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Evansvillegirl26 03-19-2013 02:21 PM

Confused about split stay and dining
Sometimes on the morning we check out we would use our snacks up and a counter service and have breakfast. If I am checking out but checking in to a my 2nd hotel are those credits cut off the moment I check in to the new hotel? If so should I avoid online check in? Does that make sense?

POOHsie 03-19-2013 02:35 PM

There's 3 different things usually going on with your KTTW card: Room Access, Dining, and Tickets. At check-out your room access will expire. But, your dining credits will not expire until Midnight of check-out day. And any unused tickets on your KTTW card will remain usable until 14 days from first use of those tickets. If you never used your tickets that were on the KTTW card, you could take the card home with you, then bring it back to Disney on your next visit and start using it. Some people have all their park tickets on the first KTTW card, and take home the park tickets from the second resort to save for later. It's cheaper than buying a few days for resort stay #1 and buying a few days for resort stay #2.

So on check-out day, use up those dining credits all day! If your second resort stay has dining credits, you can start using those credits, too. But you can't combine credits from first resort stay and second resort stay, for example, to eat at a 2-credit TS.

Evansvillegirl26 03-19-2013 03:21 PM

Thanks! That is awesome! I was worried once we checked in to the GF after leaving AKL we would not be able to use the rest of our credits that day! That also helps me make my decision to upgrade to deluxe dining. We are only staying 2 days and GF and will not have the dining plan but since we have till midnight the day we leave AKL we will have enough credits to eat that day on!

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