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ilovedisneyworld 03-30-2013 02:24 PM

Tractor Wheel and Glass Heels a Disney Honeymoon 3/2-/3/7
A little about usÖ..

Me (Morgan): 24 years old, 23 during the trip. Loves everything Disney.
Favorite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Character: Belle and Mickey Mouse
Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom
Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Railroad
DH: First trip in 20+ years. Loves John Deere, baseball, and working outside.
Favorite Park: Epcot
Favorite Ride: Test Track and Lights Motors Action!

I was re-reading my pre-trip report and I said we were delaying for warmer weather. Thatís funny now because Florida had record low temperatures while we were there. Ha!

Now on the the show!:banana:

ilovedisneyworld 03-30-2013 02:25 PM

saved for links

ilovedisneyworld 03-30-2013 02:33 PM

Travel Day/Magic Kingdom and Ohanaís

Our flight left Memphis at 8:35 and we arrived in Orlando at 11:20ish. This was DHís first flight on a big plane. He has only flown on a smaller plane one other time. The flight was very smooth and uneventful. DH sat by the window and took picture with the Ipad and camera. The plane was not full at all(we had a seat between us). The people in front of us moved up to the seats in economy with more leg room. There was also this adorable little girl and little boy who were going to Disney World too behind us. The girl kept squealing at getting so excited. P.S. I was so excited I sat us in the wrong seats on the plane at first. 

Taking Pictures of the clouds

Finally we touched down! This was my first trip to be in charge! I had never been to Disney World before without my parents. Here is a picture of DH on the fakeorail.
We followed the little map that is in the Magical Express down to the line for the bus. We got on the bus finally! Random picture of a Magical Express bus thatís not ours.

Finally our bus arrived. I have this brilliant plan that I came up with on the way to All Star Music. We passed this elementary school (I have a degree in Early Childhood Education) and it gave me the brilliant plan. We should move to Florida I could teach there and DH could work at Disney World because he works on computers. Maybe one day..  Back to the trip report. We dropped people off at Coronado Springs first then we were off to the All stars( next time I think I want to stay at Coronado). Sports was first. Then finally we were at All Star Music. I was a little worried about staying at a Value because I had always stayed at moderate or deluxe resorts. It was great. The only complaint was the beds were tiny! We requested a king bed but didnít get it. But thatís ok we got all the other things I requested (Jazz, Highest Floor, and Parking lot side). The CM who checked us in was super nice. Here are a few All Star Music Picture.

We went to check out our room and drop off our carry on bags. We were starving at this point so we went down to the food court to get our refillable mugs and some lunch. I had the pizza it was good and DH had a bacon cheese burger. By this time Iím chomping at the bit to get into the park. We ran back to the room and dropped off our mugs and we were off. Next up Magic Kingdom!!

ilovedisneyworld 03-30-2013 05:15 PM

Magic Kingdom

Iím all about a game plan. So when we arrived at the Magic Kingdom the first thing we did was get fast passes for Space Mountain. But before we got over to Tomorrow Land we stopped and had a few photopass pictures taken. We prepaid so it became a priority for me.

After we got our fastpasses for space mountain we looked at the line for buzz lightyearís space ranger spin (it was too long). So we headed over to Adventure Land and rode pirates of the Caribbean. (sorry no pictures they turned out dark). After joining Jack Sparrow and his rowdy crew we headed over to Big Thunder Railroad. We were in line behind two groups of teenagers. The first group kept talking about some more teens a few people behind us and the other group ahead of them kept singing loudly and off key. Finally we made it to the beginning of the line. Iíve only rode Big Thunder one other time. I used to be kind of a ride chicken. Iíve finally gotten over that and there were lots of first this trip. I love Big Thunder now.

After we got off Big Thunder we started walking toward Space Mountain. Iíve never rode before so I was somewhat dreading it. We stopped at Mickeyís Philharmagic on the way over. I love that show. Especially all the smells. My favorite part is the beauty and the beast part of course. Then we finally made our way back to Space Mountain. I hated it. I like to be in control so going really fast in the dark isnít something I enjoy. I closed my eyes the whole time. DH had back surgery last July so it kinda hurt his back but other than that he loved it. We didnít ride any more jerky roller coasters after that though. Yay!

After we rode space we head out of the park and over to the monorail.(here it comes!! and its pink so of course I took multiple pictures.)

Where were we going??? To the Polynesian of course!! Iíve stayed at the poly twice and absolutely love it. We had dinner reservations for Ohanaís. We got there and looked in both gift shops then went out to the beach and I showed DH the castle for the beach. It was super cold so we headed back in the check in.(No Ohana's pictures I don't know why sorry bad dis'er)

DHís only request was that we eat lots of shrimp and steak. I had been telling him all about the meat at Ohanaís. Iím a picky eater so I had chicken nuggets and fries. The bread that they served at the beginning is awesome!!!! DH loved all the food. He kept asking when the meat was coming lol!!! He loved it all but said the chicken was the best. After that I had planned on going back to the Magic Kingdom but after a dayís worth of travel we were both tired and headed back to the room. What will we do on our first day at Disney. (Hint not my ideal thing to do at Disney World ha ha)

ilovedisneyworld 03-31-2013 07:59 PM

Sunday Braves Spring Training

Today we got up and went and ate breakfast at the food court. I had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. DH had the bounty platter. After we finished eating we headed over to ESPN Wide World of Sports. I always knew Disney had Wide World of Sports but never knew it was so big. It was very nice and clean too! We looked around for a little while and there really isnít that much to look at. The sports shop was really cool. We got there two hours early and watched batting practice for a little while. We also ate a hot dog and DH had some peanuts. It was pretty chilly at first but the we were in the upper deck so some of the wind was blocked off. After about six innings we got tired of sitting in the tight seats and left. I like baseball but I prefer the Cardinals. If they were playing I would have wanted to sit there the whole time.

After spending a few hours in the room we headed to downtown Disney. We had reservations at the rainforest. Cafť! I love that restaurant. We looked around in World of Disney but didnít buy anything we decided to come back after dinner. We checked in and looked around. We ended up finding some shirts on sale which made me really happy. I love the Cha Cha frog. Finally our name was called and we went to be seated. We sat by a fish tank. I think the fish show out because they know people watch them. I liked sitting by the fish tank. The fish are so pretty. It was supper crowded in there and our waiter wasnít very good. He disappeared for long periods of time and never showed back up. The food was wonderful though. I had the bbq bacon cheeseburger. It was sooooooo good! DH had coconut shrimp. He liked it ok but nothing compared to Ohanaís that was his favorite. He had cheese cake for dessert and I had the chocolate cake.

After that we went back to the world of Disney to look around. We wanted to look around but it was so cold. We went back to the room and watched The Bible on tv and fell asleep. Up next DHS day!!!

I feel like I'm talking to myself. Is anyone reading?

ilovedisneyworld 04-02-2013 11:25 AM

Monday DHS/Epcot Day

Today we went to DHS. We got there early before rope drop which is a good thing. They let us in 20 minutes early. Iíve never been let in early but like I said Iíve only ever been in June or July.

So off we went to Toy Story Mania

We grabbed a fastpass and walked right on. I didnít tell DH that you have to
continually pull the cord so I was beating him at first. Then he figured it out and I lost ha! After we got off we headed over to the Great Movie Ride. DH really liked the cowboy part. His Dad loved cowboy shows when he was alive.

It wasnít crowded at all. I guess because they let us in 20 minute early. Next we headed to the backlot tour. It was cold so the opening scene did not have any guest actors. The bone yard was also pretty empty. Iíve heard rumors they are going to close it up and put in something cars. I wonder what they will do with the worker area that sew the costumes and the wood work shop? Thatís my favorite part of the ride getting to actually see people work on costumes and props for Disney.

When we got off the back lot. Mike and Sulley were greeting so we stopped.

Sulley liked my ears. He's the only character that made a big deal about them.

We walked down the streets of America and took a few pictures.

After that we headed over to star tours. I donít care for 3-d movies that make you feel like youíre flying. I have to close my eyes on the Aladdin part of philharmagic. I didnít wear the glasses but even so I felt sick after we got off. I thought it was really cool that they had a cp30 animatronic in the ride. I like Star wars my brother was a huge fan so I watched them with him.
. After that we went back to TSM and I actually won. His cannon was broken. But Iíll take it any way I can.  Then we went to Pizza Planet (YEA). And I both had pizza. After that we looked at the Christmas shop and then all the shops up front and went back to our room.

wiigirl 04-04-2013 12:00 PM

Really good pics...loving your TR. :)

ilovedisneyworld 04-07-2013 05:16 PM

Day 3 Part 2 Epcot

After we rested for awhile in the room we headed over to Epcot. They were sky writing when we were standing in line for the bus and we could still see it over Epcot.

Our initial plan was to get a fastpass for Soarin' if it was possible. It wasn't lol!!! We walked through the Great and Powerful Oz section on the way to Soarin. (Side note: I went and watched the movie when we came home it was awesome!! I love the effects it was beautiful).

Here are a few flowers surrounding a lake.

After we couldn't get fastpasses for Soarin' we headed over to World Showcase. We looked around in Canada for a while. I love the flowers!

These are from England. We had dinner reservations at Rose and Crown. It was ok I had the fish and chips. DH had a steak and fish. It was good but I'm not to fond of cod. I prefer catfish.

Now I will bore you with more flower pictures. They amaze me how they can do that. They must have lots of patience.

Here I am in Morocco. I have to take this picture everytime we go. Usually it includes my brother or cousins.

We walked through the rest of the countries and stopped in Norway and rode Malestrom. I've never ridden it before. I used to be a ride chicken but now I'm venturing out lol. Then we rode the Mexican boat ride. We decided we want to try to eat in the restaurant there next time.
Another pictures that always gets taken.

After that I got a mickey bar. Yum! Then we rode test track. DH liked it so much we rode again but this time in the single riders line. After that we watched Illuminations from Mexico and went back to the room.

Thanks for commenting on my post. :) I have a hard time putting the camera down when we go places. I tell myself put it down and just enjoy the show/whatever it is we are doing. But I can't ha ha.

ilovedisneyworld 05-01-2013 11:37 AM

Day 4 Animal Kingdom/Magic Kingdom

We woke up and rode the bus to Animal Kingdom. We were super early. My DH laughs because usually you have to drag me out of the bed at home but Disney World is a whole different story. I woke up one morning and turned the light on over the bed to wake him up ha ha!
Anyway back to the report. The first thing we did was ride the Safari. DH was pretty impressed with the ride. Our driver was a little chipper for that early in the morning. The hippos were actually out of the water. I've never seen them out before!!!

Termite Mound

They had this burlap up. Someone in the safari truck said they do that because they are introducing new animals to the area.
After the Safari we went to Dinosaur. I love Dinosaur its my favorite ride in DAK. After that we headed over to Camp Minnie Mickey. In my opinion thats the best place to get pictures with characters with minimal wait. And you can't go to Disney World without getting your picture made with the big cheese right?

After that we had time to kill before our reservations at Yak and Yeti. So we headed over to Its tough to be a bug. I haven't been to the show since it first opened. DH didn't like getting wet or the bugs running under him. I didn't warn him hehe! After that we headed to Yak and Yeti. DH had the ribs and he still talks about them saying they are the best he ever had. I had a kobe burger and I wasn't impressed at all. For desert I got cheese cake and took it back to the room for DH. He had the cheese wontons. He loved those too! I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food so I was glad we went there since he liked it so much. I picked the restaurants for him. He did take me to Disney World after all :) Here are a few Yak and Yeti pics.

We sat by the window and I loved the people watching I got to do.

After that we looked through some shops and bought a few shirts and a Minnie mouse for our niece and headed out. But not before a few photopass pictures.

Next up a night in the Magic Kingdom!

ilovedisneyworld 05-08-2013 05:45 PM

Magic Kingdom

When we arrived at Magic Kingdom we walked to Tomorrow land and got fast passes for buzz light year. After that we headed over to Fantasyland and rode its a small world. I really wanted to ride Peter Pan but the line was super long the whole time we were there. I think the problem was we didn't ever open Magic Kingdom. Oh well all the more reason to go back. Maybe we will have kids soon and we can take them. :)

I had to take a picture of the Sun because it reminds me of Kingdom Keepers.

After that we headed back to Buzz Lightyear. I lost my gun was broken. :/ Oh well I'm not a sore loser. Having a little brother who is awesome at video games makes it easy to be a good loser ha!

DH was having problems by this time and needed to walk slow. I made him walk to much and it was catching up. After Buzz we rode the people mover. He says he remembers riding this as a child. After the people mover we walked over and ate at Columbia Harbor house. I had Chicken and he had shrimp. Then we got in line for the haunted mansion. DH thought it would be scary. About halfway through he said something like "isn't this supposed to be scary?"

We decided to watch the parade after that. We ended up standing in Adventureland at the end of the parade route. We stood there for about thirty minutes before the parade started. I love the parades.

When the parade was over we were going to watch the fireworks in front of the castle but we couldn't get up there. So we watched them in front of the beast's castle. BandB is my favorite Disney movie. DH said the magic kingdom fireworks were way better than Illuminations. I told him they are even better in front of Cindy's Castle. Its pretty cool though to see how far they are actually shooting the fireworks from.

After that we headed over to Gaston's Tavern to get a cinnamon roll. It was pretty dry but a neat experience. I love the decor in there and the Gaston chair.
We also looked in Belle's Village at the shops. DH was such a trooper. Then we rode the new little mermaid ride. No line. It was really neat. DH said we will have to take our niece back. :)

(This was taken earlier in the trip or that day I can't remember :()
After that we headed back to the room.

ilovedisneyworld 05-16-2013 11:30 AM


Today the plan was to open Magic Kingdom but I decided to let DH choose where we were going and he chose Epcot. We got there before it opened and looked at the new display out front.(It was the first day of the flower and garden festival.

After they opened we went straight to soarin. I've never rode before because i thought it would make me sick but after the cloud scene I was fine. I loved the pine smell and the orange grove. After that we rode living with the land. Which was right up Dh's alley. No pictures sorry. I thought it was very smart that they grow food and use it in the restaurants and the fish too! Imagine how much money they save!! Next time I think we will do the behind the seeds tour.

After that we went and rode nemo. I like the old version better without nemo. Then we looked around at the fish.

Dh decided he wanted to ride test track again in the single riders line. He rode a few times while I shopped in mousegears. Then we went to the character spot. Dh couldn't believe that we were going to stand in line for 20 minutes lol!!! But he might as well get used to it. When we have kid there will be lots more of it :)
After the pictures we headed over and ate at the Mexican pavilion quick service. I love the nachos! Then we headed back to the room.

ilovedisneyworld 05-16-2013 11:38 AM


Our goal for going back to DHS was to see Lights Motor Action. We'll it took the bus awhile to get there so we had to hustle to get there. But...We made it. And I"m very glad we did. DH loved it. He loves fast cars and stunts.

After that we headed over to 50's Primetime Cafe. I had heard really good things about it. I thought the enviroment was neat but the food was awful!! I had the roast beef and they put it on top of my potatoes. I'm OCD about stuff like that nothing can touch lol! DH had the chicken pork chop and meatloaf plate. He didnt like it much. But the dessert was awesome! I had the brownie sundae YUM!!! DH has cheese cake.

After 50's we headed to fanstasmic. I love that show! Its so hard to get good picture though. My favorite part is the princesses and then the Pocahontas scene. Then we took a few pictures with the photopass and we were done :(.

The next day we flew out of Orlando back to Memphis. We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back. But next time we go back we will have a new addition to our family. We found out last week we are expecting :) I plan on having him/her singing disney songs when it come out ha ha. :)

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