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JJsmama 04-09-2013 11:36 PM

where to view ressie payment info/ make online payment?

I have a resort package reservation. The email confirmation and link they sent me does not show the $200 deposit even though the CM said it was on there. The MY RES on the Disney Experience does not show any money amounts at all - only hotel name and dates. And Neither of them seems to have any link to more options or make a payment.

I am sick of having to call for everything. Is this info on there somewhere else? Thanks

dansdad 04-09-2013 11:40 PM

Many, many posters here on the DIS have experienced the same type of issues. From other posters, as of right now you have 2 choices:

1. Keep calling to add payments
2. Call and let them know the issue you are having and they will get you in
touch with the IT Help Desk who should be able to straighten it out for you.

Tpiejg 04-10-2013 02:19 PM

go to disney website click on my disney esxperience. then click on customized maps. this will bring yoou to the old website. from there you can go to your ressie and payment info.

Wood Nymph 04-10-2013 02:28 PM

Like the PP said, you can see all of your reservation information, including payments and your dining reservations by going to the old website. First log into the old website, then click on My Disney Experience and then customized maps. You'll be in the old website and you'll see "My Reservation" in the banner near the top. Click on that and all your information should be there. :)

mickeystoontown 04-10-2013 05:50 PM

I was not able to view the details or make payments via My Disney Experience. I was able to make payments using the following steps:

1) Log in

2) Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and see Order Customized Maps

3) On the next page, on the top left, you'll see your name and then My Reservations to the right of it. Click.

4) On the next page, you'll see your reservations and View Details. Click on View Details. From there you can make payments.

JVig 04-10-2013 07:07 PM

I haven't had issues with this. I click "my disney experience" and then "my reservations". Then I select "view details" under the resort reservation. A pop up comes up--give it a minute, and in the upper left corner of the pop up, it will show your amount due, the due date, and give a link to make a payment. Click make a payment, and it will give your info on how much you've paid so far, what's still due, and you can enter credit card info to make another payment if you want. I've been slowly making payments towards our trip at the end of August, and I've done this at least half a dozen times!

OklahomaTourist 04-10-2013 07:10 PM

Simplest way to get to get there is

It will bounce you to the login page, then right back to your reservation page. Click the link at the top to make a payment.

JJsmama 04-10-2013 08:04 PM

Thanks everyone. Glad it is not just me. What a convoluted way to see the ressie, but it does work! I have to wonder if some DISer just found this out by accident. I hope they don't close that loop hole anytime soon. I much prefer the old website.

donnajherren 04-10-2013 10:38 PM

I did a Live Chat with customer service, and they gave me the Reservations link someone listed above. I bookmarked it, but I've also been able to access the old site through the "Order Customized Maps" exploit that others mentioned.

As far as I was able to glean, it's not so much an IT issue as an IT ISSUE--i.e., they're not finished with the website yet, and this is part of the functionality that hasn't gone live. (Makes zero sense to me, since as a business owner, my first priority is making sure people can easily give me their money. LOL)

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