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Dreamsdocometrue9112 02-12-2013 10:37 PM

Pop Century…for adults?
We will be at Pop Century for our upcoming April trip. We will mostly all be adults, with the exception of my niece and nephew that will only be there for 3 days out of the 7 day trip. DH and I have stayed at Pop for previous trips and have enjoyed it, but I am getting a bit concerned about my brother's who are in their 30s (without kids). This will be my family's first stay on site.

Do you think it's pretty much a "family with young children" resort, or adult-friendly as well? The only way for 12 of us to stay on site would be to stay value. I just want to make sure it's the right resort. Would you suggest another value resort instead?


spiceycat 02-13-2013 03:46 AM

Pop century is my favorite in the values.

there are probably more singles and couples here than at the other value resorts.

you will also probably see more hc (in wheelchair or scooters) - Pop is about as flat as Disney goes - so it is easy to get around.

love the food court and the pool bar. think you and your family will be happy at Pop. that say you need to go with the attitude it is a value and you won't get the service that you get at a more expensive resort.

the CM's at Pop are wonderfully and if you ask - they will be happy to help you.

wilkeliza 02-13-2013 03:54 AM

The DBF and I love Pop Century. We are 24 and 25 and never had a problem there until our last vist. The last time was the only time we have noticed the kids as there was a baby next door who cried for 2 hours nonstop. I felt so bad for the little guy. It seemed like any time the family was in the room the baby cried.

If you are looking for a quite time then call a week ahead and request a room not in a building with a pool or at least a room not facing the pool. This way if there are kids playing they typically won't be hanging out around your door or you won't hear them down at the pool.

Not going to lie several times DBF and I have debated staying moderate or at Pop because we can afford to go up a level and we always decide on Pop. The one time we stayed at a moderate we had problems with kids running outside all times of the day and night (It was at Caribbean Beach so you heard them on the wood walkways) and even a few ding door ditches but at Pop we never have that problem.

JennyDrake 02-13-2013 11:47 AM

I am Childless by Choice and have stayed at Pop numerous times.

The only resort I have found to be overwhelmed w/ *just* families was AoA.

Dreamsdocometrue9112 02-13-2013 12:41 PM

Thanks for your responses, made me feel a lot better about it :)

I just want to make sure it's a memorable experience for everyone!

Missytara 02-13-2013 01:13 PM

I love POR, but if I ever traveled with a group that needed to go value; POP would be my first and only choice.

I would love to stay in the 60's section, which is the era I grew up in....

spiceycat 02-13-2013 08:32 PM

would request lake side (these are standard rooms) - behind building 3 - tramp

or any facing the lake.

now if you have gotten preferred rooms - would change it.

fuzzlekins 02-13-2013 08:37 PM

Just curious ... Why do people like Pop better than the All Stars? We just got back from staying at Pop and loved it but we have nothing to compare it to as it was our first stay on Disney property. Although it was supposed to be our "last hoorah" at Disney for awhile, we had such an amazing trip that we all want to go back. We like the idea of trying a different resort (we were thinking maybe All Star Movies or MAYBE going up a level), but if people really like Pop better than the All Stars then maybe not?

awahl 02-13-2013 08:44 PM

I went to WDW twice last year with DBF... The first stay was at pop and loved it there for our first trip together in march. It was a last minute trip... When we went back with FD in August we stay at CBR and loved it there!!! This year we are staying at PORS and I can't wait!! Only 184 more sleeps!!!!

KrazeeK120 02-13-2013 08:51 PM

DH and I stayed at Pop last month...I really wanted to do a trip for my bday but we were trying to spend the least amount of money possible. Anyway, we were in the '50s building on the end of the resort facing the parking lot. It was SUPER quiet. The bed was a little hard for my taste, but other than that, I would definitely stay there again.

You can request a king bed room. It's not guaranteed, but we did get one, so that was a nice bonus.

JennyDrake 02-14-2013 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by fuzzlekins (Post 47499974)
Just curious ... Why do people like Pop better than the All Stars? but if people really like Pop better than the All Stars then maybe not?

_I_ don't. YES, Pop has a better food court and I love the lake.

BUT (for me) Pop has 1,000 more rooms which can mean 2,000 more people.
I dislike having to walk through the gift shop to go to the food court (yes, I know there are also outside doors.) To me, the more rooms = more people and hence more NOISE especially at food court during peak times.

My favorite resort is AS Music, love the theming and it tends to be a bit quieter than the other resorts as it draws more seniors and honeymooners on budgets.

With that said :), I stayed at Sports in August, AoA in September, Music in November, Pop in December and will stay at Movies in May!

Heather1979 02-14-2013 04:54 PM

DH and I stayed a pop a few years back and for us, we were glad that we had our own bus vs having several stops like the all star resorts. We stayed in the 50s building and had a king bed- I didn't recall having any gripes about the noise, but that was pre-kiddos when we'd leave the room at 7am and not return until after 11pm.
I remember thinking as an adult that the decor was pretty fun too- the pool was shaped like a bowling pin and the area around it looked like lanes. The steps were also shaped like bowling pins.

danceintherain 02-14-2013 07:12 PM

I have friends (two childless 25 year olds) who stayed at POP last April and LOVED it. They were thrilled at how cheaply they could stay on the Disney property. They've told me that they don't spend much time in their room though, so that could be part of it.
My DH requires a nap every day at Disney, so I don't think I could handle any of the Value resorts, even if just for the fact that the rooms are so small.

Nermel9 02-14-2013 07:15 PM

My DH and I stayed at Pop for a quick Christmas trip last year and we loved it! I was surprised, I didn't think I'd like it as much as I did, but it was great! I didn't find it to be too noisy or annoying or anything, and the Food Court was fantastic! I'd definitely stay there again, I think it's a great place for adults to stay! :thumbsup2

spiceycat 02-14-2013 07:34 PM

first of all the all stars resort are together. so at times they share one bus.

Pop was by itself - now with AOA next door it is probably nicer. It has a lake (no one at All stars) = it has some nice views - you can actually see the fireworks from Epcot. plus just love the gardens and looking at the lake.

all stars does not seem to have it - it was made for people who would be gone all day.

Pop is a better design - its food court/gift shop and arcade - plus the main pool is more in the middle of the resort. It understands that some people like to explore the resorts during the day - as well as go to the parks.

Pop has the best bus service - or did - when one bus is filled there is generally another either already there or your wait is less than 5 minutes - now at the parks you will have to wait a little longer - but not much.

with all stars it is like the epcot resorts for buses - sometimes you may get lucky and the bus is just for your resort - otherwise you go to all the resorts -
still better than epcot - either bc/yc share - BW, D&S share - or all 5 share

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