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RapunzelsBFF 03-08-2013 08:00 PM

Room Charges Question
I used the search feature to see if anyone had asked about this previously, and did not have luck, so I am hoping there might be someone out there who can give me some insight.
My boyfriend and I just got home from 5 nights at Pop Century. We paid for the hotel room using his credit card and put the same card on file for our room charges. We originally planned to stay only four nights, but on the second day of our trip we decided to add a fifth night. I paid for the extra night's stay with a different card, my debit card (the only plastic I had with me). The cast member at the front desk asked me if I wanted to keep the original card available for room charging, and I said yes, please only charge the Visa (debit) for the extra night we are adding on and keep the card we already have on file for room charges.
The night before checkout I got a phone call to the room telling me that I would receive an email with a breakdown of all the charges made to the room during our stay. We got home at 6 PM, and no email. I checked my bank account to make sure the amount I was told would be charged for the extra night went through, and was surprised when I saw several different charges which seemed to line up with the amount we had spent after we added on the extra night. The only time I used that card during our stay was to pay for the 5th night. I am thinking the cast member possibly made a mistake and put my card on file for the remainder of our stay once I paid for the extra night. I called Pop Century, but was redirected to a call center, and given another phone number to call to get more clarification. They will be open at 10 AM, but this is bothering me. There is a ton of money missing from my bank account, and I am not sure how we could even get this resolved?
Has anyone ever been in a situation like this before? I get paid monthly, so missing all this cash on March 8th, and not getting paid again until April 1st is kind of a big deal for me.

Thanks in advance if anyone can respond with some insight.

buzznina 03-08-2013 08:17 PM

It does sound like the CM changed the room charging to your debit card, especially since you mentioned that the charges line up with what you spent. A way to definately find out is to go online and view the original credit card charges during that time period. If the charges do not show up there then you know that is what happened.

Wood Nymph 03-08-2013 08:18 PM

They will straighten it out, I'm sure. Have both credit card numbers handy when you call. They can credit your debit card and put the charges on your boyfriend's credit card if you tell them what happened. It shouldn't be a problem.

I had wanted a copy of the charges on my credit card, the card that had put on the room. I had to call their accounting department to get the copy of the bill, but I had to wait until the office was open at 9 am EST.

RapunzelsBFF 03-08-2013 08:26 PM

Thanks for the quick responses.
I definitely plan on calling right when they open tomorrow and explain the situation to get it sorted out.

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