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matrixband 05-21-2013 03:00 PM

Epcot access from Yacht Club/Beach Club
We are staying at the Yacht club and I notice the future world part of Epcot opens at 9:00, but the world showcase does not open till like 11:00. Can you enter the close by Epcot entrance into the world showcase by walking (or by boat) from the yacht club before 11:00? --to go to the open part of Epcot to do Mission space etc? Or do you have to take a bus or somthting around to the main Epcot entrance? Seems a shame if you can't just walk.

Sue M 05-21-2013 03:04 PM

Yes, you can walk to the International Gate and go straight into Future World at park opening. It's faster to walk then boat. There is no bus from BC/YC to main Epcot entrance.

matrixband 05-21-2013 03:06 PM

Oh good, thank you.

Sue M 05-21-2013 03:11 PM

Your welcome! WS will be closed, except for the food service bakery in France, it's new and will be open for breakfast. And it's close to the IG. Other then there, you will be directed straight into Future World.

DebbieB 05-21-2013 03:12 PM

The bakery in France is open at 9:00am, so you can turn right to get there or turn left to walk towards UK & Canada to get to Future World.

RMulieri 05-21-2013 03:21 PM

Easy peasy walk. There are NO busses to the main entrance of Epcot from the Epcot resort area

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