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waltdisneymama 04-10-2013 07:12 PM

Art of Animation - can buy honey or Silk soymilk for hotel room?
Hello! We are going to stay at AoA next week!:yay: I was thinking of using Garden Grocer, but am realizing that I can pack in my luggage most items that we would like. I am wondering about a few items, though, and wondering if anyone here can help me with that: small honey, Silk soymilk (most importantly), also plain yogurt, rice cakes, bananas? Probably not carrots and cucumbers? I remember seeing a post or site somewhere that showed food items for sale, but I'm unable to find it now...thank you to anyone able to answer!!!

I just found the food site again and see that AoA has Pearl soy milk for sale, and it looks like they sell containers of chopped veggies like carrots. I'm still wondering especially about honey - does anyone know, by chance?

RoosMama 04-10-2013 11:30 PM

For the soymilk, (if you are driving) I have gotten shelf-stable silk before. Only in the vanilla flavor though - I don't know if they have the plain one.

waltdisneymama 04-11-2013 09:09 AM

Thanks for the suggestion, Roosmama! I am flying from Canada and don't want to pack soy milk in my luggage. I think we'll just try the Pearl soy milk. I just have a "choosy" little girl who likes the Silk brand. But she told me last night that if she doesn't like the soy milk, cow's milk in her cereal will be okay.

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