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Momma2PrinceNPrinces 02-09-2013 06:46 PM

Omg I am losing my mind. For the life of me I cannot make up my mind and actually make a reservation! Something is wrong with me ;-) We def want to do MNSSHP, and that's all I know for sure!

So here is what I have it narrowed down to so far :

Sept. 29-Oct 4...WBC for $841 ($745 plus the $12/day), Oct. 12-20 or 16-24...WH Storytime (we stayed there in may 2011 and these dates are all they have open in oct for 8 nights) for $899. WBC for mid oct rates are closer to the $1100 mark for the 8 nights. We also have the option of the week of Halloween but I'm thinking DD (who will be 6 by then) might be sad missing ToT at home. we save the little bit of $, try to brave the heat of late sept and go for WBC? Or play it safe in the better weather but s tad higher price for mid Oct?
TIA everyone!

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