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LouisaBean 04-06-2013 07:47 PM

I need help deciding..
We can book either the Bay Lake Tower in a theme or lake view 2 brm villa, The Villas at Wilderness Lodge in a 2 brm villa or Villas at Animal Kingdom in a 2 brm savannah view. I don't know which way to go. I get the theme at VWL and AKV is better but I thought the BLT sounded nicer. I am travelling with my mum and 3 kids from Aust and this will be our only trip here so we want to make the best choice. For those of you who have stayed at any of these resorts which do you prefer and why? Thanks :confused3

letsgoreds 04-06-2013 08:02 PM

All three are great resorts.

BLT is my favorite due to the interior design (modern appeals to me) and the ability to walk to MK (and monorail). It is the hardest to reserve, and the most expensive usually. The 2BR there is great, and feels like a ton of space (and is). Stayed there a couple of years ago, and will again this December.

WL (stayed at the resort, not the DVC) has always felt like home to me, and I love it. I would consider looking at Club Level with 2 rooms vs. DVC, as you will have the newest furnishings (most DVC looks kinda dated to me, not a fan of bedspreads). WL has the least expensive club level, and the coolest location. For a once in a lifetime trip, worth it if you are paying out of pocket vs. renting points. Boat to MK is fun, but not as express as walking/monorail.

AKL-Kidaini, we stayed here this past Jan (2br dedicated), and it was great. I love animals, but we didn't see as many as we have in the past. We had a car, and drove everywhere (loved this), but the resort did feel a bit out of the way. You get an extra full bath if you book at Kidani vs. Jambo, and the rooms are newer, I believe.

If you mum is mobile (your use of mum made me miss my BFF from HS who lives in AU...and expecting gumnut #2), then any resort will do, if she would have a hard time going up/down steep stairs on a bus, then BLT should be at the top of your list.

Marthasor 04-06-2013 08:07 PM

For your one and only trip to WDW, I would choose BLT. AKL is gorgeous, but a bit off the beaten track. VWL is very nice, but I think the transportation and dining choices are a bit limited and the rooms were a little worn when we stayed there 2 years ago. BLT has a myriad of dining choices and is right on the monorail plus a short walk to MK. Of the 3 resorts, it's the most "Disney" to me and really the most convenient. BLT gets my vote!

letsgoreds 04-06-2013 08:10 PM

...just wanted to add that I suggest booking a 'dedicated' vs. lock-off 2br, it will give you 2 full queens in the second bedroom vs. 1 queen and a fold out couch.

I also think that the BLT theme park view isn't all that...most of the view is the parking lot below. There are some lake views that also have views of MK (can search for this), so you could put that in your request.

I would just look at a lot of pictures on Google of the interiors of the rooms/living spaces, and go with what feels right. BLT probably has my least favorite pool among the three, but the fastest slide (for ages 6 and up). WL has the best slide for the younger set (DS started riding by himself up/down at 3), and Kidnai has a fun splash pad area and one of the longest slides (all ages). BLT and Kidani have ping pong (important to DS7 during our last trip), and BLT also has shuffleboard and bocce ball I believe (if important to your mum).

Sorry...just had to share additional random thoughts that were floating around in my brain! You just happened to have picked the three that I have the most recent experience with : )

LouisaBean 04-06-2013 09:02 PM

Thank you for your replies. Funny you should mention mums mobility - she is 80 and has just come out of extensive back surgery. I think I will go ahead with BLT and will look at lake view. We will be staying 4 nights after a disney cruise before flying home so we want to make the most of those last few days. Thanks again.

clapton 04-06-2013 09:44 PM

BLT is a great choice! Have a great trip!

LouisaBean 04-06-2013 09:48 PM

Thank you - I'm sure we will

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