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klr6773 03-15-2013 04:01 PM

World instead of Land...
Last year we had to cancel our long awaited Disney Fantasy cruise for this coming October. All is now right in the world and we are going to surprise the kids with one of the patented "We're going to Disney!" the morning we leave! (After having to break their hearts once,we'd rather keep this a secret)...

From Portland,Oregon...Disneyland for 4 nts with airfare and passes at Paradise Pier is $3500. Upon investigating, I now know we can do 6 nights (incl airfare and passes) at Disneyworld for around the same price! Red eye out, late afternoon back= maximum park time. Hi?! No brainer! PO Riverside is $3700. The new Art of Animation in $3300 (standard room). Wondering if anyone can give some of their thoughts? We stayed at POFQ 5 years ago when we did Land/Sea combo.The Art of animation is so new, I'm thinking it couldnt get "worn" by this October. Would you save the $400 or "upgrade"?

Any opinions will be appreciated..

ColoradoMickeyFan 03-15-2013 04:41 PM

Without knowing the ages of your children, it's hard to respond as to which resort would fit your needs better. :confused3 I personally would choose a moderate over a value (even with the value being new). I like the more relaxed atmosphere of the moderates after a long day at the parks. If you have older children, the moderates also have more activities as well as slides at the main pool. You'll also have the queen sized beds if you go with POR. Is it worth the extra $400 to me yes, to you....???

sunsetbeachgal 03-15-2013 05:00 PM

If the six nights is six nights in a resort plus the extra time of the red eye flight and then late departure that is a nice long trip and what I would choose. It is a big difference from value to moderate resort, so again that is the route I would go. Especially since you had to you cancel the cruise, this would make it a great trip for everyone and more relaxing with the extra time. POR has a nice boat to Downtown Disney which you would enjoy.

Also if Disney announces any discounts you have a good chance to get it at POR...the standard LM rooms at A of A have been excluded from most discount programs.

klr6773 03-15-2013 05:54 PM

Our girls are 10 and 6...

Yes! :) The 6 nights does not include any travel time..six nights in the hotel. Arriving MCO around 10am. Even the kids are "professional red-eyers",flying to NJ to visit family regularly.We are always able to "hit the ground running" so I plan to be able to hit a park after lunchtime. Flight leaves MCO around 4:30,so we do have some time after check out on the last day as well to do any last minute shopping ...girls! ;)

Feeling like I'm leaning toward POR because that "savings" sounds like it puts us in a room quite a distance from the main bldg/transportation.

When we stayed at POFQ we rented a car and drove back and forth to parks (Feb-super easy,no traffic) Kids were 5 and under 1..didnt want to rely on buses if we had a meltdown! Thinking this time we'll save some money by not renting the car and sticking to WDW transportation.

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