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Notso 02-20-2013 03:34 PM

Fantasy 1BR Suite question
Those of you who have stayed in one, can you share how far out the single murphybed goes. Does it totally block the hallway from the living area?

Also, it looks like there is one really big closet in that hallway. Would it be big enough for a pack n play? Our youngest has a portable cot that she LOVES and sleeps really well in. It is just a touch bigger than a pnp, and we'll take it for her if there's a chance of making a private space for her to nap.

Thanks for the help!

dan and scott 02-20-2013 03:52 PM

We sailed early dec 2012 in 1 bedroom on the Dream.
The murphey bed takes up alot of space but u will be able to walk by it in hallway. Although I kept hitting my feet on the "end rail" feet on either side of bottom of bed.
We were 2 doors down from the Roy suite.
Although the suite appears large it is quite small if you have 4 adults in the room. Of course we had 2 women traveling with us which had to bring all their junk with them.
I felt the "large" walkin closet was pretty useless as you at tops could fit 3 maybe 4 lg pieces of luggage in it then it was hard to get anything in it.
There is another closset opposite of it that could fit a small 24inch roll on and some shelves.
The room itself was beautiful and having conceirge ammenities was great!
Full dining room breakfast was a nice perk as the butler came in set the table and placed the food was awesome! The food was always hot not cold or just warm enough. The lounge at a great selection of appetizers and the staff would go extra mile to get anything reasonable for you. We asked for Martinellis sparkling cider and the next day they had it for us. my partner Dan went thru all the bud light on first day and they brought more up for him.
They changed are dining table so we could be with past cruise friends from the previous sailing.
There are 4 big drawers under the bed and drawers in the living room entertainment system console.
We did find we had to change around the 2 wing chairs in living room to make them work for our needs.
The master shower is to die for as it had a rain head from the ceiling-good water pressure.
We are booked on the Fantasy in 2014 in a 1 bedroom.
You also can book cruises from the concierge desk in lounge with no waiting like booking desk on deck 5.


Bear3412 02-20-2013 04:29 PM

The useable open/floor space in the Dream Class cat T walkin closet, off the main hall, is 31" X 52".
The door opens out and is 23", which is on the long side of these dimensions.
What the floor plans fail to show is the rear of closet has an organizer of shelves and drawers, which consumes 22" of space all the way across the back wall of closet. Also the shape is not a perfect rectangle with 90 degree angles. You can see from the floor plan the hall wall is at an angle. So actually one wall is 29" deep the other 33" deep, with the width at 52", if that makes sense. Also the HVAC is between the closet and the little desk, so that eats up space too from what appears initially to be a large closet. You can sort of see the HVAC is discolored in the floor plan. The life jackets are on the top shelf too consuming a good 10".

IMO it would be a tight fit for a big PnP, now a small one .....

Almost forgot, the light is motion activated. We found this annoying. You were bent down rifling through the drawers/safe and the light would go out. :) Our host tweaked it, but still.... Not sure how that would function with little person in there.

FWIW this is from 12526 Fantasy. Could be different elsewhere.

We used some of the pillows to block/cover the steel legs on the murphy, when down.


Bear3412 02-20-2013 04:46 PM

No drawers under the Fantasy cat T beds fwiw. Thats where our luggage went along with other items.

Notso 02-20-2013 04:56 PM

Thanks so much to you both! It sounds like the closet would be a tight fit for our 48X26 cot, and the motion activated light really wouldn't work. We have a one bedroom adjoining a family suite. Maybe we'd be best served with the kids sleeping bunk style in the family suite. If they can't sleep well together, we'd have the murphy as a backup.

One less thing to pack!

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