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lillykat 04-14-2013 07:07 PM

need help with online check in and 2 reservations
Need help with online check in. So grandparents booked the trip as a surprise for our girls. I have been put in charge of planning. We have 2 packages. 2 people on one and 4 on the other. I have been using my disney experience (computer and app). Our package and reservations for 4 show up, as do all the dining I made. I did try to link my fathers reservation but it just shows their names as traveling with us, their package info does not appear. I cannot view my fathers reservation. My father signs in and can see the dining he made but cannot see HIS reservation. It says when he enters their reservation number (different from ours) that his is linked to mine. I did online check in today. When I did it, it only asked for passwords for DH and I and only our 4 names show up. No where does it show their names. I don't want to check in for them. But they can't get into their reservation. My father is getting really annoyed with all the problems we have had. He told me to take care of it (they are not disney people and just want to "show up and play with the grandkids).

Why can't they view their reservation (we do have 2 separate reservations and numbers). I didn't check them in right? Bc they want their own passwords and credit card information etc.

Btw when I try to add the dining they made it says they have it but does show all 6 of us.

dansdad 04-14-2013 07:12 PM

Isn't the new website/system awesome??? You're best bet is to call and talk to the website technical support people. Lots of people on the DIS having the same kind of issues and tech support has been able to help.

lillykat 04-14-2013 07:40 PM

That was what I was afraid of. We have had to make more than 15 calls over the past few months 8 of which was to fix one issue they couldn't get right. Funny part is on all our trips everything was right the 1st time, never had a single issue. They are all lovely, very polite but then it is wrong or not changed. Confirmations never arrived, etc. We are very excited about the trip but this is the 5th trip I have personally planned and the 1st stressful one. This is the second one with my parents and had no problems getting anything planned or noted last time. Will they do it for me. He is a bit annoyed and very busy at work and works long hours so he doesn't want to spend another few hours on the phone with them.

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