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DJorJD88 05-11-2013 11:36 PM

AoA Suite Question
I am planning a trip and am wondering about in room curtain placements. I will be traveling with my boyfriend, my sister and his brother. Our siblings are developmentally disabled and, while they are high-functioning, we would prefer staying all in the same suite. Ideally, my boyfriend and I would be staying in the bedroom and our siblings would be using the pullout furniture. We would like them to have privacy though. I'm wondering if there is a curtain dividing the space between the dining table bed and the regular pullout bed.

I have put a green line where I'm thinking there may be a curtain. Could anyone verify? If not, Do you think we could bring one from home if we found a way to attach it without damaging walls? and does anyone know the length of the doorway space? Thanks

kaytieeldr 05-12-2013 04:30 AM

Way to attach without damaging the walls: Command Hooks with a rope, or an adjustable tension rod and a shower curtain.

Laszkowicz 05-12-2013 05:11 AM

We're due to go AOA 30 Oct.

We watched a lot of video's of AOA on YouTube before booking it.
I think there might be door between these spaces, but your plan maybe out of date as it says proposed layout.

Check YouTube would be my advise, to see what they're really like.

johnnyblz20 05-12-2013 08:05 AM

There is no dividers between the living room area with the sofa and where the table is that pulls out to a bed. The only divider is from the main area and the bedroom.

klsurfer76 05-12-2013 05:30 PM

Yes, no divider. I think the command hooks are a good idea that would work.

maxiesmom 05-12-2013 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by klsurfer76 (Post 48376187)
Yes, no divider. I think the command hooks are a good idea that would work.

As long as they are used very carefully. If you don't follow the instructions on how to use them exactly, they will damage the walls.

kaytieeldr 05-13-2013 05:59 AM

Also, think about moving the one hook to the other side of the bathroom door. The sofabed area opening is relatively small - but putting a separator up there really won't give the person in the Murphy bed ANY privacy if the sofabed sleeper gets up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Chkysbak 05-13-2013 10:04 AM

I was thinking the exact same thing. I was going to use a "S Hook" on the supply diffuser and a command hook on the frame of the bathroom door. This way I wouldn't mess up the paint on the walls. I was going to try and hook the top side of the door frame if there is a lip.

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