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tenndem73 05-17-2013 01:23 PM

beach day/animal encounter question
If I book an animal encounter at Blue Lagoon, do I have to also book the Blue Lagoon beach day or is it covered in the price for the animal encounter? I assume that I have to pay for them seperately, but I wanted to double check.:confused:

TwinPrincessMermaids 05-17-2013 01:36 PM

Nope! Your Animal Encounter includes everything the Beach Day does EXCEPT for lunch, which is fine! Because we bought things that the BBQ lunch didn't include, like the conch fritters. Our parents bought the Beach day package as observers and ate the lunch it came with. They were happy with their day. Mom wants to go back!

The only things your animal encounter doesn't include (besides lunch) are what the Beach day DON'T include either: the Inflatable Water slides and trampolines $15, the kayaks/paddle boats etc I think $10 or $15. And any snorkel gear you rent. (We brought our own.)

In our family, 3 of us girls had Sea Lion encounters and Mom & Dad had Beach Days. We all travelled together the whole time and enjoyed our beach day after the animals.

It was such a great time! Enjoy the hammocks if you go, and don't forget that security will escort you ON to the ferry but will NOT be there when you get off in front of the straw market, so be mindful. Its only 5-10 min walk with cruise ships in view and allowed us to pick up some tortuga cakes and straw bags, but I want you to be prepared that where they pick you up is NOT where the drop you off!
Bon voyage!


TwinPrincessMermaids 05-17-2013 02:06 PM

Hey, read this. In case it applies, I just found out family traveling with the encounter can pay $40 instead of purchase the Beach Day.

Wish I'd have known that!

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