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visitingapril09 03-17-2013 01:14 AM

"Skip the drama, stay with mama, MOTHER knows best" Our Mother Daughter trip 5/2013

I am the mother who always knows best! Who wouldn't trust a mother who says that daughter (MissRapunzel) and I need to escape this pit of testosterone that we live in and spend a week in our happy place. This is our 3rd trip to Disneyworld but our FIRST stay on site and we are so very excited!!!

I am Alison. Mom to 4 great kids between the ages of 20 and 14. 3 boys and 1 girl.....the dog is a male too!! We live in BC, Canada and, no, we don't live in fact I don't know how to drive in the snow!:rotfl: I recently went back to work part time but I am a more than full time mom to my busy household. Yup, that's me...I have discovered that you never have photos of you when you have 4 we will go with this one!

I will introduce the others later but want to introduce you to the next most important person on this trip report....Melissa...she will be posting in purple through this trip report....You will know it is me if it is in red...So, Melissa........introduce yourself.....:lovestruc This is Melissa.....She can't post pictures yet because she is still earning her ears!! So I am posting a photo of her for her. This is Melissa and her big brother before her high school graduation........and she says she's a tom boy!! LOL

............and here is a very special photo from our last family trip in May 2011~~~

MissRapunzel 03-17-2013 01:30 AM

Well Helloooo, I am Melissa (MissRapunzel here on the DIS), magnificent daughter to Alison (visitingapril09). I am 18, turning 19 in a mere 57 days...WOOOHOOO!!! :cool1::cool1: I am a University student at a local university and am currently studying to become a nurse. As my lovely mother said before I am one of 4 kids, yes ladies and gentlemen I have 3 crazy, rambunctious, pain in the butt brothers whom I love very VERY much. I am most definitely a tomboy (probably because of the high levels of testosterone in this house).....however....I LOVE PRINCESSES. Especially Rapunzel, hence the name. ;) One thing my mom did forget to mention is that we have actually been to Disney 4 times, twice to Disneyland and twice to Disneyworld. Each one has been AMAZING (of course :thumbsup2) but this one is going to be extra special! :lovestruc

merbobear 03-17-2013 05:57 AM

Following along! How did you all get to meet & greet with the cast of Finding Nemo at AK? How awesome!!

cogero 03-17-2013 08:25 AM

I am joining in.

emelee1053 03-17-2013 08:48 AM

Sounds like fun!
I want to hear about the Nemo photo, too, please - it's one of my favorite shows!

miprender 03-17-2013 09:04 AM

:wave: Hi I am joining in too.

danicaca 03-17-2013 10:15 AM

Here I am! Can't wait to hear more! 71 days left to plan! :) Looking forward to meeting you gals!

archdandy 03-17-2013 12:21 PM

I'm following along from the May facebook group! :thumbsup2 I can't wait to hear the details of your very special trip!

Disneymaddness 03-17-2013 01:42 PM

Joining in, we are going in May also! I will get excited right along with you :goodvibes

PebblesMom 03-17-2013 05:00 PM

:wave2: I am came over from the May FB group too!!!!

visitingapril09 03-17-2013 08:52 PM

So I am back.......I know you would all like to know the story about the Nemo picture and I will tell the end of this post........

Thank you so much to those who are joining us on this journey. We are glad you are coming along for the ride. I figured maybe you would like to hear a bit more about our plans so I am going to share our travel and resort plans and Melissa will come in later and share our dining ressies with you.

This is our first stay on the Disney property but our third trip to Disneyworld. We stayed at Give Kids the World in April 2004 for my youngest sons Wish trip. The kids were 5, 7, 9 and 11 and that was the first big trip ANYWHERE we had taken and the kids first ride on a plane. It was an amazing trip but overwhelming and we tried to do too much. As you all know 3 days at Disney is not enough......and Give Kids the World is an amazing place that we wished we could have spent more time at.

We then did two trips to Disneyland over the next few years but knew we wanted to return to Disneyworld. In April 2011 We did just that...... we spent two weeks in a town home in Terra Verde and spent 10 days at Disney this time!! Wonderful trip.......when we left Melissa and I said we would like to do a girls trip one day and stay on property.......that became an ongoing dream. Just after Christmas, when I heard a room promotion was coming and when I ch.ecked our Alaska miles to see if it were possible........the dream started inching towards reality! So at the end of December we booked flights........terrible times to fly but when you get them almost for free you go with what you can get! Then Like many others......on January 3rd we got up at 4am pacific time to call and book our room with the new promotion so wanna know where we are going to be..............


About 3 weeks after I booked............I called back and added the dining plan...........we decided we want to do this trip well and figured that if we had a dining plan we would enjoy the food and atmosphere at meal times and we wouldn't need to worry about ordering the least expensive thing on the menu........we could enjoy!

So that is a bit more about our upcoming trip......we are so very excited......tell me when you are going and where you are staying?

AND NOW>>>>>>>>The Nemo picture..................

The picture was taken on only our second day in Disney in 2011. We had just enjoyed the Nemo show and our youngest son loved it and was singing along with all the songs and enjoying himself completely. When the show finished we were getting ready to go and an attendant in the theatre came up to us and said that Andrew(our son) had caught the eye of the cast and they wondered if he might like to come back stage and meet the cast...........of course we (he) would. She took us through a side outside door and within 90 seconds the whole cast was there. They spent a good 10 minutes chatting with all of us and telling us about the costumes and the show and then they had the stage manager take photos for was an incredible memory not to be soon outdone!

We will be back to share many more photos and memories and plans as we get closer.

merbobear 03-17-2013 10:31 PM

What awesome pixie dust, to be taken back stage at Nemo! That is seriously sooo cool.

Your trip plans sound great so far, I would love to stay at POR some time!

university 03-18-2013 11:53 AM

I got teary eyed reading about your Nemo experience. How special for all of you!

MissRapunzel 03-18-2013 10:59 PM

Okay ladies and gentlemen, as we said before, this is our first stay on site and also our first time on a dining plan. I am especially excited for the dining plan part because I LOVE food, VERY much. :thumbsup2 This will practically be our first time eating at any of the Dis restaurants and we are both pretty excited...sooo......drum roll please.....


05/28 Coral Reef @ Epcot
Mom is REALLY excited about this one.

05/29 Be Our Guest @ MK
I LOVE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!! :lovestruc:lovestruc:lovestruc

05/30 Fantasmic Dining Package Mama Melrose @ HS
Fantasmic is seriously one of my favorite Disney shows so I am super excited about this one.

05/31 Cape May Cafe @ MK

06/01 Yak & Yeti @ AK

06/02 Akerhaus Character Dining @ Epcot
As a side story, I was at school today and I got a text in the middle of class from my lovely mom who decided just today that dining with the princesses was going to be a must!! I cannot contain my excitement right now!!!

06/03 Ohana @ Poly

*All our ressies are for Dinner except for the one at Yak & Yeti, that one is for lunch!

So as you can probably tell I am really excited about eating at all these places. However seeing as this is our first time, anyone have any advice, reviews, suggestions, or favorite restaurants they want to share?!

visitingapril09 03-19-2013 10:30 AM

69 Was a great year........and 69 is how many days we have left before our trip!!:cool1:

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