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lmhall2000 04-07-2013 04:13 PM

January 1st, 2014 GOAAAAALLLLLLLL....
Mission Statement:


150 or BUST!!!

This is my third and FINAL WISH journal! :) You guys have helped me find weight loss to be fun and doable...half the battle!! Below is my starting weight, I probably weighed over 205 but could not bring myself to weigh until 10 days into April when I weighed I will post my ending weight on the 6th of each month..we start our Disney vacation on the excited to make this goal happen!

APRIL 205+ ------197
MAY 197---------192

My weight loss novella:
Normal weight child, maybe even underweight...
In 7th grade put on about 20 pounds over, by 9th grade had lost it.
Weighed 130
Middle of 9th grade my parents went through a mid-life crisis that lasted 7 years...I put on 90 pounds in ONE YEAR!!!
Weighed 220
Kept that on until my first year of college...LOST 90 pounds in 9 months!!
Weighed 130
Whew! Kept that off until my first pregnancy...
Had three children in 4 years..highest during pregnancy..
Weighed 230
Came to WISH and 8 months later got down to
Had 31 months of two mortgages and ballooned up to
Last January started a journey to goal!!! Lost 75 pounds and made it to
187 by September 1st
Five months later, two bad kidney infections, sciatica and I'm probably back in the 190s..just do NOT want to weigh yet!! Will weigh in next Friday!! But I know that I can be within goal by September 1st if I plug away and stick to it..

For me goal is anything between 140-155...It has been so long since I've been down that far and expect to put on a good bit of muscle that the number is not so much important as the fit of the clothing...I have a size 6 pair of jeans (they really look like 10s from the old days) that will be my true test!! When I can fit into those and they FEEL right...I will be at GOAAAAALLLLLL!!! So, the final number may change :)

We have planned a family trip to the World in walk into that park at goal weight will really make me cry..or act like a kid and squeal!! We have not been to the World in 8 years and to experience it with all our kids before they all leave for college will be a great blessing...Our son will be a senior, daughters will be freshman and sophomore. Too soon they will all be off :(

I vow to be that active momma they have missed out on at my highest dh is also trying to get off 60 pounds in 5 months so I am trying to encourage him..Each month I am going to try a different path...

The next thirty days are Jillian's 30 day Shred and replacing dinner meal with a spinach/kale/fruit smoothie...breakfast is a bowl of cereal or boiled egg/toast, lunch is a protein/cheese/whole grain and snacks are 15 almonds, spoon peanut butter, cheese/crackers, 1/2 a fruit (one of those :))...I am also adding in 5 days of treadmill..goal is to get 2 miles below 30 I was at 32:40...My goal is hit below 30 by the end of this month...

I know many of you can identify with this yoyo living...I hope my journey and musings can encourage you to realize that goal is not a far off idea, but a dream you can realize.

To all my fellow losers, maintainers, goalies...:wave2:

Nice to meet you all and will be posting pictures soon! :)

Momma on a mission!

APRIL BEFORE PICTURE!! Will post a new one at the first of each month! :)

Heaviest: Cringe, double cringe, but when I look at this picture I see the stress of two mortgages for 31 months! Glad that is over!!

Wedding day 20 years ago :):

On to losing!!

NightAngelX 04-07-2013 07:08 PM

Just thought I'd follow along! Sounds like you've had quite the journey. I like how you've identified the 'reasons' for each time you yo-yo. I think that is definitely an important piece of information. Many people don't ever identify that.

Sounds like you have an awesome plan and are on the right track with your 2 miles in 32 minutes! Wow.

I am subscribing to cheer you on! :cheer2:

You can do it!!!

wiigirl 04-07-2013 07:15 PM

Following can do it! :thumbsup2

lmhall2000 04-07-2013 08:43 PM

You two are my "YOU CAN DO IT" buddies!! Thanks so much for encouragement!! I had to find something to wear that would be tight fitting because all my workout clothes are baggy stuff...I'll post my heaviest picture and my last skinniest picture in the past 20 years :) Thanks!

lmhall2000 04-08-2013 12:22 PM

Ah, first day of new eating plan...sooo easy but when you hit day 13 becomes old fast.spinach smoothie went well, was full..but now am starving..left my almonds in the car and no break until noon...had toast one one egg for breakfast..lunch will be hot dog with no bun and salad...dinner is spinach kale smoothie...busy busy day, whew!
Testing SAT today, hit the library, pick up items for scouting meeting, grade papers, get up at 6am to start SAT tests again, live an hour away from testing time to eat, going to squeeze in Workout late tonight.

lmhall2000 04-08-2013 08:18 PM

Keeping it honest, no hot dog for lunch, had to hit McDonald's and got a grilled chicken snack wrap, about 250 calories...also had my 15 almonds...I have to count them out or I'd eat 3 servings! Dinner was spinach, kale, strawberries and doesn't make me gag so I'm happy :) Letting it settle before I tackle Jillian's crunches!

Should have had more water, I am the WORST at hydrating!! Here is what I've had for water..

1 large diet dr. pepper (limiting myself to diet sodas to 2x a week)
1 glass of water with breakfast and 1 cup of water with smoothie...will drink another before the work out and after, but really need to carry water with me!!

lmhall2000 04-09-2013 04:12 PM

I think the first few days of starting a losing mode are the hardest! Life always seems to want to get in the way...
Administered SAT tests, completed those, now need to take grandmother for a doctor visit so she can move to a new facility (hers went bankrupt and is closing in 10 days!)..regatta 5 hours away this weekend, all this driving makes me soo tired and not wanting to exercise...but although I'll get home around 8:30 tonight, I WILL do my 3rd day of Jillian 30DayShred (from now on known as 30DS) I feel stronger but I just need SLEEP!! Have averaged 4hours the past 3 nights...need to get up at 5am to drive to my mamaw...then straight home, on to tutoring volunteer at a local school with my kids in tow..I will say it has been one of the best volunteer opportunities, we all help K-2nd graders with their reading and math, these kids are so bright and sweet!!
I will weigh on Friday, I am SCARED to death to see what the scale holds! I weighed 187.9 last September right before our 20th anniversary cruise...gained 8 pounds on cruise...then lost 3, then had a kidney infection that lingered for 8 weeks, then Christmas, then January-March...if I snuck up above 200 I'll literally faint! So hard to tell, my pants still fit that I got into at 187 but they are snug...if I'm in the mid 190s, I will have hope that I can still get to 179 by May 1st...I honestly feel I can wipe out 15 pounds in 3 weeks with this eating/exercise schedule! Hoping at least for a jump down to the 185 or below by May 1st...
Really want 175 by June 1st
165 by August 1st
155 by September 1st...

But if I could be at 149 by then I'd be SOARING!!! Not gonna cheat!! Tempted by the snickerdoodles I made, the fries my kids ate, but resisted and if I could just up my water intake I'd be doing awesome!!

lmhall2000 04-10-2013 04:32 PM

Oh dear me!!!

I feel like I've lost at least 2 pounds since Saturday, clothes and everything are looser (granted could have put a few ounces of muscle on with all the workouts but was brave to get on the scale for first time since we returned from our cruise..last time I was on scale I was 195ish) I can believe it but did not want to see

203.4!!! WAAAAAAH!!! I am above 200 again!! BUT!! The lining is that I was brave enough to weigh...and now I have specific weight goals to achieve..Likely at April 1st I was over I'll just start with that weight for this month's total..

April Goal: 205-189 (16 pound loss in one month, likely doable because lots of changes in eating/exercising)
May Goal: 189-175 (14 pound loss...think I can do it!)
June Goal: 175-165 (10 pounds I can eek it out!)
July Goal: 165-155 (KNOW I can do it, to see 150s again, I'll walk 10,000 miles!)
August Goal: 155-140s...(6-10 pounds)

First two month are going to set the tone, so far am on day four of spinach smoothie for dinner...easily under 1000 calories a day with my eating and working out 30 minutes to an hour every day :) Doing over 50 pushups a day...feels great, just really sore, so hopeful by Friday I will see some water loss :)

lmhall2000 04-10-2013 06:48 PM

Oh dear me, did I mention that I threw my back out? The 30DS has been making it feel kinked up..but I just plugged through...I worked out last night and went straight to bed, should have stretched more, my back was very wonky this morning and I had to drive 2 hours to take my grandmother to her doctor visit, about killed me...I have returned home and am laying down for the past 3 hours...tempted to get on the treadmill to increase the blood flow to the spasms back there...then try to get in my 30 minutes of 30DS...I just will have to get up slowly for the movements between sessions of strength training..

Sadly, I have read where others complained about their back hurting...but I've had no back issues for 7 years...had a bad car accident in college that destroyed my lower three discs...spent the next 10 years battling it 'going out'...know the last 50 pounds will hopefully help, but I can NOT let this mess up my will see if I can take aleve around the clock and keep from moving the wrong way, have a back brace that should help...not sure meds from doc would help, have dealt with this over 20 years and most back docs want to do surgery $$$...can not take that risk, just had not had any flareups for so long I forgot I had a back warning to those doing Jillian's...if you have preexisting back issues, take it easy on transitions and make sure you suck in your core to help protect your back on some of the moves.

lmhall2000 04-10-2013 10:37 PM

Time for some positive pontificating!!

On 100% eating target!!:cool1::cool1:

Tempted by snickerdoodles, brownies, chicken tenders..HAD NONE!!

Need to add more water but working on that!

Even thought I threw my back out, my dh managed to find my back brace from years ago and modified my 30DS workout to spend one mile on the treadmill and then hit the floor to get in my pushups and weight training...the walk helped heat up my back so that the muscle spasms loosened up and the pain is not nearly as severe...gonna sleep in the back brace!!

lmhall2000 04-11-2013 09:36 AM

Thank heavens for Back braces! Slept in it all night and feels sooo much better! Going to continue the aleve 2 more days...try to take it easy..

dh was so sweet and made our smoothie last night (was still stuck in the bed trying to get the spasms to relax)...he did not mix it well enough and I finally got the distinct taste of kale...YUCK!! I pulverize them to smithereens...he tasted it and said his was not like mine...good try! He'll know to mix that until it's nice and liquidy :)

Multigrain cheerios with skim milk for breakfast, almonds for snack, probably half a PBJ for lunch with 1/2 apple, almonds for snack and smoothie for dinner...tomorrow is official weigh day! Kind of wished I'd weighed April 1st, but if I saw the 207-208 I probably was I would have been in a state of severe disappointment at myself for eeking above onederland these past 5 months..I'm over it now and know I'll be in onederland in the next week or two, just now plugging to see that 180's notch again :)

lmhall2000 04-11-2013 11:23 AM

Self pity or just plain old frustration with pain is getting to me, woke up feeling so much better than yesterday, then stood and made biscuits for the kids..just that little standing put the pain back, took an aleve..laying down again...seems to be the bane of my weight loss over the years, will lose a good deal then health phantoms of the past revisit me..I will NOT let it deter me from my eating may sidetrack the intensity of my workouts but in the past I would give in to the pain and reward myself with a cheeseburger or cookies...

Actually have cookie dough in fridge, not a temptation in the least, so I can rejoice in that.

On to losing.

lmhall2000 04-11-2013 11:40 AM

Oh!! I found my inspiration swim dress!!! Love this!!! I just can not afford to pay full price but may have to have this be my mother's day gift to myself! :)

Love it!!

lmhall2000 04-11-2013 07:54 PM

Now I am all confused, I think I just finished day 6 or 7 of 30DS..hmm...I need to go consult the 30 DS thread and see what was my first day..but it is going better with the back brace on...really helps support my back during push ups and abdominal crunches.

If anyone is out there considering starting their own journal, do it!! I will come and encourage you as often as I can! I have done this 3x at WISH and it always works better if you put it down in words...let go of the bad days, MOVE on with the next..meaning make those muscles work! :)

I hope that my struggles and forced celebrations (who really wants to celebrate a pound gone?? For me it's just a reminder that I put that darn tootin thing on in the first place!) but I do force celebrations because I believe it is twice as hard to lose one pound as it is to gain one!

Going to go do my helps loosen up my abs and shoulders after all that strength training :)

Oh! Best smoothie EVER tonight! Kale was gone (wahoo!) so we had spinach, one pear and a cup of blackberries...the pear made it delish!! So wonderful!!

lmhall2000 04-11-2013 08:46 PM

HA!!! Today was only day 5 of 30DS! HA! I guess it feels more like 6 or 7 days... So May 6th will be my last day to do it! :)

Any suggestions on what I can add in after that? Not familiar with all her stuff, but any other program is welcome too...I have P90X, made it through day 30 last year but hated the man!

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