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Stingrey729 05-14-2013 10:57 AM

October 24, 2013 Disney Dream anyone going on this cruise?

IrishCowboy 05-22-2013 09:10 AM

I have added your thread to the cruise meet list :)

Have a great cruise!

twinmom108 05-22-2013 12:38 PM

Leaving our husbands & kids at home, my friend Wendy & I will be on this cruise. This is Wendy's first ever Disney vacation. Spending time @ WDW both pre & post cruise. :cool1:

twinmom108 05-25-2013 08:00 AM

Who else is coming along with us?
:wave2: With just 4 months to go are there any other Dis'ers out there that are coming along with us on this cruise?

Kiosue 05-26-2013 09:04 PM

Adults on the Dream
My 4th Disney cruise first on the Dream. Hoping a lot of Adults participate in Adult only venues. Sometimes it's a ghost town, hoping not on this cruise. Let all have. Great time!

CaymanPrincess 05-26-2013 11:52 PM

Hi there, I will be on this Cruise with my Husband and 7 year old daughter.

twinmom108 05-29-2013 10:54 PM

Welcome Kiousue & CaymanPrincess. :welcome:

Hopefully others sailing on our cruise will find our thread & join in the dialogue soon.

Stingrey729 05-30-2013 06:14 AM so happy to find others going. Welcome. I am single mom going with my three kids. This is our 1st Disney maybe those who are veterans can show us how its done. Open to the education....:)

Stingrey729 05-30-2013 10:39 AM

Oh @caymanprincess..I have a 7 year old daughter as well. :)

CaymanPrincess 05-30-2013 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by Stingrey729 (Post 48542863)
Oh @caymanprincess..I have a 7 year old daughter as well. :)

Hi, thats great!!! Always looking for some fun people to hang out with!
My daughters super cute, but having only one child sometimes makes it more difficult to entertain. It would be great if the girls would become buddies!

Its my husbands first cruise, Gabriella & I are hooked, and this will make it our 4th Cruise on Disney.....Hoping to meet up with some fun adults as well.

CaymanPrincess 05-30-2013 06:18 PM

My friend Robin and her daughter are also Cruising on this trip as well.....
She will respond to this as well with all details as she would like to participate in the FE.

CaymanPrincess 05-31-2013 10:42 PM

Is anyone planning on doing the FE for this trip? If so, count me in!

Stingrey729 06-03-2013 09:39 AM

GREAT! This will be our 1st Disney we're new to this and extremely excited. I have three daughters. .Jaida (13), Jania (10) and Jhana (7). Im sure Jhana would love hanging out with her..I would also like to participate in the FE if we are having one..please feel free to let me know what to do. I cant wait.

HLAuburn 06-12-2013 12:16 AM

Can I join!? We are excited to be cruising on the Dream in October! It's a family cruise - my sister's family and our parents, so 6 adults and 4 little girls ages 2-9. We have been on the Wonder and were hooked, so now we are introducing the family to DCL!

Stingrey729 06-12-2013 07:57 AM

Great! So happy to have u and ur family. WELCOME :)

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