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bambi305 03-29-2013 05:49 PM

Hi, newbie needs planning help
Hi all. Just joined. Ive been lurking around and reading all the wonderful posts. Ive learned lots. Now my turn to jump in.
Where to start. Ok, Recently moved to fl less than 3 hrs away from my happy place. Been trying to plan a trip for the longest. Ive been there numerous times. My dd turning 16 has been 3 times, my ds 16 once. The only ones are dh and ds whos 18 and his friend also 18. Havent been there since 97.
Ok, heres my dilemma. Now we are fl residents. Thats a good thing. Been trying to coordinate a trip. Dont have an actual time frame yet. I had booked last yr w/fd but hd to cancel. I was told that you had to buy 2 days park tickets which was fine. I also was told that those 2 days i paid for would be deducted from the price of Fl res AP. Even better. Ok so, what would be the best way to plan a trip. I have been very curious about tiw, ap discounts, fd of course. Trying to figure out which would work better. If fd were to come out again, which one. Ive done the ddp and dxdp. We're all pretty good eaters. Well im the most adventurous. Dont even have an exact budget as of now. But if anyone here can help me get started i would be so grateful. From 2009 to 2011 i always had fd so have eaten in lots of places. Im excited about going because this woudl be the first time all of us would be there as a family which means the world to me. And i was also told that if my ds friend goes that would make the 6th person and there fore the gratuities would be included?
Thank you so much for any input!

bambi305 03-29-2013 05:53 PM

OOOPS,im sorry i may have posted this in the wrong place? Im not sure how to move it to the proper place.

bambi305 03-29-2013 07:00 PM

Ive been trying to play around with this but its so overwhelming. The first yr we stayed onsite was at pop. Second yr was sports and last time was fq. But that was with 2 or 3 of us. Now its a whole different ball game. Money is an issue to an extent. But i wanna get the most bang for the buck while having the best time. I feel almost like i'll be a sorta guide to dh,dh,df who hasnt been there in yrs. I love all the planning that goes into this. Just trying to figure out how to do it. For instance are we better off with say 2 rooms at a value? Hoping someone can guide me.

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