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mommaU4 03-05-2013 02:49 PM

DIS Divas Trip! Check out our segment on the DIS Unplugged! (link in 1st post)
Welcome to the planning thread for the DIS Ladies-only Disneyland trip!!

We are currently working on our 8th Annual trip, and the dates for that are Wednesday, February 25 - Sunday, March 1, 2015.

The trip is open for anyone to join provided you are female (sorry guys!), over the age of 18, and love Disney!! If you are interested in joining the trip you can find more information, as well as pictures from previous trips, in the posts below.

Feel free to post on the thread and introduce yourself. My name is Beth. I am a stay at home mom of 4. I came up with the idea and started the planning for the ladies-only trips back in Nov. 2007, with our first official trip taking place in April of '08. Since then we've had many DIS ladies join us, some returning every year since the first. On our first trip we had around 35 ladies, but that number is steadily increasing each year, and on our last trip we had around 94 attendees! We have become known as the "DIS Divas", and I hope you will consider joining us as we plan for our next fun-filled Disneyland trip.

Check out our DIS Divas segment on the DIS Unplugged Podcast DIS Unplugged Podcast 03/06/14

*Front Page Index (a.k.a. Where the heck can I find.....?????)*

Post 1 ~ Trip welcome and dates
Post 2 ~ Girls-only Trip FAQs
Post 3 ~ Schedule and T-shirt info
Post 4 ~ Trip Attendees
Post 5 ~ Committee Members and Contact Persons
Post 6 ~ Company D, Roommate/Hotel list, WIWF Tour
Post 7 ~ Meet and Greet party info, and sign up list
Post 8 ~ Scavenger Hunt Info and Teams
Post 9 ~ Meal Sign-up Lists
Posts 10, 11, 12, and 13 ~ Photos
Post 14 ~ In Memoriam
Post 15 ~ The mother of all packing lists!

Meet Tinkerbites - Our Trip Mascot!

mommaU4 03-05-2013 02:50 PM

DIS Diva Trip Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of FAQs for those who are new to the annual Disneyland Girls-only Trips:

Q: Who can join the trip?
A: Anyone who is age 18 and older, is female, loves Disney and is ready to have fun and make new friends.

Q: When is it?
A: Wednesday, February 25 - Sunday, March 1, 2015

Q: How much does it cost?
A: How much the trip costs will vary from person to person based on your airfare/travel costs, which meals/park tours you sign up for, how much you spend on souvenirs, if you already have an annual pass, and of course which hotel room you book. There are fees involved for certain activities, such as the Scavenger Hunt, the matching group tees, the Meet and Greet party, etc. but, those are optional and will be discussed closer to the start of the trip on our Facebook page.

Q: Is this a tour guided group?
A: No, this is not a tour group at all. It is a group of individual DIS ladies who meet up yearly to celebrate their love of Disney at the Happiest Place on Earth. Each person is responsible for making their own travel and hotel arrangements, for signing up for which meals and tours they are interested in, for buying their own park tickets, etc.
You will not be told to be at a certain place at a certain time, but rather will be offered a variety of options to choose from to tailor your trip the way you want it.

Q: What meals and tours are offered?
A: The meal sign-ups will be posted as the trip gets closer. A schedule will be posted and then you can pick and choose what you want to join. The meals vary from year to year but there have previously been large group meals at Cafe Orleans, Carnation Cafe, Jazz Kitchen, Goofy's Kitchen, etc.
The tours are offered by the parks so check the Disneyland website to see what selection they have.
Contact people will be posted as the trip draws closer and will be in charge of making meal and tour reservations for all those signed up.

Q: What's the deal with the t-shirts colors and group tee?
A: Since we are such a large group, we have found that wearing the same color shirts on different days helps us stand out from the crowd. Each year the colors change, but they will be posted under the schedule so you'll know what shirt color to wear when. (This is entirely optional) For example, if a day says red, then those wanting to participate would wear something red...a tank top, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc. that they purchase on their own. We also have a matching group tee that is a new design every year. Details on that will be posted in the thread on how and when to order.

Q: Will I feel awkward if it's my first time? Does everyone already know each other? Should I come alone or bring a friend?
A: This is a very welcoming group of ladies and the more you make an effort to get to know everyone, the more relaxed you will feel on the trip. The trip thread is a great place to post information about yourself, along with a picture and get to know everyone. Some ladies have been here since the first trip and have formed close bonds, others are brand new this year. We always have a mix of veterans and newbies. Everyone is welcome to bring a friend or family member, but they are welcome to come alone as many of the ladies do. I'd highly recommend attending the Meet and Greet party as that is a great way to get to know everyone at the start of the trip.

Q: Where does everyone stay?
A: The past six years we've mainly roomed at the Hojo Anaheim, which is a nice hotel within walking distance of the parks, and close to Mimi's Cafe and McDonalds, or the Grand Californian. Some of the ladies choose to room together to cut costs. We've also had ladies book rooms at other hotels along Harbor Blvd. It's really a matter of personal preference and finances, and you can choose which hotel works best for you.

Q: How will I get to know everyone? What if I get separated from the group?
A: Before the trip, chatting on this thread or on Facebook is a great way to get to know everyone. There are pictures of the ladies on the front page so you can "see" who you are talking to before hand. Feel free to post your own photo on the thread for me to add to the list. We put together a list of cell phone numbers prior to the trip which is then handed out so everyone can keep in touch. Early on in the trip is the Meet and Greet which is a fun party and a great ice breaker.

Q: How do you keep 80, 90, or more ladies together??
A: Easy.....we don't. Touring the parks as a group would be nearly impossible. We do plan certain group activities, and the rest of the time we break off into smaller groups based on your interests. There will be some who want to shop, some who want to ride the fast rides, some who want to go get a drink (lol) etc.
The group activities we usually do are a daily group meals, some group rides, group photos, a group scavenger hunt, tours (if anyone is interested in signing up for those) and the first night Meet and Greet. I can assure you that everyone in the group is very welcoming and with a group this large no one should have any problems finding someone, or several someones, to hang out with.

Q: How do I join?
A: Just post on the thread! Give us your name, tell us a little about yourself, post a picture if you can, and that's it. Check in now and then to see what plans are being discussed. Most information can be found on the front page, so if you get behind in the thread you can check here for any important changes or updates. Most serious planning won't begin until we are much closer to the trip date.

**Hopefully that information helped clear up any of the more frequently asked questions regarding the DIS Girls-only trips, but if you have anymore questions or concerns, feel free to post on the thread or send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer them.

mommaU4 03-05-2013 02:52 PM

2015 Schedule and T-Shirt Information
Announcing the overall theme for the 2015 DIS Diva trip!

Basic Schedule - 2015 (a work in progress, updated as needed)

**Wednesday, February 25 (Lime green DisDivaland shirt or any lime green shirt):
Arrivals at various times throughout the day and evening.
Breakfast: On your own
Lunch: Pacific Wharf Area
Dinner: Melting Pot or Tangaroa Terrace

**Thursday, February 26 (Carsland turquoise shirt or any turquoise shirt):
Breakfast: Riverbelle Terrace
Lunch: Café Orleans or ?
Dinner: Meet and Greet party @ Paradise Pier Hotel 6:00

**Friday, February 27 (Royal blue crest shirt or any royal blue shirt):
Breakfast: Storyteller's or Flo's Cafe
Meet at WoC viewing area for group photo @ 9:40
Scavenger Hunt Instructions/Team pics @ 10:00 at tables by Paradise Pier area.
Scavenger Hunt ends @ 1:15 at Paradise Pier.
Lunch: Paradise Grill, Boardwalk Pizza, or other nearby counter service of your choice. (hunt results read after lunch at 2:00)
Dinner: Big Thunder BBQ or Pizza Port

**Saturday, February 28 (New group shirt - info coming soon):
Mother/daughter photo and group tiara photo in front of castle (time TBD)
Breakfast: Carnation Cafe or Jolly Holiday
Lunch: Rancho del Zocalo
Dinner: Carthay Circle or Plaza Inn

**Sunday, March 1 (Your favorite Disney shirt):
Departures throughout the day.
Farewell breakfast: Surf's Up character meal
Lunch: Earl of Sandwich

mommaU4 03-05-2013 02:53 PM

Trip Attendees
2015 Trip Attendees

Alison/Cat's daughter
Allison S.
Angie/BC Disney Lover
Becky/Beckyjane (Mel's DD)
Brenda/Bernice's sister
Carrie/Tracey's friend
Cheryl/Rose's friend
Dana/Becci's friend
Dee Dee/Lyn's friend
Dee Dee/PixieDustD
Donna/Tina's mom
Emmalee/Heather's daughter
Felecia/Courtney's mom
Helen/Maureen's friend
Jamie K./Sarah B.'s sister
Jean/Diane's friend
Jennifer L./Allison's sister
Jessica/Belle Ella
Jill F./4fosterkids
Julie/Allison's friend
Kaitlyn B./Mel's daughter
Karen/Tracey's cousin
Laurie/DizNee Luver
Linda K./Sarah B's mom
Mary Jo/Mary Jo
Michaele/Kandace's MIL
Patty/Happy 2 B Me
Sarah B./Mel's daughter-in-law
Shel/Michele's friend
Shelli/Tracey's sister
Tammy S./Stacie's friend
Terresa/Dana's friend
Tiffany B./Mel's daughter-in-law
Tina A./starsnowgirl

mommaU4 03-05-2013 02:58 PM

2015 Committee Members and Contact Persons
Scavenger Hunt Committee members:
Linda R.
Lisa (LisaDog)

Meet and Greet Committee members:

Scheduling Committee:

GKTW Charity Committee members:
Dee Dee
Heather C.
Jen G.
Mary Jo

Schedule Printout/Phone List/Name Tag printout:
Beth - phone list
Carol - name tag print outs
Callie/Dan - name tag designs

Done in smaller, individual groups this year.

Pub Crawl Committee

mommaU4 03-05-2013 02:59 PM

Company D shopping list, Roommate/Hotel list, and Tour List
Roommate List:

~ Grand Californian Hotel ~
1. Shel, Michele S., Michele F., and Monica (full)
2. Jen H., Cynthia, Nicole, Allison S., Pam, Jodi, Jen L. and one other (two adjoining rooms, full)
3. see above
4. Katie, Capri, Wendy, Tammy (full)
5. Bridget, Lisa(dog), Melody (full)
6. Paula, Vanessa, Anjie and Raquel (full)
7. Nancy G., and Nancy H. (full)
8. Brianne, Cheryl, and Linda (full)
9. Stacie B., Vicki M., Heather C. and possibly Tammy S. (full)
10. Becci, Dana, Terresa, and Sheila (open to one more)
11. Bernice, Alison I., Maureen and Brenda (full)
12. Tina and Donna (full)
13. Catrina, Lisa, Alison, Kandace, Michaele, Karisa, Debra, and Jane (DVC villa, full)
14. Lisa D. and Cindy (full)
15. Theresa, Angie and Beth (full)
16. Vicki L.?
17. Heather S., Emmalee, Ruth, and Shannon (full)
18. Patty N. (full)

~ Other hotels ~
1. January, her mother and daughter (Disneyland Hotel)
2. AmySue, Stacie F., Steph, and Cristabel (Park Vue)
3. Trudi and Sarah

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:00 PM

2015 Meet and Greet Party Information
In keeping with our trip theme, The Wonderful World of Divas, the M&G committee would like to announce the theme for our 2015 M&G: Disney's World of Color-ful Divas!


When: Thursday, February 26th, at 6:00pm
Where: Paradise Pier Hotel
Cost: $67
Payment Due: (sign-ups are complete)

Come and be a part of our signature event! Relax with a drink, mingle with friends (lots of mingling time this year), get to know new Divas, fabulous food, games/prizes, and enjoy some fundraising fun provided by our lovely Fundraising Committee!

What should you wear? Come dressed wearing your favorite color from head to toe of course! Yes, you read that right...come wearing just one, single color! (All red, or all blue, or all purple, or all orange, ect.) You can dress up, dress casual, or dress crazy. The only rule is everything you wear needs to be the same, single color. The top three best dressed will win a prize!

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:03 PM

Our 2015 Scavenger Hunt theme (and pics from 2014)
Announcing the 2015 Scavenger Hunt theme... Divas' Carousel of Color!

*****Scavenger Hunt*****

Here are our 2015 teams:
Team 1: Stacie B., Vicki, Tina, and Donna

The Little Black Rain Clouds: Catrina, Alison, Kandace, and Mary Jo

Color Me Calcutta: Stacie F., Amy, Cristabel, and Stephanie

A Wonderland of Color: Nancy, Nancy, Cindy, and Lisa D.

Mine! Mine! Mine! Gull Girls: Bernice, Alison, Brenda, and Maureen

Sugar Rush Speed Divas: Jen H., Cynthia, Nicole, and Katie

Kaleidoscope of Krazy: Karisa, Vanessa, Angie, and Shannon

Rainbow Skittles: Terresa, Dana, Sheila, and Jen G.

The Diva-tectives: Heather, Emmalee, Monica, and Shel

Oozma Kapaa: Allison, Jennifer, and Julie

Team 11: Tracey R., and her three family members

The Lollipop Kids: Laurie, Michele, Kacy, and Kody

Team 13: RoseAnn, DeeDee, Lisa G., and Ruth

Once Upon a DisDiva! (our 2014 theme)

Hunt prizes were awarded to:

Best Costumes: Pixie Pirates
Best Name: Tweedles
1st Place - Villainous Divas of Storybrook
2nd Place - <---They Went That Away--->
3rd place - Make it Blue
11th Place - Ali Baba Runners
And to Kandace and Beth for guessing the hunt theme.

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:04 PM

Meal Sign-up Lists (table service only)
*****Meal Sign-ups******
Sorry - All sign-ups are completed at this time.

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:05 PM

DIS "Diva" trips - Fun times, great memories

Fun times with the Divas:

~ Photos from our Very Merry Un-Christmas themed Meet and Greet party ~

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:06 PM

Meet the Divas!

(If you're photo is not in any of the below posts and you'd like to have it shown here, just post one on the thread, or send it to me in a PM and I will be happy to add it. If your photo is here, but you'd like a different or updated one, you can also either post it or send it to me, and I will change it. Thanks!)

DisneyStitch626 - Andrea

cccdisney - Becci

funnygarcia - Bernice

mommaU4 - Beth

sierranevada - Bridget

Mary Jo - Mary Jo and disney-super-mom - Capri

karylrocks - Carol

toocherie - Cheryl

Califgirl - Chris

disney-inspired - Cristabel

Belle1997 - Ruth and starshipdelphi - Cynthia

jordansmomma - Debra

Sheila and her daughter deesquared - Dianna

Daisy_77 - January

grizbuzz - Jen

MrsPinUp - Jen

Belle Ella - Jessica

4Fosterkids - Jill

JodiLuvsDisney - Jodi

kandyk - Kandace

MamaKate - Katie

ten6mom - Karisa

tkitty - Tami and her daughter Lckykittie - Jennifer

Disney_Princess09 - Vanessa

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:07 PM

More lovely Divas!
cittycat - Catrina and her daughter Alison

lulubelle - Linda and her daughter lulubellesDD - Brianne

LisaCat - Lisa

Becky (Mel's DD), Linda (Sarah's mom), Jamie (Sarah's sister), Sarah (Mel's DIL), Kaitlyn (Mel's DD), Melody - tinkermell, Tiffany (Mel's DIL)

Zoemakes5 - Michelle

Alex2kMommy - Michelle

pixidustmom - Michele

groovygirl927 - Monica

eatmypixiedust - Rochelle

sahbushka - SarahMay

VintageDisneyRules - Trudi and her daughter MotoXPrincess99 - Sarah

grumpyvet - AmySue and Stacerita - Stacie

CoMickey - Vicki and stacielee - Stacie

21yankees - Steph

Wendy - wendypooh22 and TTLee - Tammy

Donna and her daughter BillyFan - Tina

Wendylady36 - Wendy

NancyGem - Nancy and NorCalGal - Cindy

disneydiane61 - Diane

PixieDustD - Dee Dee

starsnowgirl - Tina

dec2009mama - Jennifer

Kelmac284 - Kelly and her mom Rosemarie

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:07 PM

More lovely Divas!

sameyeyam - Alison

BC Disney Lover - Angie

smile4stamps - Paula and AnjieNet - Anjie

prettyprincessbelle - Courtney and her mom Felecia

Dangermouse - Callie and her mom Jane

QueenDoOver - Tracey

cheshiregirl - Jane

Queenbillabong - Theresa

CamoMama - Heather

nwdisgal - Pam and VillainLover - Nicole

Linda and her daughter Allison

Grumpy Grandma - Linda and her daughter Jessica

Tiggerholic - Lyn

rtfelt - RoseAnn

Escape2Disney - Carrie

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:08 PM

In Memoriam of Dawn/fairykin
"I've found that true Disney Magic happens not necessarily in the park or for some special's about the people you are with!" Words of wisdom spoken by a true Diva.

mommaU4 03-05-2013 03:09 PM

Need a packing list? Start with this!

Annual Pass
Baby powder
Bath puff
Body lotion
Body spray
Body wash
Camera/memory card
Camera back up batteries
Cell phone
Chargers: music player, camera, phone, etc.
Clothing (coordinate shirts with daily schedule of what to wear and when, and don't forget your pants, lol)
Contact lenses/case/solution
Credit cards/ATM card
Curlers/curling iron
Dental floss
Downey wrinkle releaser
Drivers license/passport
Earplugs for those with snoring roommates
Envelopes for maid's tips
Exchange gift & packaging
Extra suitcase for souvenirs
Face cleansing cloths/make-up remover pads
First aid kit (band-aids, antibiotic cream, hydrogen peroxide)
Gloves/hat for cold evenings
Hair Dryer
Hair spray
Hand sanitizer
Hangers (there's never enough in hotel rooms)
Important papers: flight info, hotel info, transportation info, trip notes, etc.
Lysol spray (travel size) or wipes for germy hotel rooms
Make-up bag
Medicine (airborne, vitamins, aspirin/tylenol, immodium, pepto, cough drops, nyquil/dayquil, antacids, personal prescriptions)
Meet and Greet costume/accessories
Mini flashlight
Music player and earphones
Nail clippers and file
Park accessories (pins for trading, Mickey ears, etc)
Permanent marker
Pillow (small blanket too if you don't like hotel bedding or for plane travel)
Ponytail holders/hair clips
Power strip (especially for those with several roommates)
Purse/wallet/backpack/tote/fanny pack
Q-tips/cotton balls
Rain poncho for water rides
Room deodorizer for hotel bathroom (your roomies will thank you!)
Room supplies: Water, Drinks, Snacks, etc.
Scavenger Hunt team accessories/supplies
Sense of humor and adventure!!!
"Shark Week" supplies if needed
Shaving cream
Sign for hotel room door and tape to secure it
Static guard
Sticky notes
Swimsuit for late night jacuzzi runs
Trash bag for dirty laundry
Vaseline (for lips/hands in dry hotel rooms)
Water bottle (reusable)
Wet Ones hand wipes
Ziplock baggies

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