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TwingleMomFl 02-14-2013 06:56 AM

Help! Last minute plans to go to Disneyland!
Hi everyone. We are experts on WDW living in Florida. We will be visiting on Monday, and although we have been to d.l. before, I haven't put anytime into planning this visit, as this is so last minute and not the main purpose for coming out. Anything new that is a must to see? Any dining I should try to plan for my kids that is a must do? Are the crowds going to be crazy on Monday? Anything you can help with would be FANTASTIC!

CaptainEIEIO 02-14-2013 09:12 AM

The Cars Land area is a must see over in California Adventure, so get the park hopper. That area will be packed though as its new and is still drawing in the crowds. Be sure and get a fastpass early for Radiator Springs Racers as they run out fast. Another must see in California Adventure is the Aladin show. At Disneyland for me it Pirates, Star Tours, Indy, and the Tiki Room, and don't miss the train ride around the park as it has something that WDW train ride doesn't. Another thing I never miss is Great Moments With Mr Lincoln, we always visit that first upon entering the park, it has turned into a tradition for us to do that first.

Dining at DL is not at all like at WDW. Do not do the Dining program their as your better off just going with cash. Downtown Disney is right their too with lots of places to eat. Reservations are not as necessary at DL as they are at WDW. We eat at the Blue Bayou right by Pirates of the Caribbean sometimes, but if your going to eat there get a seat by the water, and definately check on reservations for this place, it can be crowded, and some consider it pricey. We have gotten reservations the same day we arrived but it was for not normal eating hours. Someone else may be able to help you with the kids dining areas, mine are all grown up and we havent done the kid thing in quite awhile now. If I ever get grandkids I will happily take them with me though and do more of the kid thing. One of our favorite places to eat at is French Quarter, it is a QS type of place in New Orleans square.

Monday should be a light day for crowds, but I have been hearing that for some reason it has been more crowded than usual this year and no one can figure out why.

To me Disneyland is not really a planning kind of place like WDW is. Just get the pamplet for the shows when you enter the park to see what shows you may want to go to and plan time around that. Both parks and Downtown Disney are all there side by side and we usually just go with the flow.

Girimama33 02-14-2013 09:51 AM

Hopefully you will have a park hopper ticket. You will want to start in DCA. Get there least 45 minutes prior to opening. The hotel guests will have EMH that day...take advantage of that if you are staying onsite. If your kids are younger, I suggest one person get in the FP line for RSR (which will extend around Carthay Circle theater and down Hollywood Blvd - Don't let it scare you), and the other take the kids around that side of the park. You can meet up at the FP distribution at Its Tough to be a Bug. If your kids are over 7, you can use the single rider line for RSR.
After the morning in DCA, you can hop over to DL and possibly take advantage of F! or the fireworks.
I also second French Market for counter service in DL and Flos in DCA. Turkey legs are DH's fav...I like the corn dogs.
I imagine Monday will be pretty busy. It is a holiday for a lot of people...myself included.

Have a great time.

cristyhas3 02-14-2013 09:55 AM

This Monday? That's President's Day. I would guess that it will be pretty busy.

CaptainEIEIO 02-14-2013 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Girimama33 (Post 47504188)
I imagine Monday will be pretty busy. It is a holiday for a lot of people...myself included.

Have a great time.

Good Point...I forgot it was a holiday for some, but since I don't get it off I forgot all about it.

SweetAlex 02-14-2013 12:33 PM


Originally Posted by cristyhas3 (Post 47504224)
This Monday? That's President's Day. I would guess that it will be pretty busy.

We went over Presidents Day weekend in 2011 and it was WAY busier on the Sunday... like crazy busy. The Monday was actually quite manageable so you might be okay! Have a great time!

m1l2k3 02-14-2013 07:11 PM

Help !!!
I am also visiting next week, Wednesday - last minute
We have been annual pass holders at WDW but first visit to DL.
I am still trying to pick a hotel. We normally stay at contemporary at wDW.
We will arrive around 3:00 pm on Wednesday and leave either after the park
closes on THursday or early Friday morning. Any suggestions ? Hopper or not ?
Which park takes most time ? Traveling with DS 12, DS 9, DD6, on a family trip to San Diego.

TwingleMomFl 02-14-2013 07:41 PM

You will love it. I love DL as it has the best of all WDW. I love how they have the original rides, and the Matterhorn! I love pirates, buzz light year, and space mountain so much more than WDW! The toontown area is so much better( do they even call that anymore? Since they don't have it at WDW? ) I didn't care for california park last time although that whole boardwalk area is neat. Oh , I also feel the quick service food is much better too!

1coolnini 02-15-2013 12:25 AM

Monday will be crowded. Lots of local AP holders have the day off and will spend it at the park. Make sure you are at the park by opening, the lines to many rides are short first thing in the morning. California Adventure has undergone a huge makeover the last few years. Cars land opened last June and it is great. Fast passes for Radiator springs a gone quickly, so try the single rider line. We love Soaring over California and Toy Story Mania, hit those rides first thing in the morning. We just had dinner tonight at Aerial's Grotto, nice meal with Princesses that come to your table to chat and take photos.

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