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lillykat 03-17-2013 08:31 PM

confirmations and online check in questions..
We are traveling with my parents. We have tried more than 6 times to have our reservations (2 reservations that are supposed to be linked) requests stated as connecting rooms, upper level, close to main building as possible. Everytime the put in adjoining rooms. We go back and forth and I say no I want a door connecting (we know this is just a request but my parents may watch the girls so we would like the door so they can put them to sleep in our room but leave the door open to watch them). We have made changes to our reservation as well by dropping days to our tickets. We never receive confirmations (either for our reservation or my parents.

Well today we tried to do online check in. The box is checked that reads adjoining rooms no connecting door. It is also in lighter colored ink that we cannot uncheck it.

I'm at a loss. I have tried, my father has tried to get the connecting rooms noted, but so far we have been told...
Adjoining is the same as connecting,
they cannot enter that many words
it says adjoining but that really means you want a door...

I keep explaining can you please just put connecting room with a door to which I have been told once it was entered but it hasn't. I thought it was corrected but there seems to be no way to tell if they changed the requests, corrected the tickets or even entered the correct ME flight info. They are all very pleasant but no matter how polite or insistent it just isn't getting fixed. I don't want to check in with the information wrong on there.

Any suggestions. It doesn't help that we are working with 2 rooms/reservations. Also we have tried to link our reservations with my experience which their names come up but not their reservation.

amyh1028 03-17-2013 09:55 PM

Have you requested a "travel with number"? That will link your reservations together. I am also assuming you guys booked your package directly with Disney & not through a travel agent?

Wood Nymph 03-17-2013 10:25 PM

We traveled with our daughter and her family last month and had a gathering number for our reservations. Both room requests have to be for connecting rooms. If one room doesn't have the request on it, then they won't connect the rooms.

I hope they can straighten it out for you. There is never a guarantee of connecting rooms. Our daughter's room had a connecting door, but they had given the room next door to someone else. We were four doors down, though, so it wasn't too bad.

DevonsDisneyMom 03-18-2013 11:53 AM

Call Disney now and tell them that you want to link your reservation and your parents reservation. Doing this will generate a "travel with #" Once that is done tell them that you want to request Connecting rooms. I have never had an issue getting a connecting room when I've done this.

When you check in at the resort, just reiterate your request of wanting connecting rooms. THey should be able to accomodate you.

lillykat 03-18-2013 12:16 PM

My father booked the whole trip at the same time and paid the deposit at the time. This is a grandparents trip to our girls for their birthday. They tell us when we call the reservations are linked. But they just can't get it straight. I have tried getting a new CM everytime, they claim the bookings are linked. But originally they mailed me a reservation sheet but it didn't show any requests. They never mailed or emailed my father a confirmation. This trip was a christmas surprise so he told them NO confirms to us. Send everything to them. Luckily it came after they spilled the beans. We have made changes to the package and now we get no confirmations. My father noted we were celebrating the girls' birthdays but sometimes thry say it is there others that it is not. :confused3 Honestly this is the 5th trip to WDW I have booked but the most stressful. While my father booked the trip he has turned everything over to me since I am the planner and they are not disney people. I don't want to check in until I am sure it is fixed. I thought our last call fixed it as she said she was typing connecting room with a connecting door. But the online check in clearly has already checked adjoining rooms with no connecting door. It is checked and I cannot uncheck it. Also there is no button for connecting for me to check:confused3.

Thank you everyone. This has been very frustrating. In the past they always typed in anything we have requested. I don't think connecting room, close to main building on upper floor seem like unusual requests.

Btw we booked directly with disney. They told me they don't do one number they have the two confirm #'s linked. Is this not true?

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