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sunryzez 02-05-2013 09:44 AM

Question about onboard booking/transferring cruises
I currently have booked a back to back in Jan of 2014. My husband thinks we should do a four night cruise as well in November for our anniversary since it stops at Key West and we really want to go back there. ( We are trying to build cc status)
I wish I would have read these boards earlier because I had originally booked a cruise on a ship for this month but cancelled it when I found a florida rate for last month. I had no idea that I could have moved that one to keep the benefits and just booked the florida rate seperately ( wish my ta would of mentioned that) So my question is, if I move my Jan cruise to Nov what do you think my chances would be of still getting on the November cruise and being able to re-book a cruise that is only 2 months later?
It would be a waste to not use the "on board benefits" for the cruise in November since we can move it, but I just dont know if the ship in Jan would book up and we would not be able to get a resrervation for that one...
Anyone ever do anything like that before?

lanejudy 02-05-2013 11:42 AM

Since you are dealing with OBB on a B2B, it adds more twist. Technically, you were allowed to book OBB for 2 separate cruise dates, but they must remain linked as a B2B to retain the OBB - if you move part of it you lose the OBB benefit. Would you cancel the whole B2B with hopes of rebooking when onboard in November? There is a strong chance the fares will increase between now and November, thereby eliminating the savings you gained by switching the OBB to the November 4-night - yes, you would get 10% if booked onboard in Nov. but if the fare has increased more than 10% you lose what you are current saving.

I guess maybe you need to crunch some numbers and decide which will provide the better savings - using your OBB 10% on the current B2B in Jan 2014, or the cruise in Nov. 2014. Depending on when in November, those cruises can be more expensive as you get closer to Thanksgiving and of the month. Unless you are doing a 7-day in late November, you probably have the better discount using the OBB on the B2B. I wouldn't risk waiting until November to book a B2B for 2 months later, but the numbers may speak differently.

Good luck with your planning and enjoy your cruises!

sunryzez 02-05-2013 12:37 PM

The way the sales agent on the ship explained it to me is that I can move my 4 night cruise to any date but then I would automatically lose the 3night b2b portion of the trip. I am really kicking myself for having the ta cancel my other obb because I didn't realize you could change it. I know this year there were alot of Jan discounts so I am thinking it may be worth it to change to the Nov cruise and hope for a fla rate in Jan if its available again? My only issue is we are going with friends in Jan so I have to be on the boat and if for some reason there are no good rates and prices go up I have to pay it....So not really sure whats my better option.
But thanks for your info, I will def crunch numbers and see which works better! All in all its a good problem to have :cool1:

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