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GS for life 02-19-2013 08:25 PM

Dining with an imagineer
Hi, I have been trying to get more info on the lunch with the imagineer and have been finding mixed stuff. My youngest is 9 and really wants to do this, but I can't find lunch pricing for her on the disneyworld site. They only have for age >10 yrs. other Disney sites have info, and even reviews for this age group. I tried calling the dining number, but all she could fine was that it was recommended for ages older than 14. She put me on hold to get more info, but then the survey started and it ended the call. I know that it is expensive and long but I think my girls would enjoy it as a special treat. We are DVC owners now and plan to cook some meals, so we can splurge on this.

PictureJumpr 02-19-2013 09:21 PM

I have done this one several times over the years, and it is a great experience - but it really does depend on which Imagineer you get.

There is no different price or menu for kids - they are expected to eat and pay as adults. The menu is a limited version of the HBD menu, with 4 or 5 entree choices. The experience is marketed by Disney for folks over 14, after all - not that younger folks don't/wouldn't enjoy it, just that they are handled the same way as adults for this event.

I have attended when kids between 9 and 13 were in attendance, and some have done really well with the lengthy conversations, and some have gotten bored. Like I said, it depends on the Imagineer you get and what exact field of operations he/she is involved with, if it's something the attendees get into then the afternoon passes too quick, while if it's something most of the group is disinterested in then it can seem almost stiff and awkward.

GS for life 02-20-2013 03:05 PM

Thanks. I am going to try and call again to get more info. My 14 yo wants to do animation and the 9 yo wants to build rockets, etc. thank you NASA Wallops Island free visitor center for that inspiration. We did Kennedy Space Center 2 yrs ago as well. I suppose it really will depend on who comes to lunch...

TDC Nala 02-20-2013 04:31 PM

They won't be able to tell you ahead of time who the imagineer will be or what field they work in.

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