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NYC Newlywed 04-27-2013 10:01 AM

Our May 2013 First Anniversary/SWW/F&G PTR
Hello hello! :goodvibes I am very new to the Dis boards in general and have never done a PTR, but here goes nothing. I hope at least a few of you will join us on our adventure, but mostly I just really need something to get me through these last few weeks (and I'm pretty sure I've read everything I possibly can already). And it begins...

The Plan (Short Version)
The Plan (Long Version with ADRs)

NYC Newlywed 04-27-2013 10:41 AM

The cast:

Me! My name is Ashley, and I'm a 23-year-old Illinois transplant living in Manhattan. I work in publishing and feed my Disney obsession in my spare time. I traveled to Disney twice when I was younger, around 7th grade and my junior year of high school.

DH, Patrick. He's about to turn 24 and is a web developer. He's not as into Disney as me (understandably), but he gallantly indulges me. His first time at Disney was for our December honeymoon.

Our story: Disney has had a hand in much of our relationship. The first night we met as wee freshmen in college, we watched Ratatouille together (scandalous, I know). We've watched many a movie together since. Our wedding song was Can You Feel the Love Tonight. I'm a lucky woman. :love: When we got engaged, I already had Disney World in my head as a honeymoon destination, and DH readily agreed. We got married in June 2012 after living in NYC for about a year. Since we got married back home in Illinois, we already had to take a lot of time away from work for the wedding, so it made sense to delay the honeymoon a bit. Years ago, I had seen a Samantha Brown special on Disney at Christmas and immediately wanted to go myself. We decided to go the actual week of Christmas due to the built-in time off. After our whirlwind wedding (not really; we were engaged for two years, but it went fast), I threw myself into planning our honeymoon. And an obsession starts... All the planning paid off though, and we ended up having the most amazing week-long honeymoon in the World.

Cue December 29th, the day our honeymoon ended. Leaving was amazingly hard for me, and I immediately wanted to start planning a return trip. Even while we were there, I had "jokingly" suggested a first anniversary vacation. I soon noticed that Star Wars Weekends were around the same time and thought "How perfect?!" (DH is a nerd). Then I read about the last weekend of Flower and Garden Festival overlapping with the first weekend of SWW, and my heart was set. When they announced the spring room discounts and then got a decent work bonus, DH relented and I finally got to book our vacation! Two months out! Ahh. So here's where the planning starts. :)

NYC Newlywed 04-27-2013 05:53 PM

The Plan
Where: Port Orleans Riverside Royal Standard Room
When: May 16 - May 21, 2013

Thursday, May 16:
Resorts / DTD day

Friday, May 17:

Saturday, May 18:
Hollywood Studios

Sunday, May 19:
Magic Kingdom

Monday, May 20:
Animal Kingdom
Magic Kingdom at night

NYC Newlywed 04-27-2013 06:32 PM

The Plan - Extended Version
Thursday, May 16:
We arrive in Orlando around 9:30am and will be taking ME to check into our Royal Room at POR. This is where we stayed for our honeymoon, and we love love LOVED it. I'm so excited to be going back. We didn't splurge for the garden view this time, but I don't think it will matter much. How much more of a walk could it be? :confused3

After checking in, my tentative plan is to head to Beaches & Cream by grabbing a bus to Hollywood Studios and then walking. I've heard great things about this place and had wanted to try it, but now for some reason I'm second-guessing that. I do, however, want to do a table service meal at some point on our arrival day since we're on the standard DP and I don't want to waste a TS credit at a CS place. Opinions? If we do end up doing that, I figure we'll do Downtown Disney after and then grab dinner and check out Yeehaw Bob back at POR.

Friday, May17:
Friday is our Epcot day. We plan on making rope drop (as we do each day) and hitting whatever Future World attractions we feel like, which right now will probably be 1. Test Track 2. Soarin' 3. Sum of All Thrills and 4. Spaceship Earth. Using FP as necessary of course. Then we'll do what I'm most excited for - wander around checking out all the Flower and Garden Festival stuff! Along the way we'll hopefully do some character pics, as we bought Photopass+ this time and I want to get as many pics as possible. We'll make our way over to Future World when it opens and check out the F&G stuff (is that the right acronym?) and get lunch at the various booths. Then we'll head back to POR for break. Later we'll come back for our 7:30pm ADR at La Hacienda de San Angel, watch Illuminations, and maybe do Maelstrom and Gran Fiesta Tour. Then we'll just wander around until we feel like leaving.

Saturday, May 18:
Saturday is Hollywood Studios. I DEFINITELY want to make rope drop to watch the stormtroopers show for SWW. Then I figure we'll ride the big 3 (ToT, RnR, and TSM) as quickly as possible. After that, I want to meet whatever characters we can. I'm most interested in the Disney SW characters, Darth Vader, and maybe the Droids. But the Disney SW characters are highest priority. I also really want to meet at least Wreck-it Ralph and maybe some other regular characters. Then we'll grab a CS lunch and have our afternoon break. Upon our return, we'll hopefully do One Man's Dream, Great Movie Ride, and Star Tours. Next is Hyperspace Hoopla at 8, dinner 9:10pm at Sci-Fi, followed by Fantasmic! 10:30pm. Whew!

Sunday, May 19:
Sunday is Magic Kingdom. We spent the most time here in December, so we don't have a specific plan like the first two days. We'll just do whatever rides strike our fancy (I am, however, determined to do Splash Mountain) and have lunch at either BOG or Sleepy Hollow (waffle sammiches). We have a dinner ADR at Kona Cafe at 8:15. We'll be going with our CM friend Kofi, who happened to officiate our wedding. Then back to MK for the rest of the night.

Monday, May 20:
Our last day is Animal Kingdom - I hope I don't regret that. We have a 10:30 ADR at Tusker House, but hopefully we'll do a couple rides first. I know I want to do the safari, Expedition Everest, and eventually Kali River Rapids when it's later/hotter. I also want to meet Rafiki and some other characters. The AK parade is probably the only one we'll check out all week. When we're done with AK (either after our afternoon break or after it closes at 8), we'll head to MK where we have reservations for the Wishes Dessert Party. We'll close out the night with a couple of rides, have a good cry, and head back to POR for our last night.

Tuesday, May 21:
Our flight is at 7am, so we'll probably be leaving ridiculously early.

The end!

Please let me know your opinions on all this, especially the ADRs, SWW stuff, etc.

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