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Bonniec 02-21-2013 06:16 PM

If I book a dummy date while on board, can I move it earlier if a Florida resident or kids sail free opens up last minute?

I'm not sure what we will do in the future. We are going first trip in October concierge. In 2014 we don't really have much travel expense planned. So either we would do a short, last minute trip (4 or less days) or become spoiled on concierge and just skip 2014 and wait for 2015.

I know booking on board does nothing for concierge. But if a last minute deal opened up we might just take a short trip. So I guess my question is if it is worth booking anything on board?

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lbgraves 02-21-2013 06:40 PM

You can't move an OBB to a KSF booking since you can only use one discount at a time. You could move it further out if it isn't after the PIF date.

Bonniec 02-21-2013 07:03 PM

Okay, that's what I wondered. So there wouldn't be any point to my booking on board because we will either do concierge or a kids sail free/fl resident discount. Thanks!

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