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Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 12:04 PM

Disneyland - DCL to Hawaii, Aulani & Disneyland (Again) - October 2012
Ok, nothing like starting a trip report 7 months after the vacation. :)

Welcome to my first trip for Disneyland and Hawaii!

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Cast of Characters:

Me: Lisa
DH: Pete

Making a Special Disneyland Appearance


Pete and I had a cruise booked to Canada from NYC for the summer of 2012. We were excited to have a vacation in the summer, we always travel off season. We were also excited to be traveling from the east coast on a cruise we could drive to. Then things got turned around.....On September 23, 2011 Disney released a 2nd Hawaii Sailing. This cruise would be leaving out of Los Angeles on October 14, 2012. I emailed Pete when I got to work and asked him if he wanted to go...he answered like he always does with "Sure". So I called DCL and transferred our Canadian cruise to this Hawaii sailing. The cost was only about $1000 more and we would get an additional 7 nights! SCORE!

Then as I always do I added on. I decided we needed to go to Disneyland since we were going to be in LA. I talked to our friends Paul & Michelle who are BIG Disneyland fans and visit often living in Arizona. They were on board.

I then decided we would be staying at the Wilderness Lodge. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it big! I got villas booked for us and our friends.

October 12, 2012

Pete and I woke VERY early and headed for the Airport. Luckily we live about 12 minutes from the airport. We checked in and soon were boarding our flight. We had a direct flight to Los Angeles. We landed in Los Angeles around 11am. We had booked the Disneyland Express to get to the Grand Californian. We got in our van and drove around the airport in circles for a good hour. At this point it is 3pm EST and our brains were starving. We finally took off to our hotel and we started checking in. I texted Michelle to let her know we were here. They were in California Adventure.

We headed up to out room. We were in Room number 3520 (I think). We headed to our room. I had some work I needed to get done. A cruise to book for a client.

Once we got in the room I took some quick pictures then we headed to find something to eat. We were STARVING.

On our way to the White Water Snacks we walked past the pool. I really wanted to go in, but I knew I had work to do and we then had to get ready for the Halloween Party.

We got a burger and some nachos and ran into Paul. They were back at the hotel so Zoey could take a nap before the party.....a nap...oh how I wish I was taking a nap!

As soon as we finished eating I went back and worked for about 2 hours. Then around 3:15pm I got a shower and got dressed for the party. I was also texting with my friend Tracy who was in Californian Adventure. She lives in Orlando so I usually only get to see her when at WDW, it was weird planning on seeing her on the other side of the country!

We left the hotel and started walking to Disneyland. It was so odd how everything was so close. We walked through Downtown Disney and we were at the gates in no time.

Walking under the train station was amazing. WALT DISNEY actually walked here. It blew me away!

Then I saw Tracy!!!

We chatted a few minutes. She was in LA for work. She told me about what she had done so far. Then I had to say good bye. :(

My group made our way to check in to the Blue Bayou for dinner.

New Orleans Square is one of my very favorite parts of Disneyland.

The Blue Bayou is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It was so awesome. It was dark soI didn't get great pictures. But we really enjoyed Dinner. Zoey was so excited. She is a little Disney fan for sure!

I don't remember the names of the Dishes we ordered, but I do have some photos.

After dinner it was party time!!

It got dark fast! I was excited for the parade and fireworks. My favorite part of any Halloween Party!

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 12:51 PM

October 12, 2012 - Day 1, Part Two - MNSSHP

So the party was starting and we started with Pirates of the Caribbean.

We loved it! We headed next to look around. I was slow going since I have two heel spurs that HURT and slow me down. I wanted a good spot for the parade so we made our way to the parade route. I was expecting a WDW type parade and was over all disappointed in the parade and fireworks. Now don't get me wrong they were great, but I don't think they lived up to the expectations in my head based on past Halloween Parties.

Oh I loved the Halloween Party Decorations so much!

Pete and I were in shock over the size difference in the castles! I loved the lighting effects!

This Scarecrow was near our spot and her talked and talked and drove Pete nuts. I thought he was funny with his jokes!

YAY Parade time...what no headless horseman???

Zoey was very happy!

[img] http://*****************************/8152079273_cf87d6caab_z.jpg[/img]

In between the parade and fireworks we sent Zoey and gang to ride Startours while we held our spot. Well I thought I aw a better spot and we moved and lost out spot, we got close to where we were though, not prime, but not horrible.

After the fireworks we went to the Haunted Mansion. Poor Zoey fell fast asleep on the way!

After this ride Michelle and Zoey headed back to the hotel while Paul, Pete and I wanted to see the rest of the park. Remember we thought this was going to be our only chance to visit Disneyland.....

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 01:06 PM

October 12, 2012 - Day 1, Part Three - MNSSHP

Michelle and Zoey stopped for a picture on their way out. Look at this sleepy girl!

We jumped on the train and took it towards Toontown. Toontown was closed, but this was the last night to ride It's a Small World before it was closing for the Holiday Overlay. I love the Holiday Overlays that DIsneyland gives the Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World.

Paul opted out, he had his IASW fill!

I really love love the characters in Small World. I wish Walt Disney World would add these?

After Small World we went to Alice. We all couldn't ride together and the mean cast memeber wouldn't let me sit upfront (to take pictures) so I sat this one out.

The open air Tea Cup ride was pretty awesome too!

Pete and Paul took a shot at the sword in the Stone, with no luck!

I love the Castle Projections.

This one was my favorite.

We started heading back towards the front of the park.

By this time it was 11:45pm and Pete and I had been awake since 5:30am est. - 21 hours awake!!!

We stumbled back to our resort.

I love Craftsman Style. LOVE it!

I opened the doors in our room....look at this view...

I fell asleep on the sofa fully dressed! Thankfully this time change will work in our favor tomorrow morning!

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 01:39 PM

October 13, 2012 - Day 2 - California Adventure

We woke up very early and Pete ran and got us some breakfast while I got ready. We ate a quick (expensive) meal and then headed for the Entrance to California Adventure. Our plan was to get fast passes for the Radiator Racers but that didn't work out as planned.

I took so many pictures today, so beware this will be a long one!

We made it to the center hub, I love this fountain.

This is the line for the fastpasses for the racers.....We said nah....and headed right to the racers to get in line.

California Adventure is amazing. The architecture is so cool and I just fell in love with it.

We did stop and grab some fastpasses for the Tower of Terror on the way. Zoey was pretty sure she did not want to ride it with us.

The line for the Racers was LONG...out into Carsland it's self. I took tons of pictures while waiting.

Finally it was our turn. All in all we only really waited about an hour. It was worth it!

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 02:26 PM

October 13, 2012 - Day 2, Part 2 - California Adventure

As you can see I was video-ing the ride with my camera.


After the Racers we went to the Bugs Land. It was awesome. We took a bathroom break and then Rode the Chew Chew Train

I adored all of the little bug details in this fun land!

After a few kiddie rides we went to the Tower of Terror. This is my all time favorite ride at Walt Disney World, shoot in the whole world I think. Zoey had been asking to go on the Haunted Mansion. Well that is in Disneyland and we did not have park hoppers, she was sure she did not want to ride the Tower of Terror. We told her it was the Haunted Hotel. LOL We headed that way.

We passed a street performance on the way.

So we get on the ride and Zoey is looking all around. She looks at her Mom and says "Hey...Is this the Tower of Terror????" Michelle says "Yes it is, but it's just like a Haunted Hotel. The Cast Member working shook his head no and shut the door!

Well check out Zoey's reaction:

She approved! Thankfully or that could have been a miserable ride.

After my favorite ride we went and met up with Michelle's family. Her cousin and uncle popped into the park for the day. It was lunch time now so we headed back to Buena Vista Street. I have a little talk with the DVC guys and got stickers for the kids.

This is where we got lunch. Well some of us did. I think Michelle's cousin brought her own beat and got some other items somewhere else.

Pete and I got hot dogs and shared a Mickey Bar with Zoey. :)

After lunch we split up. I really wanted to see the Aladdin show.

The set was amazing! Pete picked this tie to take a NAP! HA!

[img] [/img]

We went to the Hollywood Studios section next. I love Monster's Inc. My favorite Pixar Movie. I couldn't wait to ride the Monster's Inc. Ride.

It was great. I now wish I would have rode twice.

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 02:43 PM

October 13, 2012 - Day 2, Part 3 - California Adventure

After Monster's Inc. Pete went into a shop and I got a seat next to the water fountain. I answered a bunch of work emails and called Disney to book a trip for a client, Ha...The work of a Travel Agent is never done.

After an hour or so of working on my cell phone it died, I finished up on Pete's phone and then took a Trolley Ride.

We shopped along Buena Vista Street for a while.

Then Pete went on a Pretzel Mission. It took forever for him to find a Mickey Pretzel. I called and talked to my Dad since I knew tomorrow would be busy boarding the ship and all.

We did a bit more shopping and watched a street show that was really cute. I was hot and thirsty so we headed to Carthay Circle. We had dinner reservations as part of the World of Color Package, but We went to the bar since it was still over an hour before dinner.

We got great seats near the window and watched the Parade go past.

Pete ordered a Beer and I had a glass of Rosa Regale.

It wasn't long before the rest of the party met up with us.

We were taken to our seats, upstairs near the Balcony.

The Girls went out on the Balcony to see the end of the parade go back by.

We all ordered. The food was amazing here. This biscuits were so great. I wish I had some now.

Duck Wings:

Stuffed Mushrooms:

Braised Short Rib Ravioli:

Dinner was great, the service was painfully slow. By the time we got out of dinner we headed right to get spots for the World of Color show. Seriously it was like a 2 hour dinner.

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 03:14 PM

October 13, 2012 - Day 2, Part 4 - California Adventure

We stopped to buy Miss Zoey a $15 balloon. I am a sucker when it comes to kids.

We headed towards the water to get our World of Color spots. I think we did pretty well!

It was about an hour before the show so I took 10,000 pictures of the Fun Wheel while waiting. The kids went to ride Little Mermaid while we saved the spot!

This show was A-MAZING. I have never seen anything so wonderful, so beautiful! Here is a little bit of the music.

CLICK HERE for a video of the World of Color. It's jumpy, but I kinda love it!

We slowly made our way back out of the park. Stopping as a few stores along the way. We found a nice man to take one last picture of us together.

I was sad our Disneyland time was over (or so I thought) but sure excited about the cruise tomorrow!

JoJoCruz 05-05-2013 03:45 PM

:cool2:Awesome photos...happy couple...looks like you had a blast!

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 03:49 PM

Thanks....It was a great start to a vacation of a lifetime!!

franandaj 05-05-2013 03:56 PM

You had a great (quick) couple days there, I'm excited to hear about your cruise! Was it the Mexican Riviera or a Pixar Cruise?

Goldeelox9 05-05-2013 04:29 PM


Originally Posted by franandaj (Post 48306016)
You had a great (quick) couple days there, I'm excited to hear about your cruise! Was it the Mexican Riviera or a Pixar Cruise?

Cruise starting soon....It was the Hawaii Cruise. :flower3:

lorimay 05-06-2013 12:30 PM

Hi Lisa

Loving your trip report, Amanda directed me over to it.

Can't wait to be in DL in less than 2 weeks!!! Our first time.

Everything you ate looks yummy.

Yes, I am having guilt that Eric and Emma won't be with us.:sad2:

Looking forward to reading more.


Goldeelox9 05-06-2013 01:37 PM

Hey Lori! Do not Miss the World of Color! It is the most amazing show ever! I am glad to have you along! Only 2 weeks to go? Ahhh Lucky!!

lorimay 05-06-2013 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by Goldeelox9 (Post 48315463)
Hey Lori! Do not Miss the World of Color! It is the most amazing show ever! I am glad to have you along! Only 2 weeks to go? Ahhh Lucky!!

Yes, thats a must. Your pictures are beautiful and your niece is adorable.

Cannot wait to hear about Hawaii.....

Goldeelox9 05-06-2013 07:45 PM

October 14, 2012 - Day 3 - Good Bye Disneyland Hello Disney Wonder

We had boked a character meal today. It was only ok. Overrated, but Zoey had fun. The restaurant was right in our hotel. While I would have preferred some princesses we got woodland characters. LOL

After breakfast we said goodbye to Paul, Michelle & Zoey. We would not be seeing them for over a year. But when we see them again it is for a big Walt Disney World trip. Zoey's first! We are very excited. Only 9 months to go!

We made out way to the lobby where I ran into Joann. She had coordinated vans to take us all to the port. We hung out until the vans and all of the people showed up. It was hit or miss for a while with those last few.

I also met a lady who had the coolest purse. It was made of lanyards from the cruise. Look how awesome this is.

We got to the ship in no time at all! The people on our van were great to chat with on the way. It was so nice putting faces with the names of the people we had talked to so often while planning this trip. We had a very active facebook group.

I got so excited when I saw "our ship". This is the first ship we sailed on together (our wedding) and here were were getting ready to celebrate our 4th anniversary back on the Wonder. I was sooo excited.

This was no Port Canaveral, but it was efficient.

We found seats and then got told off by some nasty people who did not speak english. Then we moved on to new seats. I saw my friend Betsy's good friend Renee and took a picture with her to send to Betsy!

Before long we were boarding the ship!

I was so excited!!!

We grabbed some lunch in Parrot Cay. Then it was time to go to our room. We were in a Cabin 11B. 6019. My favorite cabin. It's already booked for my next cruise.

I had water and Beer pre ordered. It was nice that it was waiting in our room.

Then it was time to do the spa tour. We didn't win the drawing. But we had fun.

Once day I will do the couples treatment!

Before we knew it it was time for the Muster Drill. My least favorite part of any cruise.

We skipped the show and unpacked. Then we went to dinner. I didn't have my camera so no pictures!

The time change was still kicking my tail and I headed to bed not long after dinner!

Oh but let me tell you about one last thing. I always vacation with my Niece and Nephew. They are my heart, my whole world. They did not join us for this trip but when I unpacked I found these hidden in my suit case. A sweet letter and Hawaiin Vacation Woody & Jessie!!

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