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LittleStinkerbelle 02-25-2013 09:06 AM

Travel Dates on Payment Invoice Wrong - anyone else?
Yesterday we PIF the package portion of our split stay :cool1:.

Today we got the invoice email for that payment and I noticed that the depart date is wrong (it's showing we depart a week after arrival when in fact it's really three nights after arrival).

I logged on to My Disney Experience and the dates are correct there and they are right on the confirmation email I got when I originally booked. I went back and looked at the invoice email I got for the $200 deposit when we first booked and that has the date wrong too (at least they are consistent:lmao:).

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen recently. I'm thinking I should chalk it up to their systems being wonky. When I called in January to apply the Spring discount, everything was right in their system.

Cartman0519 02-25-2013 10:42 AM

Payment invoice Wrong
I definitely think this error in dates would be worth a phone call before you show up at the resort and have problems with check in or check out. I have not ever done a split stay, but I have had problems with computer system errors.

The last time we stayed at Music, we requested 2 preferred rooms, park hopper, water parks, etc. and that is what our original confirmations all said.
We then added the free dining that came about, and got new confirmations. I did not notice (should have paid more attention), but they booked us one standard and one preferred room and no park hopper and no waterpark.

When I tried to fix all of this upon checkin, they were less than helpful and simply told me that I should have paid more attention when booking and that I should just be happy to be to be at DIsney rather than at home.

I think I would try to have everything straightened out before going.:)

LittleStinkerbelle 02-25-2013 10:51 AM

Welcome to the board, Cartman0519!:welcome: Yikes, sorry they were less than helpful straightening things out for you:(.

After I posted this I mentioned it to DH (who was the one who actually called in the payment) and he said they confirmed the dates correctly so I think we're good to go:thumbsup2. But I will be sure to give a keen eye to all the details on our travel docs when they arrive ;). In thinking about it further, I wonder if the glitch is driven by the fact that we have 8 day tix on this package (we'll be using them for both parts of the stay). Eh, I suppose I should just stop trying to make sense of it :confused3:rotfl:.

shalom 02-25-2013 11:14 AM

I've heard that it's much tougher to straighten things out after you've checked in than before (although that may be a DVC thing) -- at the very least, I'd want to checked and straightened out before I checked in.

If they have you staying longer, then are they charging you the right amount? That would be a big indicator that it's a big problem! :upsidedow

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