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emmebear 03-17-2013 11:25 AM

3 trips in 40 days: Supercalifragilistic Breakfast @ 1900 Park Fare! [4/21/13]
hello everyone. :cool1:

this is my first "official" trip report with my visits to disney. i am taking 3 trips in 40 days with each experience being vastly different from the other. thanks everyone in advance for reading along & sharing my experience.

...first with the formalities.

my name is patty & i work as a school nurse & also do freelance photography in my spare time. i am a single mother to an amazing little girl named emme. my DD is three years old & the love of my life. disney is such an awesome place to spend quality time with my daughter.

speaking of my DD, this is emme.

emme's favorite princess is ariel. she loves all things disney & is fearless. she rides goofy's barnstormer (the second fastest ride in magic kingdom) with no fear. she also hates to be photographed by me as i've taken countless photos of her since birth. :rotfl: she looks away from the camera on purpose.

after cruising concierge on the fantasy in january, i am experiencing disney withdrawals & have scheduled 3 trips in the next 40 days. it's kind of a crazy idea to plan 3 trips in such a short period of time but so far, we have had a total blast!

i'm going to combine my dining reviews with this trip report as well.

TRIP 1: 3.2.13 - 3.3.13

3/2/13: attending the "Beats, Brew & BBQ" event at seaworld as Hall & Oates will be having a concert @ 4pm. i mean really, who can deny the power of the mustache of john oates?! plus, i'm a glutton for 80's music & craft beer. we won't be visiting the parks this weekend as we're headed to the parks next thursday!



CAPE MAY CAFE [so emme can have her disney fix]

TRIP 2: 3.7.13 - 3.10.13
my mom, DD emme, & me on board the fantasy. dad (not pictured)

i am surprising my parents & daughter with a trip to disney. we will be staying at the 2 BR presidential suite/condo, tower 6 at the wydham bonnet creek. i'm also very excited to be taking my mother as she is an avid gardener & will really enjoy the flower festival @ epcot.

i'm still finalizing our ADR's but i can't wait to try all the food booths & drinks & experience disney with my parents & daughter. my parents took me to disney for the first time when i was 10 & now i am returning the favor.

Day 1: Arrival Night [March 7, 2013]

DINNER: Home cooked deliciousness in the condo.

Day 2: Epcot Day [March 8, 2013]

BREAKFAST: Princess Storybook Dining @ Akershus
LUNCH: Snacks at the Flower & Garden Festival
DINNER: Snacks at the Flower & Garden Festival

Day 3: Magic Kingdom Day [March 9, 2013]

LUNCH: Cosmic Rays
DINNER: Snacks at the Flower & Garden Festival

Day 4: Departure day [March 10, 2013]

LUNCH: Korea House

TRIP 3: 4.11.13 - 4.15.13
photo courtesy of rachel

this is a special trip planned with fellow disboard member rachel09985. we had such a fantastic time during our dismeet in january that we planned a longer trip together! :thumbsup2 she also loves photography like me so it will be really interesting to see our pictures from the trip as we both shoot with canon dslr's. :wizard:

we will be staying at the royal guest room at port orleans & have some fantastic ADR's lined up....a few which will be new to the both of us. it's been really fun planning a trip with someone who loves disney other than my 3 year old. also, we'll be attending the epcot flower festival & will be devouring the food & drinks @ the booths.

our latest adventure planned: monorail "pub" crawl. :laughing:

we have so many fun things planned!!

here are our confirmed ADR's for this trip:

Day 1: Arrival Afternoon [April 11, 2013]

DINNER: Hollywood Brown Derby

after dinner, we will be attending Fantasmic!

Day 2: Epcot Day [April 12, 2013]

BREAKFAST: Supercalifragilistic Breakfast @ 1900 Park Fare
LUNCH: Snacks at the Flower & Garden Festival
DINNER: Snacks at the Flower & Garden Festival

we have also talked about possibly making a pit stop at "TUTTO GUSTO" for a cheese platter or two.

Day 3: Magic Kingdom Day [April 13, 2013]

BREAKFAST: Chef Mickey's Fun Time Buffet Breakfast @ The Contemporary
LUNCH: Garden View Tea Room @ The Grand Floridian
DINNER: CS in Magic Kingdom

we also have reservations for the TOMORROWLAND TERRACE DESSERT PARTY as well & participating in our own MONORAIL PUB CRAWL!!:rotfl:

Day 4: Animal Kingdom Day [April 14, 2013]

BREAKFAST: Beignets & coffee @ Port Orleans
LUNCH: Sanaa
DINNER: Flying Fish Cafe

Day 5: Departing day [April 13, 2013]
BREAKFAST: Kona cafe @ The Polynesian
LUNCH: Quite possibly somewhere in Magic Kingdom

happy eating & reading everyone!! :dance3:

emmebear 03-17-2013 06:11 PM

updated 3/17/13


i was having dinner with my friend mandy & we were joking around about seeing hall & oates at the ampitheater in st. augustine. tickets were pretty sky high for a concert so i mentioned that hall & oates would be at seaworld for a concert but that there would be craft beer & bbq. we both had seaworld passes & decided that we would make a quick trip down for the weekend.

i'm a huge 80's music fan & who doesn't love hall & oates? i mean seriously, the mustache of john oates has magical powers.

we left early saturday morning & made our way down to orlando. the drive only takes about 2 hours. unfortunately, the weather was a bit on the chilly side.
emme enjoying some pancakes.

we stay offsite at the westgate resorts. it was only for one night & i got a super great rate off of hotwire. after checking in & taking our things to the room, we headed for seaworld.

compared to the hustle & bustle of magic kingdom, sea world is such a laid back place. i have an AP but never spent more than half an afternoon there. i was pretty excited to explore with mandy & emme.
check out the mustache!

we headed over to the aquarium. emme loves aquariums. the georgia aquarium is one of our favorites & the aquarium at "the seas" in epcot is pretty fantastic as well.
the anenome was missing nemo.
i thought this starfish was very beautiful.

it was a chilly day at seaworld. the weather was in the upper 40's & very windy. not very florida-ish weather.
glasses at turtle trek.

it was getting close to concert time & it was getting windier. emme decided it was the perfect time to fall asleep. shamu stadium was packed at 3:45 and the concert started at 4:30.

we found a seat to the right of the stage. the show started promptly at 430. much to my dismay, the mustache of john oates was gone. BOOO!

they played all their biggest hits & did 3 encores. they had what seemed to be a 12 minute rendition of "i can't go for that" which i thought was fantastic. i have videos that i can post. i didn't get to take much pictures as emme was passed out on my lap.
passed out emme.

almost towards the end of the concert, she did wake up.

overall, it was a fantastic concert. they sound exactly like they did in the 80's & on cd. mandy & i still chuckle as this was by far the tamest concert/event we've been too. two thumbs up!

after the concert, mandy wanted to ride the manta again. emme & i played some games.

best part of this game? you pay $3 and win, everytime.

i didn't eat any of the bbq as most of the bbq offered were from chain restaurants. it's not what i expected as i was hoping for local bbq with smokers. that was not the case. i was very disappointed.

after being chilled to the bone, we headed back to the condo for a little r&r as we prepared for dinner at....

but first, here are some photos of emme i took this morning before church.

rachel09985 03-17-2013 06:53 PM

Aww Emme does look chilly! That pink dress is soooo adorable! She is such a girly girl and I love it so much. Excited to see more non food pictures from your trips!!!

emmebear 03-17-2013 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by rachel09985 (Post 47828138)
Aww Emme does look chilly! That pink dress is soooo adorable! She is such a girly girl and I love it so much. Excited to see more non food pictures from your trips!!!

so many pictures, so little time!! :rotfl:

she loves her "princess dresses". princess:

wiigirl 03-17-2013 09:01 PM

Love your TR....your pictures are wonderful! :)

emmebear 03-17-2013 10:44 PM


Originally Posted by wiigirl (Post 47829233)
Love your TR....your pictures are wonderful! :)

thank you!! :thumbsup2

emmebear 03-24-2013 03:35 PM

updated 3/24/13


we left for orlando & after checking into our condo, we headed to seaworld for the "beats, brew & bbq" event featuring a concert with hall & oates. i'm not a huge hall & oates fan but i am a total glutton for 80's music & craft beer so this was going to be a fantastic time. i was even more excited to see the mustache of john oates!

the weather was pretty chilly for florida standards. the weather peaked at about 60 degrees but it was very windy. when we left seaworld, it was 47 degrees & very windy.

we had some time before the start of the concert. we explored the parks & enjoyed our craft beers. i wanted to try some bbq but after seeing "sonny's bbq" & "tony romo's" as an option for bbq, i passed on eating at seaworld & decided to stuff my face at 'ohana instead. i was really hoping for some delicious local bbq fare but for the most part, it wasn't. i was kind of disappointed.
pretty starfish

the concert was really really fun. it was spectacular to see people letting loose & rocking out. emme fell asleep before the concert but woke up 30 minutes into the show. hall & oates had 2 encores & played their greatest hit including a 10 minute rendition of "i can't go for that" (which i thought was pretty fantastic!). the sad part of the entire show was that john oates no longer had a mustache. SO SAD!
emme & i enjoying the concert.

we departed seaworld close to 7pm. our adr to 'ohana wasn't until 930. emme wanted some ramen noodles to hold her over. ramen seemed like the perfect choice on a weather like this. she's a really picky & simple eater so i'm glad she wanted to eat something. we had some fruit & beer to hold us over until our adr.

we arrived to the polynesian about 45 minutes before our ADR. since i was using my TIW card, i valeted the car. TIW members get FREE valet! it's an awesome feature of the program.

side note: all these pictures are taken with my iphone. i did not want to bring my dslr to dinner as i wanted to EAT!

we headed to the gift shop as my friend wanted to buy a stitch doll for her boyfriend. look who we ran into at the gift shop....
mickey & minnie in hawaiian actually hulas in her skirt.

after checking in, about 10 minutes later, our pager went off. i could not believe we were being sat 25 minutes before our ADR time!
emme & her new baby ariel.

we were promptly greeted by a CM who gives us a quick run down of what's to come. this was my second trip to 'ohana but my friends first visit. the CM grabs the pineapple bread.

after we were seated, it took about 10 minutes for a CM to greet us & take our drink orders. i think she was slightly overwhelmed as many of her tables were paying their tabs when we were seated.

next up....
Mixed Greens with Honey-Lime dressing

i normally consider this salad a filler but i was so hungry that i dug right in. the salad was very refreshing! it had mandarin orange slices as well as what i think is papaya on top of the salad. it was very tasty!

....and here comes:
Pork fried dumplings & Corriander chicken wings

the dumplings were as good as i remembered. i just ate the middle of all my dumplings. i even asked for seconds which really is a mistake as they bring you an entire plate full of dumplings & i hate wasting food. the first batch of dumplings were lukewarm but the second batch were very hot.

i still have issues with the chicken wings. i love a crispy chicken wing but just like last time, the skin was a bit soggy. i think it's probably the sauce that the wings are tossed in & then the wings probably sit for a little bit of time. also, the wings tasted like cinnamon this time. the sauce was definitely sticky & i was grateful for the very hot towels to wipe my hands after.

and the drink i was looking forward to the most during this trip:
LAPU LAPU $13.00

the drink reminds me of a long island ice tea in the manner that i'm sure there's a ton of different alcohol mixed into this fresh pineapple....i tasted a ton of rum. the drink definitely hit the spot.
mmmmmm lapu, lapu.

after the wings, we were presented more filler:

the lo mein noodles were average in taste & the veggies were nothing spectacular. as i said earlier, more filler [less meat in the tummy].

i can't forget to mention the tasty peanut dipping sauce which seemed to taste good on everything. if my memory serves me right, i thought there were more dipping sauces on my last trip but honestly, i was so tired from our day at seaworld that i didn't even want to ask about the other sauces.

and here come the meats!

a CM brought over the pork & i passed on the pork. my friend said the pork was very tasty & not dry.

the chicken had great flavor but unfortunately, it was very dry. on my last trip, my chicken was very moist & flavorful. i was bummed out the chicken was so dry. even the peanut sauce could not save the chicken.
meat, meat more meat!

after the disappointing chicken, i had low hopes on the sirloin.
Marinated sirloin steak
Marinated sirloin steak

to my great surprise, the steak was very juicy & cooked perfect. i was a very happy camper! i asked for seconds and the meat was also cooked perfect. yummy!

last but not least....
Non-peeled shrimp

i loved the shrimp on my last visit & i loved the shrimp on this visit. it was a great vessel for the peanut sauce & i'm sure if i had the other sauces, it would have been even more delicious. the shell peels off pretty easily.

emme wanted no part of the meal or the offerings on the alternative menu which includes "Chicken nuggets, Macaroni & cheese, Grilled cheese sandwich, PB & J sandwich, Hamburger, or Cheeseburger". instead, she wanted a bowl of white she got a bowl of white rice.
this would be my plate. doesn't look very pretty but for the most part, the food was quite tasty.

'Ohana bread pudding a la mode with Banana Foster sauce.

the bread pudding was good although i'm not a sweets kind of person. i was really too full to enjoy any more food at this point. even my friend who is a huge dessert fan could not muster any more room for dessert.

the CM brought vanilla ice cream with sprinkles for emme. i didn't even ask her...that was really nice of her.

emme participated in the hula lesson during dinner as well.

we left 'ohana at about 1030 & i could not believe people were being seated up until 1010pm! that's insanity!!!

for two adults, one tinkerbell drink, & one lapu lapu, plus 18% gratuity the meal with my TIW discount was $91.00. i also received valet parking for free (a $15 value). the 2 drinks were $20 so if i had not ordered a drink, i think for the amount of food you receive & quality, it's definitely worth the price.

we were very full but very very tired & cold from our day at seaworld. the meal was good but i'm sure i would have appreciated it more if it was just a tad bit earlier & if i wasn't so exhausted. i'm not quite sure if i will return to dinner any time soon.

our CM was very nice as were every other CM who stopped at our table. it was also super great that we did not have to wait very long to be seated. the atmosphere was very friendly, homey & fun.

this is what i had for dinner tonight @ home:
DDAK DORI TTANG: spicy korean chicken & potatoes.

this meal cost less than $10.00 to make and easily feeds 4 people. i'll take this over any meal at disney, any time of the day. ;)

up next, breakfast @ CAPE MAY

cheekypoppins 03-24-2013 08:25 PM

aew she's such a tiny little princess,and so cute!!! i can't wait to see what else you've got in store during these trips

emmebear 03-24-2013 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by cheekypoppins (Post 47898737)
aew she's such a tiny little princess,and so cute!!! i can't wait to see what else you've got in store during these trips

thank you! i have so much more!! :thumbsup2

emmebear 03-24-2013 09:57 PM

updated 3/24/13


since we did not go to a single park, i wanted to have a breakfast with the characters for emme. ADR's to cape may were readily available. our ADR was at 10:30am.

i visited cape may last august for breakfast & i waited about 25 minutes past my ADR to be seated. this time was no different. our ADR was 10:30 and we were buzzed at 10:56am. it was a total bummer as we were starving.

as we were waiting, we kept ourselves busy with a little exploring.
emme and her spider-man pose.

side note: emme's recently become obsessed with spider-man. she's never seen spider-man but she loves the pose. i can say "spider-man pose" at any given point & she will bust out the pose below:
emme & baby ariel

onwards to breakfast....

we were finally seated and was promptly greeted by adrienne. she was a really great CM & was super nice. we wanted to go to the buffet immediately as we were starving but donald was turning the corner so we waited for donald before getting our food.

bring on the food!

emme's first plate of food:
my friends first plate of food.

she really loved the salad as it was tossed in a bacon dressing. mmmmm bacon!

here's my first plate of food:

i am a total sucker for smoked salmon, red onions & capers. mmmm mmmm! the (fake) egg frittata had sun dried tomatoes in it. there was some hollandaise sauce on the buffet so i dipped the frittata in it. who doesn't love hollandaise?? the sausage was awesome as good as i remembered from our last visit.

emme decided she wanted a waffle as well:

before we could get our second servings, a friend visited our table.
spider-man pose!

back to the food:

the homestyle potatoes were crispy as was the bacon. the bacon was on the thin side. the cheesy cheddar grits were heavenly. i added some pepper and absolutely loved them.
emme decided to make me some lemonade. how thoughtful of her.
baby ariel is hanging out with my 18-135mm lens.

oh yeah, one more plate of food.
i got seconds on the grits, sausage and frittata. the eggs are scrambled with chorizo.

here comes goofy!

minnie made her way back to our table:
cool sand castle decor.

overall, the meal at cape may was very relaxing. we were never rushed despite being seated 26 minutes after our ADR. breakfast turned into brunch. the characters came by our table twice during the meal. we had a really awesome CM & she was wonderful.

another great thing about cape may is that you can draw on the table. there is white paper on the table so the kids can occupy themselves with some crayons and go to town.

the total meal was $51.58 with my 20% TIW discount & 18% gratuity. i also used the free valet service which is included with TIW membership. valet was a god send with the cold weather. it's a really nice perk.

i really enjoyed cape may breakfast. there are a ton of varieties which also included pastries, danishes, cereal, fruit, yogurt, granola, hot & cold items to satisfy everyone in your party. there isn't as much variety as crystal palace but cape may is a much more relaxing atmosphere.

after brunch, we took a short walk and found this:


cheekypoppins 03-24-2013 10:13 PM

I love Cape may and actually my 10 year old says it's in her top 3 list

emmebear 03-26-2013 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by cheekypoppins (Post 47899766)
I love Cape may and actually my 10 year old says it's in her top 3 list

it's a great breakfast!!!

emmebear 03-26-2013 10:53 PM

updated 3/26/13


after a quick & cold trip to disney, we returned to the real world. emme became pretty sick before our departure on thursday. i figured it was viral & prayed that she would recover quickly. her fever finally broke & off we went to disney.

this was my first trip to disney as an adult with my parents. my parents brought me to disney 4 times as a child & they found it a bit surreal to be returning to disney with not only their child but grandchild.

i was so excited to be able to experience disney with my parents. my mom is an avid gardener & i knew she would absolutely love the flower & garden festival at epcot. my dad has been retired for 6 years & likes to stay home so i had my fingers crossed he would have a good time.

after working until 3pm, the car was packed & we were on our way. almost half way down to orlando, my dad realizes he left his insulin at home. he's a type 2 diabetic. however, he exercises daily & eats really healthy. he said he would be ok without it for the 3 days. i didn't like the idea and would pick up some insulin if he needed it.

while in orlando, we stopped by a super walmart & picked up some essentials for our 2 bedroom presidential suite at the wyndham bonnet creek. i wouldn't wait to check this place out.

the presidential suites are located in tower 6. we were in room 1521.

our condo/suite was ginormous! it was so much space & absolutely gorgeous. we had a fantastic view of DHS & Animal Kingdom. I also could see the dolphin & swan from our balcony.

the living area was quite spacious. there is surround sound in the condo as well. the couches were very comfortable & there was also an ottoman. the washer & dryer was located in this area but behind some wooden doors.

it was so nice to eat on an actual table with my family. we brought a long a ton of korean food for this trip. i loved eating together & just relaxing. it was awesome.

the suite had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
master bedroom

the second bedroom had 2 full size beds. my parents slept in here & emme and i slept in the master bedroom. the beds were super comfy.
globe on the lamp.

the master bathroom was so very large. it was heaven!

the bathroom had both a shower & a jacuzzi tub.

here is the jacuzzi tub:

and this is the toiletries that awaited us:

the kitchen had cuisnart appliances & everything you needed for a comfortable stay.
my dad in the kitchen.

i loved having the kitchen. it came in very handy! it was immaculately cleaned as well.

here are the night views from the balcony:

it definitely felt like vacation staying at bonnet creek. the condo was very clean & very well maintained. it offered all the comforts of home & i was so glad i made the choice to stay here. my parents were really happy too & made themselves at home.

here is what we had for dinner:
[this would be the perfect time for smell o vision or scratch & sniff screens]
Bulgogi ssahm

this is the perfect bite of food. it's fresh, warm, crisp, comforting & mouth watering delicious. in addition the the lettuce & meat, there is red bean paste, rice (a mix of white, barley & black rice) & i topped it with the dried cuttlefish (that's the bright brown object on top of the meat).

after dinner, i had a nice large glass of wine & could hardly sleep as i was so excited for epcot the next day.

our trip was off to a great start!! :cheer2:

rachel09985 03-26-2013 11:44 PM

Geez that is super nice!!!! Ok we can stay there next time :) as much as I would miss staying on actual property it would be nice to have something so big.

livsmom04 03-27-2013 12:06 AM

I'm in! Your daughter is so cute! I remember when my daughter was her age but we hadn't taken her to Disney until she was 6. I did that as a single mom as well. This June will be our first trip taking my mom along with us. Yay!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

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