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writersblock42 03-06-2013 07:32 PM

Because it is all about dessert...
What desserts are included on the DDP? We have one more ADR to make and my son only wants Rainforest Cafe if it includes the sparkling volcano dessert on the DDP. At $15, I am surprised if it is included or maybe it costs 2 dessert credits :confused3
Also I was looking at some restaurants and some restaurants don't have dessert listed on the menu. What table service meals do not have a dessert and if they don't have dessert, then can we get an appetizer instead?
Also what counter service meals do not have dessert?
Don't judge...please....we don't normally eat like this (maybe dessert at home once a week) but it is vacation so bring on the chocolate cake :banana:

TDC Nala 03-06-2013 07:34 PM

The volcano apparently is available but it counts as multiple credits, meaning it would be the entire party's dessert. Not sure how many credits, but just two may not be enough.

I can't think of any TS that do not have dessert for lunch or dinner. No desserts with breakfasts. In the case of breakfast you give up the dessert allotment altogether. Some CS have no desserts but give something like a bag of chips as a substitute.

Trading a dessert for an appetizer at TS is never allowed.

aml3679 03-06-2013 08:15 PM

Go to All Ears net, it has menus with prices listed.

writersblock42 03-06-2013 08:21 PM

I just did a search and it looks like it takes three adult dessert credits which is a little unfair because that means it is $5 per person and other desserts are more than that. I think that it should be 2 dessert credits.

MSSANDRA 03-07-2013 09:28 PM

We have had the volcano a few times. I am thinking that the last time we did it, she told us it was for the whole table's credits. We had 3 adults and one child but the child just wanted plain ice cream and has food allergies so she brought him a bowl of that. It is good, but not one the best dessert we have had at WDW. It really is very large and much bigger than typical 3 desserts at WDW. This is now the 2nd year for Rain Forrest on the DDP so they may have made some adjustments. We have never eaten anywhere that did not have dessert, but there may be a cart or two with out it. Most CS dessert are nothing special, and get a little old after a while. I do like the apple pie thing at Columbia House. TS does have some yummy stuff. We really enjoyed the dessert sampler at Mama Melrose last trip. A few places will still sometimes let you order a milk shake for a drink if you ask. That's way too much for us but if you are going for a sugar high.....hey go all the way:upsidedow

MinnieLovesMickey12 03-07-2013 09:38 PM

Our server really pushed us to get the Volcano dessert. He told us it would be 4 adult credits and I was like, UM no I don't think we are trading 4 adult dessert credits for one $15 dessert when there are 5 of us at the table. I think they get a bonus for selling those things because he was really trying hard to get us to get that. I told him no thank you we will each be ordering our own sep desserts. And we did. I don't even like Choc cake so that Volcano thing didn't appeal to me and one of my kids hates choc cake too. So we just didn't want it.

I do know my fav dessert of our last trip was the Ice Age Indulgence at T-Rex Cafe. 4 of us got it. It is a square dessert that looks like a Lasagna but it is made out of Ice Cream sandwiches. It has crumbled Heath bar pieces on top of it drizzled with choc sauce and whipped cream. It was SOOOO GOOD. But I am a big fan of ice cream sandwiches.

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