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podsnel 05-16-2013 11:00 AM

Poncho Up, Chicas! DISmoms 5, May 2-6, 2013 Updates Galore 12/9
Welcome Back faithful reader peeps and welcome welcome to anyone new! We are back with another joint TR from another CRAZEEEE fun DISmoms trip! I'm Ellen, and I have been lucky enough to travel to WDW 5 times (well, really 6, but that was pre-DISmoms) with a great group of various DISmoms for some fun and relaxation away from our hubbies and kids. This year, we were a group of 4...sometimes night, 6....spending 1 night at OKW, and 3 nights at AKV Jambo CL. Here is our main cast of characters-

From left to right, that's anewmac (Drea) on her first DISmoms tour of duty, Lonnie (who was my college roommate and MOH- she has been with me every year, even that first un-official one!), me, and Crsdismom (Laura) who was here for her second go-round. We were also joined by a few others along the way....most of all, wannabeadismom (Joan) my dear friend from home who had been with us on 3 prior trips- this year, though, she was with her DH celebrating their 20th anniversary while watching their kids perform all over WDW with our High School Band & chorus. Here's Joanie in an Ellen-Drea sandwich-

And we had dinner one night with nenner1 (Jen)-

Also spent several hours with a certain jedijill who didn't know WHAT she was getting herself into when she said yes to our DISmeet in the Ditch, lol-

:rotfl2::rotfl2: I love that picture! There were also 2 more very special meets- one with a DISser who I have wanted to meet FOR EVER, and one with a brand new little mouseketeer- but you'll have to be patient for those!

So I hope you'll come along with us while we relive this CRAZEEEEE ride!

Drea's Posts
Ellen's posts
Laura's posts


DAY 1 OKW, Epcot, The Wave, MK
I meet a DISmom...eventually
Laura Chimes in-
The Wave
Marching on Main St!
Sometime Over the Rainbow
Details Details Details
Tour of a Lifetime/5 cent tour
Snow in May in Minniesoder


OKW, F&G, Meeting Baby Reid

I'm all Alone
Laura's Flight

Fairfax Faire YUM!
And then there were 4
Hangin in the Ditch

Drea's 2 cents
DISmoms 3 Flashback
Presents at AKV CL!

Laura Catches Up
Sanaa and a Very Special Pirate
Drea's Audition Tape

Laura's 2 Cents
Back it Up!

Day 3

Kona Cafe
Animal Kingdom

2 Steps Behind
Laura's keeping us alive!
A Few pics to add
DAK and some pool time
AKV CL and BOG dinner
And then....
Two Crazy Girls

Drea's got something to say!


Rise and shine! Concierge Breakfast
Sunrise Safari

Laura's MUCH better memory recalls an IMPORTANT detail
Pizzafari Breakfast
Cinco de MAJOR Drinko!
The 5 cent Tour
Monsieur Paul's
Drea's Rebuttal lol
Four parks, one day

Day 5

Pack it up, pack it in- Lunch at Portobello's

Drea in Vegas Baby!

wiigirl 05-16-2013 11:08 AM

In for your TR! :goodvibes

podsnel 05-16-2013 12:16 PM

Our trip began with Drea and I- well, I guess technically it began with Drea by herself the night before. I arrived at MCO at about 10am, a little early, and thankful the whole sequester situation was resolved just a couple of days before I flew. THAT was a HUGE relief! So....within no time at all, I was on the first thrill ride of the trip-

Yea- that's right, it was raining. But let's face it- a rainy day in WDW is better than a rainy day pretty much anywhere else, what? Half an hour later, we were arriving at....

Drea and I would be staying at OKW tonight, then moving over to AKV CL where we would be joined by Lonnie and Laura for 3 nights. The reason for all this was...that originally we had planned to go to AKV for 2 nights then go on the Dream again for 4 nights- Drea, me and Kara. Lonnie and Laura were going to stay an extra night at AKV so that was why we had the 3 nights booked there. A few months into our plans, Kara found out she would have to work while the cruise was supposed to go on. So....we cancelled our cruise and switched to a WDW trip. At that point, AKV CL was sold out (as it usually is- there are VERY few CL villas available, so I always feel very lucky when I can get it, even with my AKV points and an 11 month booking window) so we booked a night at OKW. Sadly, that didn't work out, in the end, for Kara either, she cancelled out a month before the trip, so we would have to miss her this time around. :( Anywho....... the DME stopped FIRST at OKW, gotta LOVE that!!

I checked my carry ons, broke into my OL and got out a poncho for Miss Drea, and walked around enjoying the Jimmy Buffet tunes until she showed up on a bus from DTD.

That bus took FOREVER!!!! I encouraged Drea to take one for the team and do whatever she could to make that driver hustle up, :smokin: but sadly, nothing seemed to be working with that particular driver. I think Drea was standing pretty much right next to me for about 5 minutes before we noticed each other. :rotfl2: DREA!!!!! Wow, was it great to meet her- we have been chatting on here and texting for YEARS and this was our first time meeting. FINALLY!!!! It was AWESOME to give her a hug!!:hug: Very quickly, a bus to EPCOT pulled up, and soon we were posing for the first time together-

We made a beeline to WS, passing through-

in the land of-

We hoofed it over to France, where the special slushie at the special F&G booth was calling our names- ◾La Vie en Rose Frozen Slush (Grey Goose Vodka Orange, St. Germain liquor with White and Red Cranberry Juice)

Yea, that one would call our names more than once on this trip. BEST SLUSHIE EVER BY FARRRRRRRRR! We were also hungry, so we split Tarte à la ratatouille et fromage de chèvre (Zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, onions and tomato tart with goat cheese)

And ◾Terrine Campagnarde, baguette et compote de cerises (Country style pâté served with baguette and cherry compote)

It was all very nice, and we found a table in the drizzle to eat it up-

Walking on, we met a Princess who warned us to stay away from a horrible man named Gaston-

Then it was time for a little more snacking in Morocco at Taste of Marrakesh. We shared both ◾Spiced Lamb Kebab with Vegetable Couscous Salad and ◾Harissa and Lemon Confit Chicken Drumettes with chermoula and cucumber salad

I LOVED the couscous, even though it was surprisingly cold, and I could have snarfed down a big bowl of it, given the chance. Of COURSE, we needed something to wash it down with, so we tried ◾Desert Rose – Sparkling Wine with Pomegranate liqueur


We kept going-


Ending up in Tutto Gusto with a couple of wine flights. I DID keep the little menu for TR purposes, but it got drencehed along with everything & one else later that day. Oops!

Moving on, we continued to enjoy the F&G ambience- the park was especially beautiful this year, even in the rain.

Back in a few- photobucket just froze up. I know- SHOCKING!!!

podsnel 05-16-2013 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by wiigirl (Post 48414021)
In for your TR! :goodvibes

Hi there and welcome!! :goodvibes

KristiMc 05-16-2013 12:40 PM

Yay - another trip report! Looks like you guys had a good start. The Desert Rose drink looks yummy.

dizneeat 05-16-2013 01:43 PM

Wouldn't miss a DISmoms trip for the world. :goodvibes ..... and I even made page one. :rotfl2:

Okay, now going back to read. :thumbsup2

Linda67 05-16-2013 01:48 PM

Oh popcorn at the ready - I am in !! :)

CRdisMom 05-16-2013 03:11 PM

im here...late but here

rndmr2 05-16-2013 03:43 PM

Joining in! Great start!! :yay:

Wicket's Mom 05-16-2013 03:49 PM

Hey, I'm hear, can't wait to start reading. Let the fun begin!

Wicket's Mom 05-16-2013 04:03 PM

Yay, I made page one, super. OMG, those pink drinks look fabulous! I want one of the slushies, but am never there at the right time. The wine looked so refreshing as did the wine flight. I think I need to open a bottle ASAP!

starousse 05-16-2013 04:07 PM

Joining in!

jedijill 05-16-2013 04:07 PM

I'm in! Cinco de Mayo will never be the same!

Jill in CO

podsnel 05-16-2013 04:53 PM

So, we did have a purpose to our steps- I forgot to mention that on the way into the park, we stopped to pick up FPs at Soarin, and it was just about time for them. On the way, we enjoyed the sights-

We decided to swing by Test Track first to see if the single rider line would work out for us-

But TT was down, so then we went for Mission Space,

But whatever they said the wait time was for this ride, they were WAAAAAY off (A common theme on this trip- Drea has a theory about it, I think maybe she's right! Tell them Drea!) so after waiting 10 minutes and barely moving into the building, we got out of line and headed over to The Land. Where 5 minutes before our FPs, the CM let us in. SWEET! (I hate this regimented riding).

It's Puddy time!

So, Drea is a Cali girl, and I am going to Cali this summer on our BIG family trip, so the entire time I alternated between asking her "Where's this one?" to "I'm going there this summer!"

FWIW, her answer was usually "I don't know!" except when we went over DL- she was pretty clear on THAT. :rotfl:

I also decided to amuse myself by taking some non-flash vacation toe pics-

Look toes in the snow! Where's that Drea?

Golf toes-

But the ride Drea really wanted to go on was not Soarin- it was-

They really liked us at Livin with the Land- they let us drive the boat! They never let us drive at Soarin- we ALWAYS get the back seat on that one!

The Brussels sprouts are huge!!!

The Cali girl likey!


So yeah, we were done in the Land, and, of COURSE, people were coming in in droves, was torrentially downpouring.

So what? Torrentially pouring in WDW is better than torrentially pouring at home, so poncho up, ladies! :rotfl: (except we weren't saying this yet- but we said it so much, that I have to say it now- even if it doesn't make any sense.).

Cont'd next post-

podsnel 05-16-2013 05:25 PM

Well, we had plans to keep- ya see, my town's High School Band was going to march down Main Street, and I was VERY grateful Drea didn't mind (thanks girlfriend :hug:). I personally did not have any kids marching, but I knew enough who were, and it was something not to be missed! Because of that, we had an early ADR at the Wave, which would be followed by a monorail to MK. First, though, there was this-

Looks like there were a few raindrops on my camera lens- oh bother-

Nothing says happiness like a hot wet sweaty poncho!

Did you notice Drea's hat? She made it herself- both Drea and Laura are EXTREMELY crafty, and we were showered with their talents throughout the trip- lucky us! Here we go-

So, I was not wearing a poncho, I was wearing rain gear- which is usually AWESOME, except....when it torrentially downpours. THEN I get wet. So wet, in fact, that my pants were soaked through. But I had to suck it up, we had to get to the Contemporary- where I hoped I could buy new pants....but, unless I was a size xs or size xl, there would be no new warm pants for me today. And in case you haven't noticed, I am not either of those sizes (although I thought about the xls, but they were like 5 inches too long, so Bummer dude. That Contemporary is one c-c-c-c-c-cold hotel!

Up next- dinner at the Wave!

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