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turtlebean 04-14-2013 11:09 AM

Disney Reservations booked me twice
When the summer deal came out, I went online to book my reservation. After I put in my cc info and hit the button to confirm my reservation I got an error message saying unable to make reservation at this time. So I went back and made another reservation and it went through, not thinking my original reservation went through. I got 2 emails the next day and glanced at the confirmation numbers and it looked like the same number. Well when I went to check my credit card statement I see there is 2 charges from Disney. I went back to my emails and sure enough the last digit of my reservation is off by 2 numbers. I haven't had a chance to call WDW travel yet, so I thought I would check here for ease of mind.

When I cancel one of the reservations, will I be able to transfer the 200.00 deposit to the other reservation?

How likely will it be for me to get the travel insurance back since I thought my original reservation did not go through?

TIA!!! Everyone on here is amazing and so helpful!

latexscooter 04-14-2013 11:23 AM

I think yo should call. They may be able to transfer the cancelled deposit over but more likely they will return the funds. I don't know about the travel insurance but I'm sure you could dispute with your card to get that back. I have BOA and they are great with that.

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mickeynut1 04-14-2013 11:48 AM

I agree with the Disney and tell them what happened. I would ask to speak with a supervisor from the start as a regular reservation CM might not be able to do anything as far as refunding the insurance. You didn't happen to print the page that had the error message on it, did you? Even if you didn't, Disney will be able to clearly see that the reservations were made just minutes apart with the exact same dates, resort, people, etc. and will probably have no problem refunding everything on the first reservation. If there is a problem and you are told the insurance can't be refunded, I'd dispute it with your cc company like the pp suggested. Good luck.

aaarcher86 04-14-2013 12:19 PM

I don't know how long it's been since you noticed the double booking versus when you booked, but if you're within 14 days the insurance can be refunded without an issue and the deposit can be moved to the reservation you're keeping (as long as it's the same type pkg/pkg or ro/ro).

If it's been more than 14 days just tell the reservation CM what happened. They'll have to go to a different department but I imagine Disney would work with you since it was a website error. They can still transfer the deposit regardless - the only kink is the insurance.

turtlebean 04-14-2013 12:23 PM

Thanks everyone. I just got off the phone w/DRC and spoke w/a wonderful CM Maria. She was able to put in a request to transfer the funds to the reservation that I had linked all my dining reservations to. (She could even see it was only off by a couple #'s). She said once they transfer the funds they will cancel the reservation. Even better (God must have been looking out for me :) ), she said I wouldn't be out the trip insurance since I was w/in the 14 day window of making my reservation :woohoo: She had told me you can cancel trip insurance w/in 14 days of your reservation. Thank god I looked at my cc statement today b/c I was just w/in that time frame.

I've been so stressed out with this trip while trying to keep some suprises from the kids. Now I can relax a little and try to work out the kinks with DS's birthday suprises.

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