

Pakey 05-26-2013 03:42 PM

I've been doing splits on every vacation for years. My favorite split is an Epcot resort first (my favorite is BWI) and then savannah view at either AKL or AKV.

I spend little time at MK. So I stay at Epcot area for walking to 2 parks and all of the dining options available without using any transportation.

AKL/AKV is great for relaxation and I like the pools there. So I go to AK park from there and plan dining at the 3 restaurants there and have a pool day and a DTD day while staying there.

I use a taxi to transfer my own luggage. I have used the luggage service and find I prefer transferring my own. I try to schedule a resort day for my transfer day and its very relaxing.

Minniesgal 05-26-2013 04:09 PM

We love split stays, we stay at AKV when we are doing AK, BLT when we are doing MK and and EPCOT or a DTD resort when doing HS and EPCOT. We book restaurants that are near where we are staying so we get to do everything we want to do without travelling too far.

kreckl 05-26-2013 06:34 PM

We always do 2 different resort for our 8 night vacation. This trip, we are trying 3 resorts ( for the 2nd time). We love it! Each resort offers something different, and we plan our park days and ADR's accordingly. We have bell services transfer luggage, and just head out to the parks as usual in the morning. I also find it cuts down on my packing. We do 2 loads of laundry midweek- or pack one suitcase for everyone's first 3/4 days, then the other for the second part of the week- and never open it until then.
AK-J is our home resort, so we always stay there. It is so relaxing and beautiful, and Boma is our favorite restaurant. We choose another resort closer to parks ( last time BWV, this time BL and WL) for our "go!" days!
Another perk is we can get the DDP for part of our stay, and plan more expensive dinners then.

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