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Chavaleh 05-05-2013 05:19 PM

One of those which do I pay oop which with ddp threads.
I made more ADRs than we'll have sit down credits and need to decide which I ought to pay for oop. We'll be buying a TIW card because my husband and I are making a return trip in Aug (he and I are also getting APs).

Here's where we have ADRs:

Chef Mickey's dinner
Crystal Palace dinner
1900 Park Fare breakfast
Biergarten dinner
Liberty Tree Tavern lunch
BoG dinner
Ohana breakfast
Ohana dinner
50's Prime Time Cafe dinner
Tusker House lunch
Akerhaus dinner
Sci-Fi Diner dinner

We have 9 TS credits each so 3 oop meals. I'm thinking the cheapest would be Sci-Fi, LTT lunch, and one of the breakfasts? Oh yeah.... we're a family of five, four "Disney adults" + one kid and we'll be there May 12th-19th. Thanks!

sharonabe 05-05-2013 05:46 PM

This may be more complicated than it's worth, but here's what I would TRY to do:

Ohana breakfast: all adults pay OOP, child uses credit
Child then pays OOP at 3 of your a la carte places (check the menus to see which 3 will be cheapest)
Now, split the adults...2 pay OOP, 2 use credits at all four of your a la carte places. This should use all your TS credit, but I'm having a math-brain moment, so if I'm wrong, someone please come and correct me. This way you still get 2 desserts to share at the table. The only problem I see is the cupcakes at BoG might not be shareable, but they are cheap enough you can buy more if you need to.

MEK 05-05-2013 05:46 PM

Definitely LTT and probably the breakfasts. You'll have to compare the breakfast prices with what you anticipate you'll eat at Sci-fi. If you just going for burgers, then you are probably correct.

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