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Robyyn 03-28-2013 03:48 PM

Heeeey Fellow Disney Lovers
Hi y'all !

My name is Robyn (if you hadn't figured that out yet ;) )and I'm new to the DisBoards but not new to anything Disney!

The first time I went to Disney I was 12 and I loved every single thing about it ! Since then I have went with my family three more times one of them being off site and of course it was still magical but on site is obviously the place I want to be. I have been obsessed with Disney since I can remember and at least three times a week I quote trips that I wish I could take!

After three years away from my happy place my sister Rach (I will talk about her ALOT) and I have finally convinced our Mama to take us back for an extra special girls vacation! My dad and brother both love Disney too but they think going again is just outrageous and in turn I think it is outrageous that they would even think that, I mean come on it's DISNEY! But that doesn't matter because I am going any ways !!!

We have already decided on a resort .. Art of Animation! Little Mermaid rooms fingers crossed :) We know we are going to fly, drive down to Detroit and leave my moms car there for the week (PS. I'm a Canadian gal!) and of course we will get the dining plan! We didn't the first two times we went and boy what a mistake that was! You get such an opportunity to try such great restaurants!

The only thing we have yet to decide is the when.... Which we are a little torn over, Rach and I want to go as soon as possible! We were thinking like June and Mama is thinking September... I have been lurking the boards a little and reading trip reports and it seems like a lot of people like to go around October/November/December.

Sooo I told my sista that if we wait till September we might as well just wait till November so we get to enjoy the Christmas decorations. I read somewhere if you go right before Thanksgiving it isn't too busy yet!

I guess what I'm asking here is for any and all expert advice !!! :worship:
When do people think it's a good time to go? Will AoA be the resort for us? (Although I think we are pretty much set with this.) What are some restaurants we should try?

Last time we LOVED LOVED LOVED Whispering Canyon Cafe, and Bomas! At Whispering Canyon we had this GREAT waiter Geno and he called himself Geno Casino, was constantly joking around with us (we are a pretty laid back family so we really appreciate a good goof ball!) and made my sister blush a few many times! He made our experience there awesome and if anyone has had him as a waiter I hope you enjoyed him as much as we did, my dad still talks about him !

Anywhosville, if you could give me some feedback I would LOVE it and YOU ... oh was that too bold as a newbie?

Meeh, you'll get over it in a minute :rotfl:

Have a magical day !

FairyCC 03-29-2013 02:35 PM

If you haven't ever seen the Christmas decorations, I would say go for that time! They are amazing! Heck, any time at WDW is amazing... but seriously the holidays are even more magical. Good luck planning your trip!! :)

Rumors Rocks 03-29-2013 02:56 PM

Not too bold at all.

Robyyn 04-03-2013 11:29 AM

Thanks for the replies!

We have decided a time! August 16-23

Now to start planning !:cheer2:

Metro West 04-04-2013 07:48 AM


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